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The Most Terrible Year

From July 4, 2014 to July 4, 2015, that’s what I will measure as my most terrible year. I tempt fate by declaring it, I know. 1,155 more words


I made a lady cry

Yesterday I took Muppet and Felix out for a walk. We have a path in our town (that connects to several nearby towns) converted from a railroad track to a walking path- perfect for a stroll, a bike ride or a jog. 872 more words

Grief, 18 months on

Grief, 18 months after my son’s death, is so much less sharp than it was before that at times I feel guilty. I still think of him every day, and likely always will, but the edges have blunted tremendously. 240 more words

Stress Eating

Hannah spent much of today living up to the title of Terrible Two.  And she’s only 23 months.  So there was a lot of stress in my life at around 5pm, which is my weak time anyway, which resulted in me eating a bowl of corn flakes, and a chocolate croissant.   380 more words


Grief is a funny thing!

Well here it goes not sure whos going to read this but here goes i decided to write this blog because i noticed i was annoying people by speaking of my little girl niamh who sadly died of a true knot in her umbilical cord last april the past year has been a whirlwind of emotions from being as calm as a cucumber when it first happened to being a complete crazy angry bitch and throwing things all over the place nobody explains to u what to expect when your child dies they hand u all these books and leaflets and expect u to be able to sit there and read these things nobody in that frame of mind reads those things i sat staring at them for a week straight not once did i open them although i now wish i did maybe then id be prepared for the way my life is now,,, i never imagined id be one of those people whos child has died not in a million years im a young healthy (well was healthy at the time)  i dont smoke and a rarely drink alcohol i always too my prenatal meds and took care of myself through all 3 of my pregnancies so never did i think it would be me that would have a stillborn to be honest i never even thought of it but yet now its all i think about i think about not only my baby girl but other peoples children i get soooo angry when i see a mother smoking next to her newborn cild or when i see a drug addict pushing a baby down the road or wwhen i see couples fighting around there kids why did mine die and not theirs? 455 more words


Why do I keep talking about my baby?

Guest post by Lyndell Price, in memory of Charlotte Mabel.

This year will be Charlotte’s 4th birthday. Four years seems so long, yet no time at all. 280 more words

In Memory Of

Day 30: FUTURE

I needed to have a nursery. Before Cole was born, it was our guest room. Each time we used the room to store something, or it became the designated place for another item to live, I found it depressing and stressful. 408 more words