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"A California Girl belongs in California", or Dawn on the Coast

Can we talk about this cover for a minute? I always loved this cover, because Dawn is the same size as Jeff while she’s on her knees and Jeff is standing. 1,399 more words

Ann M. Martin

The green-eyed monster

So this morning I experienced blog envy.

I had in mind a blog post I wanted to write this morning, but then I read a blog I followed and thought, “I really enjoyed reading that”. 681 more words


Why I Read So Much

I’ve said it before: I am the typical English teacher cliche. I spend my weekends and summers with a cup of coffee, a book, and several cats. 603 more words


006 Kristy's Big Day

Kristy’s Big Day of the Living Dead, more like. How desperate were Scholastic to approve this?

Babysitters Club

004 Mary Anne Saves the Day

This is the girl who attracts the attention of the hottest guy in SMS.

Babysitters Club