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Tutorial: Ruck Tied Under Bum (RTUB) Back Carry

Our first carry tutorial! This is a ruck tied under bum. A ruck has one reinforcing ruck pass and one bunched horizontal pass (recall the pass types  35 more words

Baby Wearing

Amelia: 2 Month Update

The fastest two months of my life have just flown by! Amelia is just wonderful! Looking at her now it is hard to believe she was ever in the NICU, especially in regard to her lungs (she is very capable in the lung department ;)). 285 more words


Tutorial: Making a Seat for Back Carries

Making a good seat is an important skill to learn for secure back carries. Here’s a tutorial on my favorite method.

Baby Wearing

Tutorial: Hip Scoot for Back Carries

Here’s a video to explain how to get your wrapee on your back with the Hip Scoot method. Enjoy!


10 Signs You're A SAHM (Stay At Home Mom)

Now, let’s admit it, being a stay at home mom is NOT anything like being a working mom. Both are hard, both require dedication, and both require sacrifice, however there are certain things that separate the two… 190 more words


Baby wearing for the WIN

Mama, Mama by Jean Marzollo is probably one of my favorites to read to Téo. If you haven’t read it, I highly recommend you get a copy. 461 more words



Our little guy is getting his first teeth! I didn’t realize he was until he put my finger in his mouth and I felt the sharp ridges. 257 more words