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The Silver Coin

Book 3 of the Ancient Elements series is now in its final editing stage! The above pic is one of the illustrations in the book by my wonderful illustrator, … 417 more words


// Di'Cor, Artisan Fantasy, Unkindness and Tres Chic //

Sometimes I do enjoy the feel of masculine touch on my decor. Especially if I am working with something very close to nature like wood, natural timber, dark colors, earth stone, rusty metal etc. 149 more words

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Chapter 11 (Kingu)

They discovered that when copper and any form of acidic juice are mixed in a certain way, they produce some energy. Of course we now know it is electricity but they didn’t know about it back then. 854 more words


Chapter 9 (Irritation)

But after 36 years of ruling, Naram-Sin died almost after 32 years of his aunt’s death in her temple. After his death, the country started to fall apart due to the invasion by a new enemy, The Gutians. 659 more words


March 6, 1913: Irrigation for Babylon

March 6, 1913: Engineering News article. The Reclamation of Ancient Babylonia By Irrigation. by Edgar J. Banks. “‘Egypt is the gift of the Nile,’ is a true saying and as old as the history of Herodotus; but the Nile is not the only river which has given a great and famous country to the world. 221 more words


Forgotten Mathematicians: Babylonian Maths

The Babylonians lived in a region of Mesopotamia, which is now known as Iraq, as shown in the map below.

As with most ancient civilisations, a mathematical system developed as the bureaucratic need for a system to measure plots of land, tax individuals etc. 708 more words


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The Dream’s Fulfillment

28 “But all these things did happen to King Nebuchadnezzar. 29 Twelve months later he was taking a walk on the… 200 more words

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