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Why I started this blog

It has taken some courage to start this blog up. Mainly due to my lack of creative writing skills! In my head everything sounds amazing, but fingers to keys everything is mumbo jumbo. 412 more words

Headspace App

I recently found the “headspace” app on itunes and downloaded it immediately. It’s a really simple app that takes 10 minutes a day and I found it amazing. 36 more words

Well how common is it?

Miscarriage is the loss of baby during the earlier weeks of pregnancy and is something that affects many women, their partners (if there is one), older siblings, family and friends. 1,182 more words


Mindfullness is something I now practice everyday and I recommend everyone who hasn’t discovered it yet to give it a try.

This is an extract taken from the mind health connect website. 213 more words

Services Available

Along my journey, there is a few services that I have found:

• Medicare Local have a perinatal counselling service. My GP gave me a referral to visit my local branch. 102 more words

Contact Info

Totally rookie on this, but if anyone wishes to contact me privately please email me at:


The first time?

Next month (May) marks our 12 months trying to conceive our first baby. Textbook states 6-12 months is normal for a couple to conceive. However what about if you add 3 miscarriages to that equation?  493 more words