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Legacy ~ Ode to Duet

In the babywearing world you’ll occasionally come across the phrase “legacy wrap”. This means a wrap that is intended to be passed down to the wearer’s children when they have kids of their own. 148 more words


4 Hacks for Getting Things Done With Baby

It can be hard to complete tasks on your to-do-list when you have children. Here are some ideas that may allow you to check a few things off your list: 403 more words


Carry the future

Yes, I’m an emotional creature when it comes to helping others and doing the right thing. In aggregate, humans are the worst thing to have ever been placed on this rock, however we got here. 221 more words


The birth of greenmachina

There’s me , my husband our vivacious little girl and tenacious little boy. Oh and the fish I have been promising to buy for 6 months which isn’t quite here yet. 387 more words


The Babywearing Coloring Book

Earlier this year, in May, Sofi and I attended a babywearing meetup organized by babywearing consultant Ulrika Casselbrandt. She took some lovely pictures and used them as model when she started up a project to illustrateĀ a babywearing coloring book. 103 more words


Erm, hi?

God these things are awkward.

I decided roughly 37 minutes ago that I was going to start a blog, so here I am, writing my first blog post and I have no idea where to start! 459 more words

Attachment Parenting

When parental leave is over

This has beenĀ our parental leave project, but since a few months back Sofi is back in school and I’m back at my fulltime job. We have’nt really discussed what to do with… 119 more words