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Sharing Photos

My husband and I chose not to share photos of Cole when he was born. This is not to say we didn’t take photos of him as some people mistakenly thought – we took hundreds, maybe even thousands of photos. 664 more words


Heather's (self) publishing journey, part 1

I’ve decided to start writing down my thoughts and experiences wading into the self publishing world.  Especially since I have a background with libraries and ebooks, which most authors don’t have. 643 more words


To My Husband

Every time I call you sugar, handsome, babe, lover, I am really saying I love you.

Every time I ask you if you are hungry, thirsty, or I bring you a snack, I am saying I worry about you, and I love you. 181 more words


Parenting a dead child

On Wednesday I went to see Mabel. It was July 15, exactly seventeen months after she died. In the first year after her death I would visit her grave every week- almost always on the weekend, bearing flowers as a gift. 479 more words

Cats, and Andalusian Road Trips

The Monty Python sketch is dying down a little bit here at Casa Teysko.  Pedro the Pool Guy (whose name isn’t really Pedro at all) came this morning and looked totally nonchalant about the river running through our orchard.   804 more words


The Last Week

Our last week with Cole was filled with panic and chaos and is a memory blurred over by a haze of fear – but as always with Cole, there was a dash of miracle thrown in. 4,481 more words