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It's time to baby-proof the house...

It’s time. When your baby first enters the world the last thing you’re thinking of is needing to baby proof the house. You know, quite obviously your 1 day old baby isn’t going to grab the scissors you left on the table, or touch the hot oven rings, or hide the TV remotes in the cat basket, or take every single item out of the cupboards. 799 more words


Big Girl Bed

Well sort of… I mean it’s not a brand new big bed but we did it… we removed the front of the crib. Thankfully Palmer didn’t realize that she could climb over the top of the crib, until today. 568 more words


Baby-Proofing 101

Step 1

Do not have a baby. You are full of light and fire and piss and vinegar — like a non-sexual, golden erection (that smells a little like urine and vinegar). 1,576 more words


October is Window Covering Safety Month

Although it may not be the most fun and glamorous topic I’ve covered on this blog, it’s certainly one of the most important.

October marks National Window Covering Safety Month, an ‘event’ created by the Window Covering Safety Council (WCSC) and the U.S. 752 more words

Window Treatments

Baby-proofing in full swing...

Since being mobile, Spencer has become one very mischievous little explorer. Who would have thought this tiny human can move so quickly on all fours!! Now that Spencer can crawl and pull himself up on anything in reach he is interested in EVERYTHING! 807 more words

The babyproofing arms race escalates

Happy Friday, everybody!

Just a quick, blurry photo to show you all a fun new trick my baby learned.

I spent the entirety of The Baby’s nap yesterday re-babyproofing our living area after he pulled this shit on Wednesday. 111 more words

New Parenthood

Baby Proofing

Soooo baby proofing. My husband and I discussed baby proofing even before our son was here because we just had this feeling that our son was going to move fast and try and do everything as quickly as he can.  1,210 more words