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Anchor Michelle Griego Brings New Morning Team Member To The Newsroom For The 1st Time

Q: Hey Roberta! When does Michelle Griego return from Maternity Leave? Anna Cole; Martinez

A: Funny you should ask! Michelle returns on Monday, September 6. 161 more words



If you asked me who I ship in real life, it would be none other than this couple.

If for some reason their names or faces ring a bell, it probably because you watched… 225 more words

Price of Life

The front page of today’s Independent – the haunting image of the dead Syrian refugee child laying washed up and face down on the beach as the waves brushed past his lifeless body – was the most disgusting thing I have ever seen in the print media. 614 more words


Du bist immer Mamas Baby.

“Ich will ein Baby sein” – Mit großen blauen und erwartungsvollen Augen schaut sie mich an. Ihr blondes langes Haar umrandet ihr kleines rundes Gesicht und ich muss mich zusammen reißen diese sehr ernst gemeinte Forderung nicht mit einem Lachen zu beantworten. 358 more words


Still not our turn...

I’m so sad to have to write this, but I’m not pregnant.

Despite all the hope, love and prayers, our three little embryos did not make it. 532 more words


Italian GP Preview: A New Blonde And a New Baby

Fernando Alonso says that Monza must stay on the F1 calendar saying it is particularly in the DNA of the sport.

Quirky Queens: (the end of part 2) Teddy Bears Picnic

A beautiful one-table-only setup for a 1st birthday party. This party was held in Cotswold Downs. And I got lost inside it! So did Tracy, teehee! 329 more words