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Why #MillennialMomsROCK

You might have asked yourself why we’re so darn awesome…

The rise of social media has made it difficult for millennial moms to “measure up,” so to speak. 1,097 more words

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Babycenter Crunchy Trolls

Have you had, are expecting a baby or are planning on one and have signed into Babycenter yet? If you answered any of these questions your answer is probably yes. 169 more words


This little guy gets his needles today and I am so not looking forward to the screaming fit that follows. Poor thing. Can’t even give him a lollipop afterwards. 133 more words


Getting the hang of that neck!
And never ending cradle cap, his hair is lathered in coconut oil in this photo, oh look another handy use for it! 48 more words


Do you need Breast pads?


I just ordered from breastpads.com, and if I can get at least 5 of my friends to order using promo code A1ED4EFF6 (good for $ 35.00 off!), they are going to refund my shipping & handling charges! 19 more words

New Mommy Monday

I got my happy cooing baby back after two days of having an irritable baby.
Turns out he had a massive booger up his nose.
Mum to the rescue.




Finally caught his little smile (well almost)
He cut his face with his long fingernails the other day so I had to bite the bullet and cut them. 56 more words