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Mobile Baby

R has been doing an army crawl since Mother’s Day. He had been working on moving for quite awhile, doing the fish out of water swim on his belly, and it finally clicked, possibly with warmer weather and thus bare feet and legs, how to go forward. 391 more words


How Do You Sleep At Night

To all the fathers who ACT like they care but they don’t, this one’s for you.

Being a mother is a job alone, some mothers have help from their significant other BUT there are lots of single mothers in this world who can probably relate to the topic i’m writing about today. 377 more words


Bringing Up Baby Bilingually

If you didn’t already know, I am bilingual – yes, I can speak Welsh. When I tell people this, they seem to be quite surprised. I’m not too sure why. 665 more words


Recognizing Your Voice

At 27 weeks, if you have been talking to your baby enough it will recognize the sound of your voice and even react to it. That is what the pregnancy app I have on my phone told me, and I was a little skeptical at first. 477 more words


What I regret buying!

From the day I found out I was pregnant, I started buying things straight away and I never ever stopped. Any new mum will know how addictive and fun it is and anyone that knows me knows how organised I love to be. 741 more words


Reality of being a Mum

This week E had a swimming lesson in Antrim, my mum came with us to see her transform into a mermaid. E loves the water, I know most babies do but the sass I receive of my tiny human when I remove her from any type of water is ridiculous. 1,229 more words