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To the mom who blahblahblah

I am so bored of mum blogs and clickbait parenting articles telling me what to do, what not to do, 5 things to avoid and why I’m not coping (but here’s how). 951 more words


New Liquid Laundry Pod Warning From Safe Kids Worldwide

Thirty kids per day. That’s the rate of kids requiring medical attention because of a surprising household danger — liquid laundry detergent pods.

Sure, those little pods make the laundry process just a little bit more efficient (or if you’re trekking to a laundromat, your load a little lighter). 227 more words


How Not To Babyproof

I walked into the kitchen the other day to find the Baby gleefully opening and closing one of the sliding drawers. The drawer full of tupperwear? 252 more words


Prevent Injury By Anchoring TV And Furniture To Wall

Earlier this week, Pali Design recalled several pieces of furniture. Restraint straps that anchor armoires and dressers to the wall can break, posing a risk of falling when curious kids play on the furniture.  188 more words


Mobility and Sibling Rivalry

We are starting to realize how lucky we were with the Cutlet. While she was a difficult baby in many ways, she was also low maintenance in terms of her mobility. 675 more words


On baby proofing

You’ll never catch everything.

This evening, the twins pulled the fireplace door setup out of the wall.

No one told me this could happen.

I’ve got nothing.


Best Gear For Smarter Babyproofing

June is National Safety Month. So if you feel like everything is an accident waiting to happen now that baby is here or on the way, now’s the time to beef up your babyproofing. 250 more words