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Adventures in babyproofing: spiral staircase edition

There are plenty of times that Google disappoints me but one of the most notable times recently was when we finally found a house to rent in Eugene and I realized I was going to need to babyproof the spiral of death, I mean the gorgeous staircase in our new living room. 1,554 more words


A babyproofing lesson

I have had a bit of a confidence knock this week. And felt the fabled “mummy guilt” properly for the first time, when the pit of your stomach drops away with a ‘what might have been’ feeling, and all I want to do is pick up baby bear and give him the biggest squeeze. 393 more words


Dealing with Panic from a spiritual perspective

I may be a psychic, medium and Reiki Master who talks to Angels but I am also a MOM. I have 2 beautiful loves a 4 year old and a 9 month old. 403 more words



The escapee is now safely behind bars. I am referring of course to a child safety gate, just in case you were wondering. After my last post, I started scouring local selling sites for safety gates, as the furniture barriers were not the safest when he tried using them to haul himself to his feet. 456 more words

Scatterbrained Mum

30 weeks - baby #2

OH EM GEE! 30 weeks??!! Trying to wrap my head around that. Realistically thinking… our c-section would be scheduled in 9 weeks. If this baby comes earlier, which I’m nervous about since she’s definitely head down and my water broke at 38 weeks last time with a breech baby and I wasn’t dialated, we are looking at possibly less than 2 months. 628 more words


More Proof.

Babystar is crawling along the walls and growing every time I’m not looking. She can almost reach the doorknobs so we bought a pack of those covers ($4.99) to keep her from opening the doors to the basement or bathroom. 106 more words


Just Paint Over It, They'll Never Know

Another Sunday, another open house and this one, on the surface at least, was… passable. It was an old structure, possibly past its hundredth birthday with patches and paint-overs and very new siding. 463 more words

Open House