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Statement on last article, with Hymns of purification and celebration

Having been many times attacked unfairly for my last article on Hispala Faecenia and Paculla Annia, I find myself compelled to deliver the following statement, in ten points: 2,070 more words

Good And Bad Polytheists

Good and bad polytheists (part 10): Hispala Faecenia and Paculla Annia


In the late 3rd and early 2nd century BCE, the Roman Republic had been already in effect an empire, reigning over Greeks in the South of Italy, Carthaginians in Africa, and Iberians in Spain. 1,329 more words

Good And Bad Polytheists

Why Jesus says ‘he is a baby sheep’, or ‘the lamb of God’

One reason was to make it clear that he was only a minor deity as the sheep is not a very grand or prestigious animal compared to say, the bull, horse, elephant, tiger, dragon, for example. 985 more words

What Does This Movie Mean? Ancient Greece in 1980’s Texas: The Coens’ “Blood Simple”

Lets begin by dispelling a common misconception among the movie’s following:  Julian Marty is not Greek — at least not literally.  He merely references Greece in conversation parallel to how Loren Visser references Russia.  1,406 more words