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The Complete History of the Middle East- Part 2: Dynastic Period

Making a complete account of the history of the Middle East is difficult not just because it needs to be interesting and accurate, but also because the organization of this much information into consumable bits is a challenging feat. 1,194 more words

Middle East

Ortodoksien Pokrova ja Semiramis-kultti

Lokakuun 1. päivänä ortodoksinen kirkko viettää Pokrovaa eli Jumalansynnyttäjän suojelusjuhlaa. Juhlassa lausuttava ylistysveisu kiteyttää kirkon mukaan juhlan teologian:

Ylistämme Sinua, kaikkein pyhin Neitsyt, ja kunnioitamme Sinun jaloa suojelustasi, sillä pyhä Andreas näki sinut ilmassa rukoilevana puolestamme Kristusta.

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The Legend of Omens

Have you ever seen something that you couldn’t explain? Something unusual that strangely ended up foretelling the future of your life? In the United States, this could be the visit of a black cat or presence of the number 13, which are symbols of bad luck and danger. 674 more words


Astological Musings & More

Astrology has a very long and interesting history. Astrology and astronomy were once one science. Now, astronomy deals with the magnitudes, distances, masses, speeds, etc. of planets by observation while astrology deals with the influence of celestial bodies upon animate and inanimate objects and their reaction to such influences. 1,392 more words


Hammurabi: Conqueror, Administrator, Protector, and Lawmaker

Note: Sorry I couldn’t get this up on Friday; my computer’s on its last legs and on Friday it got a glitch or something.

Hammurabi: Conqueror, Administrator, Protector, and Lawmaker… 954 more words

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