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Bachelor 20, Episodes 11 & 12 Finale

Before bringing his girlfriends home, Benlovable tells his parents that he is 100% in love. 50% with Lauren and 50% with JoJo. This is when we find out he inherited his crying skills from his mom, who wonders if maybe they should have had a backup kid. 863 more words

Bachelor Upset! Ben Higgins Chooses Koko the Signing Gorilla

Monday night, Season 20 of ABC’s hit show The Bachelor came to its BONKERS conclusion. In an turn of events that can only be described as “unprecedented” and “not at all scripted”, Bachelor Ben Higgins pronounced his love for both of the remaining contestants and then promptly dumped the pair. 483 more words


I Never Want To Say Goodbye To You

Well, we made it! Last night was the Season 20 finale of The Bachelor. I have to thank Ben for being so likable, despite what he thought about himself at the beginning of the process. 1,093 more words

Chris Harrison

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Getting Drunk On A Monday Night With Jesus And Some Lime Green Underpants

Do you remember that time, Bitches, when you didn’t have adult responsibilities or children or any other early morning commitments?  When you got randomly drunk on  Monday night and it wouldn’t matter? 409 more words


The Bachelor-Jamaican Me Love You

In the MOST DRAMATIC three hours this quarter, Chris Harrison butts in at the end of commercial breaks to say something like “watch what happens next” and to remind us ad nauseum that Ben LOVES two girls. 1,493 more words



This is going to sound a little redundant (at least it feels redundant to say), but I was very headache-y today. I blame it on the clouds. 355 more words