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First Post-Baby Workout (for the second time)!

Woo! I’m writing this just after doing my first post-parturition workout (this will be posted the day after my workout, so those of you who know me will probably be dealing with my whining today!). 213 more words



The smell of rosemary fills the house. The man who lived here before was a herbalist and our front garden is filled with beautiful smelling flowers and herbs, most of which have survived in spite of us doing nothing at all since we moved in. 498 more words

6 Ways Babywearers Turn Moms Off From Babywearing

¬†Babywearing is fairly new to me. My oldest didn’t like being “worn.” We used the Baby K’tan when he was smaller, which was invaluable at times that he was fussy or clingy and I needed to get stuff done. 1,691 more words


Baby Wearing

It’s been too long since I last blogged but life has been very hectic trying to manage an energetic toddler and a newborn. I tell yah, I don’t know how other moms do it or did it. 352 more words


Wrapper's Delight: Tekhni Ceres Sienna Review

We had the pleasure of hosting a Tekhni Ceres this week. It seriously took me by surprise when I was asked if I wanted to test it considering (1) I just bought my first Tekhni (Persephone Coastal) a week before. 487 more words


Wrapper's Delight: Risaroo Tetris Ink Review

As if Kerrington Crush didn’t already win me over, right after returning it to its rightful owner I was again blessed by the Risaroo gods and was able to test out Tetris Ink. 324 more words