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My Babies' Father

Let me be straight. If you are the type of guy who expects, nay, demands his wife and baby mama to cook and clean, and does nothing of the same, then do not waste both our times reading this post. 421 more words


Bitter Women


There are many reasons why marriages/relationships do not work. In all honesty there is rarely situations were the blame can be placed on only one partner. 436 more words


Always talking bout what he wants and just sits on his broke ass.

It has been a long weekend, a three day weekend to be exact. I have spent this weekend analyzing my life and where I am at. 256 more words


To my Daughter's Father....

When we found out we were expecting, we were both tremendously freaked out. Scared, worried, and filled with doubt, we set out on a new adventure. 257 more words


I dont have children yet.

I used the word yet because I want to have children in the future.

I turned thirty three years old about two weeks ago and now it seems I am behind on the rearing children program. 662 more words


Let Him Be A Dad

I was married for “X” amount of years and was blessed by two gorgeous children from my marriage.  The first year went well and around that time I was pregnant with my first child.  951 more words

A Letter To The Father Of My Child, My Very Best Friend (5 AM Thoughts)

I wish I told you even half the things that go through my head each day. We get busy. We get distracted with things dealing with Ambrosia. 712 more words