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Carry the future

Yes, I’m an emotional creature when it comes to helping others and doing the right thing. In aggregate, humans are the worst thing to have ever been placed on this rock, however we got here. 221 more words


Gone Crunchy

The other day a woman called me a “crunchy granola mom”. It was in a derogatory way, but I have to admit that I liked it. 845 more words

Baby Wearing!

The hunt for the perfect sling

Like many things I blog about, I am a total amateur when it comes to babywearing knowledge and what goes into choosing the perfect (or as close to perfect as I can find) sling / carrier. 1,211 more words

Mummy Posts

10 Ways the Lille Baby is Better than the Ergo Baby

Dear Lisbeth Lehan,

Thank you for making the Lille Baby. I have an affectionate, sensitive 3 month old who’s had tummy trouble of one sort or another for most of her young life, but much of that changed when I got the Lille Baby. 1,060 more words

My Favorite Products

Baby Bjorn Miracle Baby Carrier Review

As a Babyologist for Babies R Us I was given a Baby Bjorn Miracle Baby Carrier to review. The baby carrier retails at £76.99.

The Baby Bjorn Miracle baby carrier is suitable for babies 8-26lb which means it will last longer than a lot of other carriers available. 406 more words


A Diva Review 

I recently was part of a select group of women chosen to review a Diva Milano Bamboo blend woven wrap. I was very excited to be a part of this and to help share my personal opinions of the wrap. 571 more words


Video Tutorial: Erin Knot

The Erin Knot first appeared, to my knowledge, in the Pavo Customer Appreciation group on Facebook. Those Pivots, they know how to class up a wrap job. 74 more words

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