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Things start getting really hard around this time of year. Mother’s Day is approaching, which is typically the worst day in my year, and the cheerful and sentimental advertisements start to grate me. 415 more words


Rory's Rock

I’ve been feeling a bit tired and run down of late, life just seems busy and I’ve not had much time to stop and take stock. 297 more words


One day... 

When I remember back to the moment we found out Adam hadn’t made it, my memory is an out of body one. It’s as if I watch Dan and I console each other from the corner of the room, quiet and still. 724 more words

Quick Update

Haven’t written much in a little while. I’ve been really busy, but also my laptop is out of action (updating to Windows 10: worst mistake I’ve ever made) and I much prefer typing on my laptop. 79 more words


Replacing Grief With Appreciation

If there is one thing I’m becoming aware of in the midst of this loss, it’s how precious and fragile life is. There are no guarantees for any of us, and tomorrow is not promised. 134 more words

Pregnancy Loss


We met with a fertility lawyer this week to discuss the surrogacy process. (Surrogacy is a bit complicated in Canada from a legal perspective as we cannot pay someone to be a surrogate but we can pay for expenses. 905 more words


How We Got Here.

This past November 10th 2015 was my 33rd birthday. When I blew out my candles I wished for one thing, a baby to love. Little did I know, we had conceived her that very day. 297 more words

Pregnancy Loss