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Best Restaurants In Atlanta

Atlanta has a wide range of exciting restaurants, from fine dining to fast casual. With talents who regularly take home prizes on competitions like TV’s “Top Chef,” the city’s restaurant scene offers something for every mood. 6 more words

Best Restaurants In Atlanta

Sometimes you’re in the mood for a celebratory night out and other times you just want a relaxed, yummy meal. Whatever mood you are in, Atlanta has a wealth of restaurants to fit your taste and budget. 688 more words

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Livy's History

To look at Livy’s interest in the history of his own times and whether there is anything meaningful about it, we have to understand the time when he wrote and the context where he lived. 1,851 more words

Titus Livyus

Black Market Bacchanalia

Down among the subway tunnels, past the sign of the pansy crapper is the lair where the Donkey-boys rave. Anyone’s welcome, but they have a trial—test magic, they say—a special stone passed across your forehead. 70 more words


From a Land Far Away

Today is the first day of the Ancient Roman festival of Bacchanalia. It was held in honour of Bacchus, the god of wine. The festival seems to always have been a pretty wild occasion, but by the time it became popular in Rome, things had got rather out of hand. 822 more words

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Aesop-Graphic Novel/sample

In my novel Aesop represents Good Sense and is Everyman. We see him as a foundling taken under the wings of Apollo who also undertakes his rearing despite the dire circumstances his physical life need cope with. 267 more words

Benny Thomas

The Making of a Mad-Dwarf

Lit teachers say a character needs to grow, but they can grow in many directions. My dwarf needs to descend. In the first novel, she is somewhat sociopathic, but this prequel needs to show life-changing episodes. 371 more words