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Shells, 2015 gallery... in progress.

Cypraea teulerei, Masirah island, Oman…

Cypraea teulerie and Cypraea caurica, Bar Al Hikman, Oman…

Umbonium vestiarium, Al Khaluf, Oman…

Bufonaria crumena, Oman…

Babylonia areolata , Phu Quoc, Vietnam. 157 more words



Like everyone I know, I was glued to last Friday’s terrorist attacks in Paris which resulted in 129 deaths and 352 injures. Day by day, hour by hour, I watched the story unfold. 696 more words


The Babylonian map of the world sheds light on ancient perspectives | Ancient Origins

A damaged clay tablet discovered in the late 1800s in Sippar, Iraq is said to be the oldest map of the world. It was discovered on the banks of the Euphrates River, and published in 1899. 17 more words


Ancient Temple City "Al-Zadinah"

My new roleplaying game supplement has been released. This is a high resolution city map that illustrates a fictional desert city for use in Fantasy or Sword & Sorcery themed campaigns. 13 more words


NOVA: "Secrets of Noah's Ark"

If you haven’t already watched NOVA’s “Secrets of Noah’s Ark” I would recommend doing so. NOVA is always great, but if you’re interesting in the connection between the Sumerian/Babylonian flood myths and the Biblical flood myth you’ll find this fascinating. 26 more words


The Complete History of the Middle East- Part 2: Dynastic Period

Making a complete account of the history of the Middle East is difficult not just because it needs to be interesting and accurate, but also because the organization of this much information into consumable bits is a challenging feat. 1,194 more words

Ortodoksien Pokrova ja Semiramis-kultti

Lokakuun 1. päivänä ortodoksinen kirkko viettää Pokrovaa eli Jumalansynnyttäjän suojelusjuhlaa. Juhlassa lausuttava ylistysveisu kiteyttää kirkon mukaan juhlan teologian:

Ylistämme Sinua, kaikkein pyhin Neitsyt, ja kunnioitamme Sinun jaloa suojelustasi, sillä pyhä Andreas näki sinut ilmassa rukoilevana puolestamme Kristusta.

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