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I collected points to use during my mat leave. Shoppers Drug Mart, Air Miles, etc. I knew my company didn’t top up my salary and the maximum EI payment was going to be quite a hit to our household income. 240 more words


Suite up and Show up.

Every week I go for allergy shots. When I was pregnant with our daughter I started having hypersensitive responses to allergens. I was pretty much in a state of constant itching and hives beginning with my second trimester until delivery. 702 more words


On the Same Page

I got my husband back. Somewhere around the end of November or the beginning of December. I’m not sure what happened, and he’s not sure. Could be a change of medication. 145 more words



I’ve not posted much recently, January and the start of February have proved to be busy with birthday parties, family stuff and work.

February has arrived quickly and I cannot escape the fact that March will soon be here, the month where it all went wrong and our lives changed in ways unimaginable at the start of last year. 80 more words


What I really wanted to say to you...

Time heals all wounds? Tell that to the gaping hole in my heart that is shaped like my son. Tell that to the pain I feel, emanating from that wound. 841 more words


I have three. 

“I have two.”

The words come out of my mouth to even my own surprise and I instantly feel my heart crack and scream. Two? Never. 830 more words