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5 ways to help make your home safer for kids

TORONTO – Two toddlers wandered away from their family homes this week in Toronto, causing parents around the city to wonder how they can make their homes safer for their kids. 475 more words


Spelunking at home

Mommy No Fun:

No, baby. The dryer isn’t an unexplored cave. Please don’t put yourself in the dryer.


Time to recharge?

Daddy No Fun:

Please don’t unplug Daddy’s laptop.  NO! You can’t eat the cord – if you need charging, take a nap!

Sometimes even the “fun” parent has to draw a line somewhere. 

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Rock those muscles, baby!

Mommy No Fun:

NOOOOO! The oven handle is NOT a pull up bar!!!!

My 14-month old is officially tall enough to get a solid grip on the oven handle and was able to use his freakishly strong muscles to hold onto the oven door as he lifted his legs and tried to WALK up the oven door. 

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Mommy No Fun:

Please get off the cat tower.  The cat food isn’t a prize for getting to the top!


Big plans

It has been quite the week back! I’ve been mulling over some thoughts on coming back to Germany, but I haven’t had a quiet moment to sit down and write anything out yet. 508 more words

Life According To Me

Time to batten down the hatches!

The child is MOBILE!  I knew that sitting up would quickly lead to crawling and I have a feeling pulling himself up and walking will come quicker than I can imagine.   255 more words