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Whisper support group

Surviving Miscarriage Together also runs a support group through Whisper

fing us here.

Love and support always,

Surviving Miscarriage Together x



I don’t talk about my biggest, lovely, caring boy here enough. This blog is firmly about the boys I don’t have with me. The three of them are intertwined of course. 211 more words


Multiple Mummy Identities 

I need to be clear that this post is not a whinge, but an observation.

I saw a Facebook post about three different mums who were one person – the first mum had a new born and was struggling, the second had lost a baby and was hurting and the final one was fighting a losing battle with a toddler. 438 more words


Hearts & Flowers

Valentines day. Today everyone celebrated love with hearts and flowers. Today I feel my loss is magnified. Today I think about the heart that stopped beating inside me. 606 more words


Sunshines, Storms, Rainbows and Beyond

I dislike the term rainbow baby and so do most of my Loss Mummy friends. The term is a bit saccharine and implies that the baby you lost was a storm, something ugly and destructive, which is wrong on so many levels. 330 more words


Rubén's Story

The 8th October 2015 was a life defining day. I received the best albeit scariest news of my life – My partner Paul and I were expecting! 1,050 more words



I bloody love Busted, I have done since 2002, I’m not ashamed of my love of cheesetastic pop and Busted are pure cheese (even if they like to think they are a bit cooler and more grown up these days). 270 more words