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Mabel's 3rd Birthday

Mabel’s third birthday came and went last month.  I sent out a little reminder a few days before and the day of- sharing the #3goodthings invitation in honor of her birthday. 635 more words

Sands Garden

This weekend we ventured to the Midlands to visit the home of a cheeky blue tank engine. The in laws were supposed to join us but illness cut their time a bit short which was sad but we still managed to have fun! 504 more words


The "This Time Last Year" Year

This time last year, I was in the very early stages of pregnancy with Evalyn.

I think back to the woman I was then, the excitement I felt when I found out we were expecting. 667 more words


Stillbirth: A Feminist Issue

I have never thought of stillbirth as a feminist issue before today, after reading an article by Kristina Keneally. But it makes so. much. sense. 481 more words


Mommy friends

I wrote this back in September, but never published.  Better late than never!

Over the summer I joined a stroller boot camp. We met once or twice a week in a park in my town and an instructor led us in a mix of cardio and strength training. 937 more words

What I Want People To Know About Pregnancy After Loss

I had originally planned to wait until further into my Pregnancy After Loss (PAL) journey before I shared my experience, however this week has been PAL Awareness week and ends today with the prompt ‘What Do You Want People To Know About Pregnancy After Loss?’ and so I thought, ok I’m going to take the plunge and share my journey so far.  1,683 more words

Pregnancy After Loss Awareness Month #PALawareness

March is Pregnancy After Loss Awareness Month. I’ve been resolutely scrolling past posts about it and pretending it wasn’t happening. But yesterday morning I realised that although my #PAL didn’t end in a healthy living baby, I can still relate to the fears and feelings any mum (and dad) has when going through pregnancy after loss. 997 more words