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Season 1: Episode 12 - Top 5 Things to Do Whilst Feeding your Child

I would like to say that this list is no longer practiced six months down the line, but that would be a lie.

1. Netflix. 361 more words


Dropping Pants & Throwing Tantrums|Typical Day in a Daycare

My classroom is insane. I am constantly putting people in time out and redirecting them into different activities. One time, J was having a hard time following directions, so I gave him the option to either listen to me or sit in time out. 233 more words

Sunday 5th July 2015

Time seems to go so slowly lately, one week feels like a month and a month feels even longer. The 2ww is on the horizon and I’m dreading it. 64 more words


Number Forty Five: Reflections of June 2015 - it was awesome

So, this year has been one of highs and lows to say the least. But June was just awesome! We had a few fantastic days of normality and it was just so very precious. 522 more words

Day 127: The Sun is Still the Sun

We are back in Sweden, where the air is cooler and the humidity is lower, so it is easy to forget about how important it is to still cover the little guy from the sun. 181 more words


Preparing for Maternity Leave

One of the first things I panicked about after we found out we are having a baby, was maternity leave. It’s no secret that maternity leave in the U.S. 643 more words