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Inanimate Objects

Humans are not inanimate objects. We change. We change by choice, we change by force, we change so gradually we may never notice, but we change. 77 more words


Removing Expectations

I’m new to yoga. I started mindfulness and meditation, and enjoyed it, and started going to a mindful yoga class to keep up that practise. This yoga experience has surprised me though. 259 more words


good counting

“Look at me! I’m not so bad at this!” my dad said as he played with the kids in the pool.
“Well, you should be, with 9 kids and grandkids combined,” said my cousin. 18 more words

It Is What It Is

So today I was watching Longmire, and towards the end of the episode, the wise bartender Henry tells the sheriff, who is still grieving for his wife, that she’s dead and he’s alive and ‘it is what it is’. 119 more words


Family of four?

How do you know when you’re done having kids?  For many babyloss families, this is a difficult question to answer.  And it makes sense that it is.  352 more words

Petals In The Park

It would seem I made a few people cry with my last post.

It only seems fair that I follow up with a quick, positive update. 221 more words

Parched Grass

It’s such a hot summer that I don’t know

which flowers to bring you

Everything dries up so fast

gets parched and wrinkled in the heat… 87 more words