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Abigail's Footsteps

Firstly, apologies for sharing a link from the Daily Fail, but it’s a good one – I promise!

Matt and I were ‘lucky’ in that we had excellent bereavement care at our local hospital, sadly others are not as fortunate. 267 more words


Writer's Block 

Those of you who follow me (whether it’s here on Missing Link, on my Instagram account, or on my Facebook pages), have probably noticed: I’ve got a case of Writer’s Block. 548 more words

Life After Loss

All Is Not Lost At Christmas Time

This past year without Winter has been the most difficult of my life.

Yet when I look back at this past year I realise that I survived, and at times even flourished, in the most poignant annual celebrations; Birthdays, Mother’s Day… and Christmas.  1,315 more words

Another thanksgiving.

Thanksgiving morning.

We are off to our traditional Thanksgiving celebration later today and I have mixed feelings. Thanksgiving has always been my favorite holiday- food, drink, family.   589 more words

Happy Endings are for Other People

At a fundraiser I attended a few months ago I had to go through the process of explaining that my preemie didn’t come home. I’m used to it. 374 more words


The Leaf

I saw this leaf on the way to school this morning and thought it was beautiful so I had to stop to take a picture. It was so pretty all on its own covered in water droplets but at any moment someone could come along and tread on it, scattering the droplets and changing the leaf completely, irreversibly. 199 more words


This Too Shall [Not] Pass

Clichés. Inspirational Quotes. Ancient Proverbs. Words of Wisdom. When life gets hard, those around us are quick to use these little sayings to comfort us. But what are we to do when these words just do not hold true? 504 more words

Life After Loss