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BBC 2001 | Reunion

When you finally get to meet your “imaginary” friends and become “in real life” friends what else do you do but take group photos! We have all been online friends for 15 years! 90 more words


SAHM: an acronym that now defines me

The acronym “SAHM” seems omnipresent nowadays. It’s more common to use this derivative than its parent term, its backronym if you will, “stay-at-home-mom.” But back in 2012, when I was carrying princess #1, I had no earthly idea what those 4 letters stood for. 565 more words


6 Reasons a Library Card is More Useful Than You Think

September is Library Card Sign-up Month, which targets the 40-50% of modern Americans who don’t currently have library cards. In the day and age of the Internet and easy access to information from virtually any device, one might wonder what role libraries still play. 113 more words


Sorry, but I’m Perfectly Happy if my Daughter is a Girly Girl

“Don’t let your daughter be a girly girl.”

This is something that multiple people have told me. I’ve been warned not to let my daughter dress in pink, not to show her Disney Princess movies, and to generally shelter her from the things that modern society associates with femininity. 183 more words


You’re More Likely to Forget a Kid in the Car Than You Think

Every summer, there are entirely too many cases of children dying in hot cars. Despite this being many parents’ worst fear, it happens to an average of  242 more words


Could the Sugar High Really be a Parenting Urban Legend?

It’s a story that every parent knows: you bake some cookies or take your kid to the fair, and an hour later they’re bouncing off the walls and driving you crazy. 241 more words


Choked Up

We took a trip last week to Wisconsin because one of my cousin’s got married. My family is incredibly special and we have so much fun when we get together. 917 more words

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