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I Kissed Miss France! Or: How to Faire la Bise on the Baby Birthday Circuit

I kissed Miss France 2006 this last weekend. You read me right. I did it. I admit it. And you know what else? You can even go ahead and tell my wife! 688 more words


Thoughts and Feelings: Co-parenting

So my inspiration for this most recent blog post came from several memes I have seen on my Facebook newsfeed today. Well, not just today. I see them all the time. 1,353 more words


Baby Daddy Drama

Yeah, I’m feeling my liquor.  Don’t judge me.  I’ve had half a bottle of wine.  Not the normal sized bottle, either.  I just can’t spell stuff right.   1,034 more words


Happy NO Father’s Day

Today is the day my household will continue our regular Sunday schedule.

There will be Sunday breakfast.

There will be clean up time.

There will be reading time and some school math. 564 more words



A few months away from 30 years old. A time for reflection and find out what I really want to do, that’s if we ever really find out, and do we? 520 more words