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As I am writing this I am flying through the air. Whenever I stop and actually think about the significance of that I am awed… We can fly! 907 more words


The Deep End of the Pool

It’s a quiet Saturday morning…Cody’s at Cross Fit and Gymnastics and I’ve been drinking tea and journaling. My head and heart are filled with many thoughts. 1,398 more words


It’s getting closer to Quinn’s Birthday and Anniversary of her passing. I can feel it…the deep sadness is returning and I feel antsy. I’m sitting at her grave right now in utter shock of how it has been a year. 474 more words

generation 2017

Having spent my entire 20’s doing everything possible to avoid getting pregnant when you finally decide you want a baby it feels very strange- unprotected sex! 1,187 more words

imagining the unimaginable.

Before you start reading this: I think I need to add a disclaimer- I get a bit ranty! Because ya know, if you can’t rant about the fact your baby died what can you legitimately rant about? 969 more words

Comfort Zone

All the magic happens outside of your comfort zone.

I am sure we have all heard at least some version of that empowering quote. I have, at least I thought, made a practice of pushing myself outside of my comfort zone in my life. 1,100 more words


Please tomorrow be different.

Two posts ago i mentioned that i have started to have good days, days of feeling and not being numb, days i was starting to enjoy things again. 97 more words