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Love to Dream – Swaddle Up Stage 1

Having a baby is such a momentous and special time in your life. Whether you have a natural birth or c-section, adopt or foster, at the end of the day you have a little squishy baby that is 100% dependant on you. 295 more words


2ply or not 2ply

This is what’s on the loom right now; it is an absolute joy to weave for many reasons including because the warp is Egyptian cotton, so beautifully soft and flowed through my fingers when I wound it; the weft is handspun rose fibre – it’s the first time I’ve spun a weft for a whole wrap and there is a special feeling in using yarn I’ve made. 396 more words


Crackle and pop

It’s a while since I wrote about weaving. Ollie the Octado and I have settled down together very well now. I’ve learnt a lot about Fiberworks, the weaving programme that controls the loom and I’ve found my way around all the little annoying things, like how to quickly re weave the last pick – useful for bobbin changes – and clever things like how to treadle the threading (a weaver’s dream come true). 248 more words


Baby Wearing

Before my baby was born, I was very interested in baby wearing. I researched all the different types of baby carriers and decided that I wanted a Bali Breeze baby wrap. 171 more words


Some of my postpartum essentials

Prior to Carlota’s birth I was clueless to anything baby.  The journey starting from pregnancy, to birth, and now caring for her has been such a learning experience.   888 more words



We hit the two month mark with the Baby Bean yesterday, and I am finally starting to figure out what is for me and what is not. 294 more words


Hi there! First posts, growth spurts and shortbread biscuits.

A warm hello to my world and welcome to Bridal to Cradle!! The website is still under a lot of construction but I will get there. 461 more words