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Old Flames

The hate I have for you consumes me.

Engulfing my soul in flames.

It isn’t me you should blame.

Take responsibility for your own fuck’n shame. 280 more words


ECR Class...

Hey lovelies,

Today we went along to the class to prepare you for your C-Section. There were about 8 pregnant ladies including myself and most of us had our birthing partners with us but some came on their own. 878 more words

Baby Daddy VS Daddy (Teen Mom Chronicles)

Fine! I get that it didn’t work out, and I’m okay if you tried, because really that’s your business and you know how y’all been doing it… 859 more words


Can I Un-Meet You, Please?


Ever wish you could un-meet a person?

In my case I wish I could un-meet, un-date, un-sleep with and un-have a child with my ex. 749 more words


My Babies' Father

Let me be straight. If you are the type of guy who expects, nay, demands his wife and baby mama to cook and clean, and does nothing of the same, then do not waste both our times reading this post. 421 more words

Bitter Women


There are many reasons why marriages/relationships do not work. In all honesty there is rarely situations were the blame can be placed on only one partner. 436 more words


Always talking bout what he wants and just sits on his broke ass.

It has been a long weekend, a three day weekend to be exact. I have spent this weekend analyzing my life and where I am at. 256 more words