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No joy at the end of the rainbow? 

I was all set to write an end of school year celebration and then this popped up in my news feed. So Toby will have to wait. 333 more words


That call #myangelbaby

As my phone rang i could see the name private number come up. I just knew who it would be. I answered and the man told me who he was and as i expected it was the man from the mortuary. 44 more words

Today #loss#babyloss#miscarraige#lonely#feelings

All i want to do is lay in bed with the duvet over my head. I feel so lonely its like i can feel my body being over taken with this strong feeling. 105 more words


It was as if the world had stood still and everything was in slow motion waiting holding my breath hoping everything would be ok but then it happened….. 90 more words

A Missed Miscarriage - Edwards Syndrome

Those words ‘I’m Sorry’

At 16 weeks pregnant after being told your baby had passed away inside you and to go home and wait 48 hours before returning to be induced. 793 more words


Dreaming with a broken heart.

I know it’s a love song, but as Dreaming with a Broken Heart by John Mayer played on the radio today, it spoke directly to my soul. 247 more words

Life After Loss

I'm going to speak to my therapist about that...

The title is something I’d only heard in films or in TV, so part of me finds it mildly amusing that I do indeed have a therapist (and a very nice one at that!). 826 more words