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Inspiration for baby names from what????

The new popular names are inspired by what??????

Yup, that is right, Parents are naming their children after Instagram filters. These parents of 2015 are finding inspiration for baby names from Instagram. 228 more words

Gender-Neutral Baby Names Are All the Rage in 2015

Boston.com — Halfway through the year, baby names like Amari, Karter, and Phoenix are gaining popularity.

Last year’s most popular baby names were Benjamin and Emma, but this year the top boy and girl names could actually be the same. 47 more words


Growing Up With Pets

By: Brady Evans

I never thought our cat would be as obsessed with our baby as he is. I mean – we’ve got three dogs. Aren’t dogs the loyal, loving ones? 296 more words

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Top baby names of 2014

(WTNH) — If you think Sophia is the perfect name for your new baby girl, you’re not the only one! The new list of the top baby names in 2014 is out, and once again, Sophia and Jackson are at the top of the list for boys and girls, respectively. 239 more words


Top Baby Names Of 2014

For the fifth straight year, Sophia is the most popular baby name for girls, according to BabyCenter.com.

It’s followed by Emma and Olivia.

The top three are unchanged for the third year in a row. 65 more words

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The Last Month of my First Trimester

I’m very thankful I didn’t experience the usual pregnancy indicators: morning sickness, unreasonable cravings, Nausea and the mood swings. Er, maybe I did have a few meltdowns. 351 more words

Weeks or Months?

Oh the confusion on how far along you are in pregnancy.  Do you go by weeks?  Months?  I’m never quite sure what is appropriate so I’ve just been going by weeks.  493 more words

Pregnancy Update