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How Many Dumb Ways Can Parents Get Hurt?

Parenting is hazardous work. With extra human beings to account for, your brain gets less focused on your immediate safety. Combine that with a lack of sleep and the fact that a houseful of kids is extremely chaotic, and it’s a wonder that most parents don’t win up in intensive care on a regular basis. 192 more words


My Parenting Blind Spot Gave Me a Concussion – Here’s How

I may have mentioned skating with my son before on this blog. I say “may” because I’m a little concussed right now. I fell on the ice the other day and bought a free trip to the ER. 129 more words


7 Superpowers that Parents Gave to Santa

Santa Claus is a pretty powerful guy. Not only is he the ultimate moral arbiter for billions of people across the globe, but he’s developed an ever-increasing array of magical powers. 181 more words


Book Review and Giveaway: OH! The Things You Can See In The Dark!

Darkness can mean many different things to kids. It can be something scary or something wonderful, depending on the perspective. OH! The Things You Can See in the Dark! 132 more words


16 Reasons to be Thankful for 2016

People seem to agree that 2016 has not been a great year. We’ve had a whirlwind of nightmares on the political scene, both nationally and internationally. 245 more words


What Do You Say to Your Kids if You Think America is Doomed?

America changed drastically last night. In a little over two months, Donald Trump will be president. His party will control congress. He gets to make a crucial Supreme Court appointment. 143 more words


Yes, We Can Keep Calm Even During a Terrifying Election

The US is nearing the end of a scary, scary election cycle. Even worse, it’s laid the groundwork for future campaigns that focus even more on negativity and fearmongering. 146 more words