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Hi there! First posts, growth spurts and shortbread biscuits.

A warm hello to my world and welcome to Bridal to Cradle!! The website is still under a lot of construction but I will get there. 461 more words


What else but yarn?

Things have been fairly busy here in the studio. I love doing what I do and can’t imagine returning to ‘proper’ work now (although I probably work harder than ever, it just doesn’t feel like it). 199 more words


Dust bunnies under my loom

This is a name of a cool weaving website.  I read it, and like it, but the name puzzled me a bit.

Dust bunnies, in my mind, are the sign of neglect and lost interest. 229 more words


Tia and Tayah

Tayah looks so comfy in there!

Are you carrying correctly?

Steph from Baby Carriers Downunder says, “Pain in the neck and shoulders may mean your baby is too low: is your baby in the “zone”? In a front carry, if you can kiss your baby merely by tilting your head slightly, the baby is high enough. 176 more words

Amazon.com JJ Cole Agility Stretch Carrier, Black, Large

JJ Cole Agility Stretch Carrier

Ok so on this one, I am going to need your guys’ feedback 100%. Please tell me if you recommend other carriers for babywearing because I want all the good ones. 152 more words

Amazon Mom

My holding advice

Talking to my future sister-in-law today, as she frets about how her 1 month old suddenly wants to be held all the time. He cries when she puts him down. 561 more words