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Mesopotamian End Times

“Mesopotamia offers little evidence for a belief in a future end of the world. The only clear reference to this occurs in a third-century BCE work in Greek by Berossus, reputedly a Babylonian priest. 220 more words


A Place Called Al Yahudu

On a visit to the Bible Lands Museum in Jerusalem a few weeks ago, I learned about a place called Al Yahudu. Al Yahudu was a village in Babylonia (now Iraq) where Jews exiled from Israel by King Nebuchadnezzar of Babylonia settled some 2,500 years ago. 541 more words

Cyber Letter

Assyro-Babylonian Demonology

“From this point of view it is therefore significant to find the large place taken in the practice of the religion by incantation rituals and divination practices. 644 more words


Mother Goddess of Love, Goddess of War

” … The oldest cult of the mother goddess, so far as our material goes, appears indeed to have been in Uruk where she is known as… 347 more words


Was Marduk the Founder of Astronomy?

“In consequence of the determinative prefix for a god or a goddess being, in the oldest form, a picture of an eight-rayed star, it has been assumed that Assyro-Babylonian mythology is, either wholly or partly, astral in origin. 344 more words


Creation of Mankind in Genesis and the Enuma Elish

” … The account of the creation of man, which is recorded as the eighth and last act of creation in the Hebrew account ( 586 more words