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47. Bacchanalian Revel

Here’s one of Hegel’s figures that deserves its own passage, free of the evanescent correlatives of quotidian life, the plumage that adorns it piece-meal:

The True is thus the Bacchanalian revel in which no member is not drunk; yet because each member collapses as soon as he drops out, the revel is just as much transparent and and simple repose. 149 more words

Pigeon Of Minerva

Bacchanalia (Zadar)

Hello everyone,

it’s time to give you insight on another event in Zadar.

This time it was some kind of Roman festival which was… 115 more words


Bacchanalia is Today's Religious Topic of the Day (03/22/15)

Taken from the Merriam-Webster’s Encyclopedia of World Religions

Here is a dose of daily religion from A to Z.

Today’s religious topic is as follows: 206 more words


Crescive is the Shakespearean Word Of The Day (03/22/15)

Crescive (adj.)

Crescive means (adj). growing, increasing, developing.  Crescive is cited in William Shakespeare’s Henry V Part ! (H5 I.i.66) Ely says to Canterbury about Prince Hal’s growth: “Unseen, yet crescive in his faculty.” 6 more words


The (Not-So) Secret History of Saint Patrick's Day

By Christopher Knowles

Source: The Secret Sun

March 17 is the day generally believed to be the death of St. Patrick, the British-born missionary who is credited with converting Ireland to Christianity. 1,514 more words


..of a March Monday...

…”The great vanishing Putin: this isn’t the first time he’s disappeared”…”Are you an icon? Do you want to be one? Life in a desperate society of self-adulating narcissists”…”Here’s a retirement plan: don’t”… 311 more words

The Educated Imbiber by Bacchanalia. Cocktails & Dining with Escoffier

It is clear that Bacchanalia’s Executive Head Chef, Ivan Brehm, is deeply passionate about food. As he rattles off the history and significance of each of the dishes that was presented, his infectious enthusiasm brings the diner back to the days of the American Bar of the Savoy Hotel, which was one of the early establishments to introduce American-style cocktails to Europe. 548 more words

Fine Dining