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"Is he your first baby?"

Elliot is 8 weeks old

“Is he your first baby?” It’s a question that’s followed me since pregnancy and one I’ve realised I will hear forever now. 893 more words


Sunshines, Angels and Rainbows

This sums up my issues with loss world terminology far better than I can! The rainbow baby bit especially.

Still Standing Magazine

For the record, I don’t begrudge anyone their baby after loss but I do get a bit cross when people assume that a baby after loss will come and say (well intentioned) words to that effect to a loss parent. 162 more words


What we owe to each other

Sat in bed contemplating all the things I should be using this time to do. Spending time in bed for a week makes your to do list look like a political manifesto (with the actual potential of keeping those promises) 450 more words


My miscarriage experience

I’ve thought long and hard about how to write this. How I could possibly reach out to any other mothers who may go through the painful experience that I have. 1,225 more words


Dear Hope

(on what would have been your 1st Birthday)


Pregnant with expectation
we five
embarked on several months of refugee status
like the Holy Family after the birth of the Messiah… 239 more words

Happy First Birthday

To My Precious Boy On Your First Birthday,

‘Happy Birthday’ has never felt so wrong. I don’t feel like celebrating a year without you and yet I know I need to. 971 more words


I wish they could see me now

I’ve not posted for a while as I’ve been busy; not just busy in the usual sense of the word but also busy giving my brain time to heal after therapy sessions, busy challenging myself, busy noticing my feelings and reactions. 576 more words