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Current Happenings

  • Betsy and I assembled a sort of hanging/swinging motorized baby rocker device yesterday (evidently I need to brush up on baby tech nomenclature). Packages ordered from our registry are appearing on our front porch with alarming regularity.
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Binders for Women

I made Betsy a binder for all the pregnancy papers, pamphlets, and forms we’ve accumulated over the past seven months.

She’s so lucky to have me!

Thoughts on the Five-Month Ultrasound

We had our second, possibly final, ultrasound on Friday. (More precisely, Betsy got an ultrasound and I watched.) The kid is a boy, as I mentioned Saturday. 347 more words

Additional Data

miniBuckley.Gender = "male"; //visual confirmation

Babies and the English Language

As a father-to-be, you get excited and nervous, but there are also some real frustrations and challenges to deal with.

I’m talking, of course, about grammar. 567 more words



new Buckley miniBuckley;

miniBuckley.Age.Months = -6;

miniBuckley.Name = ""; //tbd

miniBuckley.Gender = ""; //tbd

miniBuckley.ArrivalDate = "09/30/2016"; //projected

//Set parent objects////////////////////////

miniBuckley.Mother = Buckley.Betsy;

Buckley.Betsy.Pregnant = true;

miniBuckley.Father = Buckley.Brian;

//conservative estimate
miniBuckley.Paternity.Probability = 0.76;

//Miscellaneous properties/////////////////////

miniBuckley.Intelligence.Projected = 94; //0-100 scale

miniBuckley.Intelligence.Current = 6;

//within acceptable parameters
miniBuckley.Attractiveness.Projected = 65;

miniBuckley.Attractiveness.Current = -8;

miniBuckley.NerdQuotient.Projected = 91;

//lives with mom, antisocial, never goes outside,
//lots of "potential"
miniBuckley.NerdQuotient.Current = 100;

//don't set, will cause integer overflow


{The Nest Parties} A Rustic Turbo Fiesta

Be wary of the birthday party jealously dragon that is about to jump out and smack you in your pretty face.

I stumbled across this fantastic  55 more words

The Nest Parties