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What to do after your Stretchy Baby Wrap

Back in July my little guy no longer wanted to stay in his wrap. Our wraps were my go to on the days when Rhylin just didn’t want to, you know the ones, when they cry uncontrollably and never EVER want to be put down. 941 more words


The 4 Month Sleep Regression 

I’ve been dreading the 4 month sleep regression because of all the horror stories I’ve read. Cristiano has been a good sleeper at night once we found our rhythm. 145 more words

Baby Sacks- Re-introducing the Culture of Baby-wearing in Haiti

Women all over the world wear their babies in wraps or slings, making it easier for them to carry their babies long distances and freeing their arms/hands to hold something else. 463 more words

Baby Wearing is the Best!

So I never thought I would be the kind of mom that would be posting about baby products and how great some are but here I am with my first post. 505 more words

Baby Wrap Carrier from iCarryBaby

So if you’re wondering why I’ve been posting about so many baby products lately, the answer is no! I’m not pregnant! But my good friend just had her first child and I’ve been getting her a bunch of cute stuff to help her out as much as possible! 229 more words


Beluga Baby Wrap

Today I want to express my love for my Beluga Baby wrap! These wraps are an essential baby item, in my opinion. Easy to use, convenient to pack with you, incredibly soft and super breathable. 612 more words


Baby Wearing

I left the house today for the first time in a week…by myself and it was amazing. After having a c-section for the second time(and realizing that I am not in fact wonder woman) I have spent the majority of my newborn’s life literally in a holding pattern. 544 more words