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Grief exposed

It was the end of my day and I walked my last patient up to the front desk. “She needs an appointment in 4 weeks,” I told my secretary.   386 more words

Walking My Son Through The Loss Of His Brother

There are certain experiences we expect in life…

love //  loss

accomplishment // disappointment

rejoicing // regret

romance // rejection

… but there are some experiences that we never imagine or foresee happening in our own life until we’re plunged into the midst of them.   1,095 more words

The one where you buy your kid a garden ornament. 

I got a beautiful message today from my BFF and my heart holder. She was delayed in LA by 24 hours and had decided to head to Disneyland. 310 more words

The Known Fear - Parenting After a Loss

This post might feel most relevant to anyone who is parenting after a loss.

The other night, my daughter was sick.  She woke up at night because she was coughing.  466 more words

Sharing our pain / Olive trees

In a recent sermon about the Garden of Gethsemane, one of our pastors detoured to talk about the olive trees that grow plentifully there. She said: 441 more words

Recurrent miscarriage and anxiety

Her blood pressure was high- she told me soon after we started her annual visit.

“I just get so nervous at doctors offices…especially the OBGYN.” 434 more words

Life after Imogen, a story from a bereaved Mum.

On 17th August 2013, I discovered I was pregnant with my third child. But the moment I saw the positive pregnancy test I just knew this little baby was not here to stay. 766 more words