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Today started out pretty good but got kinda….bleh. Woke up this morning and Daddy has gotten the GORGEOUS main store build that I’d fallen in love with forever ago. 425 more words


Incoming Jet Plane!

Sooo alright. Ell and I have been going a little stir crazy lately, just because we’ve had soooo many interviews we’ve been doing the last few days. 292 more words


Never a dull moment at Babygirls Escorts. lmao.

The owner, DJ, encourages and supports my random weird ass side. He gives Ell and I silly toys to play with, like the unicorn head, go-karts, scooters…. 40 more words

Babygirls Escorts

In Little Me BabyGirls Infant Ponte Dress and Legging Set

Ponte Vedra, with its warm weather and sandy beach strips is a very inviting place to strike roots in. The friendly governing body of the Municipal Services District has made announcements to make moving in and moving out of… 277 more words


An Little Me BabyGirls Newborn Cupcakes Take Home Set

Cupcakes are excellent, but several are asking yourself how this tiny birthday and college place handle has come to produce this kind of a fuss. Not only are cupcake centric eateries springing up throughout the region, from residence-style Magnolia Bakery on the East Coast to Sprinkles in Beverly Hills, but these when quaint cakes are getting served almost everywhere – even at black tie occasions!It can be no secret that Hollywood’s played a component, featuring cupcake stores in well-liked television exhibits, but the glory genuinely goes to these miniature cakes.Consider flavor and shades f… 206 more words


Little Me BabyGirls Newborn Rosebud Jumper Set For

Gamer who wish a new puppy inside on-line role-playing sport “RuneScape” get numerous possibilities while deciding on the canine. If you choose to have a very gecko as being a puppy, you’ll want Amount 10 Summoning. 260 more words


Little Me BabyGirls Newborn Rosebud 2 Pack Footie

Youngsters are keen on wearing footie pajamas just as much as the adults. It is for his or her comfort, to have fun in and outdoors, and as a fashion wear because they can go to town well through their re-creating a style out from the… 290 more words