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Bible 2016: 19 October Daily Bible Reading

Context and Comment:

Chaldea was a small Semitic nation that emerged between the late 10th and early 9th century BC, surviving until the mid 6th century BC, after which it disappeared as the Chaldean tribes were absorbed into the native population of Babylonia. 2,290 more words


Cash Cab & King Tut - Making Memories with the Kids

Well I did it, I am no longer an Uber Virgin.  You heard me right, I just took my first Uber ride.  I flew down to Phoenix, mainly to attend a concert.  2,055 more words


Sermon IV (b)

Blessings and Curses

Point Three and waxing,
Look South and upon high,
The Moon in all its glory,
Sailing through the sky.

Almost at its fullest, 244 more words


Rx: Sabbath

Today, Saturday, I resolved to avoid anything beyond my own un-amplified perception: Everything that is media in its commercial sameness and insensate iterations of horrendous worldly violence, pathos, warfare, or famine in the name of gods, nations, and dogmas. 619 more words

Philosophical Essays

Sixty Minute Reads

Sixty.  The number.  It’s awesome, right?

Science.  Mathematics.  Religion.  Sixty is all over it.

Sports.  Technology.  Speed.  Sixty be here, sixty be there.

But, of course, we recognize it most in reference to time.   368 more words


Psst...Want to buy a Babylonian tablet?

William Catter kept an antiquities shop in Great Russell Street, close to the British Museum. He employed a young lad named Frederick Franklin as a clerk and at some point in 1889 Catter began to notice some of his possessions had gone missing. 272 more words

What if people treated cats like ancient cultures

These two cats are recognisably the same kind of cat, with several similar characteristics. I therefore conclude they are the same cat, with different names. 147 more words

Ancient History