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Tabula Rasa wrap II

Mulberry spun silk weft, dyed in specs.  GSM 320.  Gentle, subtle, and flowing.


Josephine’s Creative Career Moms: Haley of Beluga Baby

When I was pregnant with my youngest I started to become so worried about how I would manage with two-under-two, especially because my toddler is so active. 1,220 more words


Lindavia wrap

Lindavia, my first hand-painted warp project, for a very special friend.  Snow-dyed cottohemp warp, going from intense red and burgundy to gentle pink. Crackle weave, mercerized cotton.   9 more words

Baby Wrap

Playing with itajime shibori

My favourite recipe: Take handwoven, shibori, and acid dyes.  Shake well, wrap in plastic and cook thoroughly.  Let it cool down, wash, dry, iron and enjoy. 127 more words


Baby, Baby, Baby Oh

So we’ve reached that age where a lot of our friends and/or family members have started to get married and have children. This is a new adventure to me, as I am single and don’t plan on having a husband and family for some time. 407 more words


Wedding Bouquet #14, fabric piece for a ring sling

Mulberry spun silk as both warp and weft; hand-painted, bright and lightweight.

The weave pattern has lots of plain weave pieces in it, which gives 325 GSM. 13 more words


Wedding Bouquet #12, a piece for a ring sling

With the MacOS update, my monitor decided to change the colour profile, I suspect.  How else to explain that pics I took and processed before update now look completely overburnt, yet the pages in Chrome look brighter?   182 more words