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A few months away from 30 years old. A time for reflection and find out what I really want to do, that’s if we ever really find out, and do we? 520 more words


Where do I begin? I have had the worst 48 hours of my life. Well minus the day my father passed away. I have been assaulted, embarrassed and down right disrespected. 506 more words

Deja Vu

The last time I cried was when my daughter was born.

I didn’t cry because I was having labor pains. I cried because I realized the man I was having a baby with, him sitting right next to me, him who drove me to the hospital, him not having said a word to me within the last hour, him whose face has been buried in his phone flipping from app to app to app, did not want to be there. 329 more words


What would you do?

What would you do if your daughter asked you, “Mommy, why doesn’t my daddy come around anymore? Does he hate me?” What would you do if your child’s father promised her he would pick her up and never shows, and he lets the phone ring? 527 more words

Jeg setter pris på deg

En kjærlighet og takknemlighet brev til pappaen til min kommende baby:

Jeg sier så mange ting til deg, men jeg sier sjeldent dette.. Jeg ber deg om å hjelpe med oppvasken eller henge opp tøyet. 338 more words

What I wish I could tell you..... Part 5 

Happy Easter! I had a good weekend with my fanily. They threw me a baby shower and we got to visit and go out to eat. 301 more words

Comedic Masculinity: Ben Wheeler- The bartender and bachelor turned dad

The text “Lad flicks: Discursive reconstructions of masculinity in popular film” by Professor Rosalind Gill employs a thorough analysis of the “lad flick” film genre which can be perceived as a an integration of buddy movies, romantic comedies, and chick flicks that focus on the misfortunes and trials of young men as they come to age and make their way in the world. 425 more words