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Baby loss awareness week.

I am that one in four, but I am not a statistic. I am the mother who would do anything just to hold my little one close once again. 136 more words


Right now, my greatest wish is that my husband won’t be this depressed forever, and that we can somehow find our way back to some semblance of the partnership we used to be. 475 more words



I have so many memories of Cole. How he kicked his approval and helped choose his dad’s Christmas present before he was born. How he’d pop his eyes open and look at me even when the nurses thought he was asleep. 770 more words


Day 6: BOOKS

Initially I didn’t read anything after Cole died. Not books, not articles, not websites. No genre. Zip. Nada.

I was tired, and couldn’t focus, and when I wasn’t tired I was filled with a nervous energy that kept me from sitting still. 330 more words


A Mother's loss. #ThisIsMyTruth

Some of you may be aware that October is pregnancy and infant loss awareness month, a month where parents are asked to speak out about the loss of a baby or child to break the taboo surrounding infant loss. 1,299 more words

Another Facebook re-post

This one was written just a few short months after the last one.  Almost two years ago.  Re-reading it, the emotions come back as fresh as if it happened last week. 1,925 more words

October is Infant and Pregnancy Loss Awareness Month

So I thought I should post more this month.  I’ll start with some old posts from Facebook, and then I’ll try to talk about the things that have made it really hard for me to write for months, now.   1,187 more words