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4 Things from our Past that Kids Think are Older than Dinosaurs

Times change, and while some iconic images last forever, others fade away. I’m becoming acutely aware that there are some things in my childhood media that my kids will never really understand. 118 more words


Kids are Surprisingly Good at Spotting Bad Guys

How does a kid know the difference between good guys and bad guys in a story? As media becomes more nuanced, it’s sometimes hard to tell. 86 more words


Why Being a Teacher is Way, Way Harder Than You Think

As the school year wraps up, part of me hopes that my son’s teachers will have a nice, relaxing summer. The more realistic part of me realizes that they will instead spend most of that summer in their classrooms preparing for the next school year. 11 more words


If I praise my kids too much, will I make them soft?

In the past couple of weeks, I’ve attended a dance recital where my daughter kinda-sorta showed dancing skills, and baseball games where my son kinda-sorta showed baseball skills. 130 more words


3 Silver Linings to a Bad Case of Dance Recital Stage Fright

My daughter had her dance recital over the weekend. I’m  sure most parents were happy with the event, which featured lots of cuteness and little stage fright. 73 more words


Pregnancy Apps & Books: The Best of Edit

Any mum or dad to be knows there is a plethora of pregnancy literature out there, and at first it may seem a little overwhelming trying to sift through it all to find the most helpful, relevant and accurate information. 1,034 more words

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