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រៀន MS. Excel ជាភាសាខ្មែរ Part 2 and part 3

Part 3: Conditional Formatting Manage Rules Max Min Mode

=RANK(number, ref, order)
Parameter “number” is a value to compare to the number in the reference… 8 more words


រៀនMS. Excel ជាភាសារខ្មែរ ភាគ១

វីដេអូខាងក្រោមនេះបង្រៀនពីរូបមន្តក្នុង MS. Excel មួយចំនួនដូចជា

  • Concatenate(text1, text2, text3,…): សម្រាប់ភ្ជាប់ពាក្យនិងពាក្យតគ្នា e.g. =concatenate(“a”,”b”,”c”) => abc
  • Upper(text): សម្រាប់បំលែងអក្សរឲ្យទៅជាអក្សរធំ e.g. =Upper(“abc”) => ABC
  • Lower(text): សម្រាប់បំលែងអក្សរឲ្យទៅជាអក្សរតូច e.g. =Lower(“ABC”) => abc
  • Proper(text): សម្រាប់បំលែងអក្សរធំដំបូងៗ e.g.
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The attractions of management studies

Students these days want to be independent and to start something of their own. There are various ways where one can enter a business and get to never heights and get to know the globe and the different types of business. 262 more words

Bachelor Of Management Studies



ជាទូទៅសិស្សានុសិស្សទាំងឡាយណា​ដែលបានរៀនថ្នាក់ទី១០ ឡើងទៅសុទ្ធតែបានជួបរូបមន្តនេះ។ ប្អូនៗមួយចំនួនធំដែលរៀន​​នៅកម្រិត​ក្រោមថ្នាក់ទី១០ ពិតជាកម្របានឃើញវាណាស់។

ដើម្បីដុះខាត់ខួរក្បាល ឬសាកល្បងការគិតរបស់ប្អូន ចូរប្អូនបកស្រាយរូបមន្តហេរ៉ុងនេះសាកមើល។



Bureau Of Indian Standards (BIS) Recruitment 2015

Bureau Of Indian Standards (BIS) Scientist Application Form – Age Limit, Qualification, Pay Scale, Last Date Details Given Below Check before Applying

Organization Name:  Bureau Of Indian Standards (BIS) 157 more words

Central Government Jobs

Simon will innovate the party industry

Simon Kristensen is studying International Hospitality Management at Dania in Randers. As many of Dania’s students, Simon has an entrepreneurial drive and wishes to succeed in the business world. 292 more words

Dania Academy Of Higher Education