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One minute our babies are these beautiful, picture perfect, peaceful (at least when they aren’t tired or hungry or over stimulated or under stimulated) little bundles of love that we can sit and stare lovingly at while they lay still in their Moses baskets. 1,620 more words


Life With a 9 Month Old

I have been so busy lately that I feel like I don’t even get to sit down and write anymore! It makes me so sad because I feel like writing helps me process my feelings and thoughts and it gives me time to think through some of the situations that happen to me on a daily basis and create a plan of response. 631 more words


Lounge Room Tour

As per my post a couple weeks back, you guys would know that I am redecorating some areas of my house :)

Here’s a link to my previous post: … 516 more words


Leo’s New Big Boy Room

Having two boys is going to be an interesting adventure.
Creating a space for two boys to live and thrive in, is also going to be an adventure. 739 more words


宝宝安全防护知多少 - Baby-proofing Must Knowns and Must Haves

三岁之前宝宝正处于大脑和身体的双重高速发展中。对外界环境最为敏感,也是好奇心最旺盛的年龄 。这个时候就需要父母们细心起来,将家里一切危险的因素排查干净,做好防护,给宝宝们一个安全的环境去学习,去探索。下面就浅浅说一说我能想到的需要注意和进行防护的方方面面。望对各位爸爸妈妈有所帮助。

育儿 Parenting

Baby proofing 👶

My son is 11 month old and now everything in the house is attactive to him. My husband and I have been devoting our attention to safe environment for him. 101 more words


Adventures in babyproofing: forgoing the gates

And now for something that has nothing to do with bikes…

When we moved to Eugene and had the spiral of death in the living room and an 8 month old baby there was no question that the stairs needed a baby gate. 433 more words