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Why I'm done with BabyCenter & Dr Google

After about the up tenth time of the same conversation with my Mother, I have realized it’s time to get rid of Baby Center. I should have done it awhile ago after the last… 374 more words


Pregnancy Tracker & Baby App V 3.8.1 Free Downlaod

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Here we provide Pregnancy Tracker & Baby App V 3.8.1 for Android 4.4++ From the brand chosen by over 400 million expecting parents, BabyCenter's pregnancy tracker and baby development calendar app for expecting moms will guide you through your pregnancy – week-by-week and…

3 Internet Scammers

Smoke and Mirrors Day a day which celebrates the art of deception and the skill of cunning. The internet has made the art of deception a much more easy and long term a game. 532 more words


Mom Feature of The Week - Destynee T.

“I want people to see my life as a testament of my faith, experience, and sacrifice that anything is possible. Age does not define you.” -Destynee T.

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Let's start with DWIL, shall we?

I could spend hours on how birth boards are the worst of the worst.  I could post screen shot after screen shot but they can easily explain that away with, well what do you expect when you put a bunch of hormonal pregnant together. 1,709 more words

Where the bitches dwell

If you are a mom, there’s a good chance you’ve heard about BabyCenter.  Even more likely, you post in their community.  If you don’t, consider yourself lucky.  594 more words

Do You Feel Less Guilty if Screen Time Means Non-Violent Games?

My wife introduced our kids to the Mario Party video games. Our kids, in turn, have informed me that for the next few days I should refer to them as Mario and Princess Peach. 182 more words