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What do You do When Your Kid Can’t Stand You?

For my daughter the words, “Do you want to spend time with Daddy?” often elicit tears and shrieks. I don’t want to say she doesn’t like me, but I’m clearly not her favorite parent. 146 more words

Charlie Brooks

Mission Motherhood: Improving Maternal Health Globally

This morning, I was woken up by the cry of my nine-year-old daughter Sophia. She had a nightmare and was scared, and wanted to sleep with me. 815 more words


6 Reasons that Our Kids’ Futures are Looking Bright

Every generation thinks the next one is messing up the world. The irony, of course, is that the people who complain about young’uns these days are the same generation in control of most of the political and economic power. 21 more words

Charlie Brooks

Pregnant in a Digital Age

Remember back in the day when you would hear someone say, “There’s app for that!” Well, as you know it is true, especially these days where you will rarely find a person without a smartphone. 788 more words

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Thank you BabyCenter for sharing my story!

I was thrilled to see BabyCenter.com–which has an incredible reach of 1.8 million moms–share my Cosmo story on their Facebook page today!

The Facebook link: … 30 more words


How two kids and a 91-year-old help me keep my cool

My bus ride into work the other day featured somebody behind me who was very upset at the driver. Over and over, he kept muttering to the person next to him, “That f***ing foreigner.” It was one of the more depressing ways I could have started my day. 207 more words

Charlie Brooks