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9 Things I Consider Inevitable as a Parent in 2018

I don’t put much stock in New Year’s resolutions, but I do see January as a month for new starts. The new year is filled with new opportunities and challenges. 19 more words


First Christmas with 2 babies...

So this is our first Christmas with 2 babies! Our eldest knows what’s going on this year and our little 2 month old is fascinated by everything so it’s so exciting getting to spend this year celebrating the festive season with our little boys 💙 Having 2 babies under 2 is a handful but these moments all make it worth it…

Raising Future Gentleman Isn't As Straightforward As It Seems

Every school day, my daughter waits at the bus stop with another girl and a little boy. The parents chat in the cold until the bus finally rolls around the corner and down the block. 83 more words


Names most likely to rise in the US in 2017

I’d cheated my way into using BabyCenter data to choose 6 names from pop culture that would most likely rise in 2016, now I cheat my way into using BabyCenter data to choose half of that number of names, names that rose significantly last year, but would continue rising this year. 541 more words


Your Kids’ Halloween Candy will Last for a Year if You Let It

Halloween is over, but the candy remains. We’ve entered the season of sugar. From here through the end of the year, most of America will find itself buried under an avalanche. 66 more words


Is Old-School Pokémon Going to Give my Kids Nightmares?

My kids are officially obsessed with Pokémon. In a way, this is great news for me. After years of dealing with the likes of  209 more words


How Do You Talk to Your Kids About Racism in America?

I live in a small town in New England. Beautiful fall foliage, cold winters, friendly neighbors…the type of place you find on greeting cards. Well, except that most greeting cards don’t mention the occasional racism and Nazi iconography. 47 more words