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HEY! We are at 5!!

We were at the doctor appointment. They said “You guys should go to the hospital.”

So we stopped at home to kiss the kitties and let Emily change into comfies. 40 more words

Lucy Jean Drury

7 Tips for When You've Just Given Up At Bedtime

Being a parent often means gaining an estranged relationship with that lovely thing known as a good night’s sleep. Some parents are lucky enough to have kids who sleep the whole night through right from the get-go. 19 more words

Charlie Brooks

Introducing Solids (baby food prep)

It’s that time again for this mommy! My little one is 6 months old, so this is around the time I begin to introduce solids to my little munchkin. 465 more words


BabyCenter Research Says Most US Moms Are Still Unfamiliar With "Sharing Economy" Services

One of the recurring questions facing on-demand and “sharing economy” services is whether normal people will actually use them. BabyCenter decided to look at the issue by asking “mobile moms.” 318 more words


5 Things I Learned as a New Hockey Dad

Hockey season has begun, and our son has taken to the ice for the first time. By default, he’s already better on skates than I am, since he’s able to move about ten feet before falling down. 80 more words

Charlie Brooks

Is Fozzie Bear actually the first Muppet with autism?

One of the things on my fiction writing bucket list is to create a protagonist who has autism. The disorder would never get specifically called out – I would just make sure that the symptoms were there and let them be as natural a part of the character as hair color or sexual orientation. 57 more words

Charlie Brooks

How Did Krispy Kreme Get its Name on a Children’s Clinic?

Childhood obesity is a major problem in the United States with more than one-third of American children classified as overweight or obese. So why is a children’s clinic in North Carolina about to get renamed the… 19 more words

Charlie Brooks