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Winter Babywearing

Babywearing has been essential to my ability to parent Wallace. In the early months, it was the only way I could grocery shop, do laundry, or work. 987 more words


Off to work


Sometimes I get to join my mom at work. She doesn’t always take me, because I tend to ask a lot of attention once we’re there (I swear it has nothing to do with the fact that I know it’s a bad time!). 163 more words


"Is she a good baby?" and other things to never say to a new parent.

The homemaker and I are on our third child, so we know a thing or two about all the crazy things people say to parents with newborns. 666 more words


I Heart Babywearing—or, Rather, I Love Holding My Baby Next to My Heart

This is Part 3 of how I came to Attachment Parenting, a process I’m chronicling through the 7 B’s articulated by Dr. Sears. These 7 B’s are, by his terminology, … 646 more words

7 B's

OMG! Are You Unintentionally an Attachment Parenting Adherent?

It is my contention that a whole lot more people subscribe to an Attachment Parenting approach than we—or even they—believe. I bet that a whole lotta parents are AP adherents and don’t even know it—they may even bash AP—because many AP advocates have done a… 1,189 more words

7 B's

My First (and Last) Babywearing Meet

This post popped up in my news feed last week You (May Not) Need a Tula and it got me thinking about my first visit to my local babywearing meet. 444 more words


A to Z of Sling Myths Debunked Part 1

We have all heard friends, family, colleagues and even random strangers say things about using a sling or carrier which simply is not true. These myths exist usually because of lack of knowledge. 2,044 more words

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