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Babycenter and why I love it

Assalamualaikum. Mrs. M here!

Disini aku sempat bahas masalah Babycenter. Well, satu website ini adalah salah satu website kesayangan aku selama aku jadi orangtua. 420 more words

Mrs. M

Six apps to help you survive the newborn phase!

I recently had my third little girl and came home from the hospital to our “new normal”.  For every mom who has survived the newborn phase, you know it is a stage of exhaustion and sleep deprivation, all while falling deeply in love with your little one! 805 more words


Did Adam Conover Really Ruin Breastfeeding?

The TV show Adam Ruins Everything gives comedian Adam Conover a platform to dispel some myths in our society. Last month, the show tackled parenting, including the breastfeeding versus formula feeding debate. 92 more words


6 Wake-up Calls I’ve Received Since the Death of my Mom

My mom died about a year ago. With my father having died 14 years earlier, this leaves me as the oldest living member of my immediate family. 31 more words


4 Things from our Past that Kids Think are Older than Dinosaurs

Times change, and while some iconic images last forever, others fade away. I’m becoming acutely aware that there are some things in my childhood media that my kids will never really understand. 118 more words


Kids are Surprisingly Good at Spotting Bad Guys

How does a kid know the difference between good guys and bad guys in a story? As media becomes more nuanced, it’s sometimes hard to tell. 86 more words