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I should just get rid of half of my side of the closet because I wear the same clothes all the time. I guess I’m just a woman who knows what she likes. 269 more words

Playboys need love, too

This week, Sean visited the final four’s hometowns and asked each girl’s father (and one’s mother) for their marriage blessing. I really think a sex tiebreaker would have made this week’s elimination a whole lot simpler, but apparently this Bachelor has “values”—whatever those are. 2,075 more words

Bachelor Mondays

Hot sludge fundae, or as I like to call it “Got Sluts Monday"

I should probably apologize for not posting a re-cap yesterday, but then I thought, the only ones who should be apologizing were the cast of Monday’s show. 2,132 more words

Bachelor Mondays

Just another Maynard Monday!

Yes, we wish it were Sunday… because that’ll be a funday. I’m not buying what the promos are selling. I do think she picks someone, and during the After the Final Rose (ATFR) I believe she’ll tell us that she’s already moved in with her man or they have set a wedding date. 1,428 more words

Bachelor Mondays

Hammerhead peen... it just seemed like a good title

With only three episodes to go, it is finally upon us. The day Reality Steve unveiled who receives Emily’s final rose. No worries! I won’t spoil the ending. 1,909 more words

Bachelor Mondays

Threesome starring Arie's rubdown, Sean's man key, and Jef's wooden puppet

First off, I apologize for my absence last week. I realized I missed a captivating re-cap about a dude whose emotions shattered more than his egg named Shelly, an egomaniac who was none other than SHOCKED by Emily’s decision to send him off without any trophy, and buff men in skirts seeing how far they can pitch their wood. 1,871 more words

Bachelor Mondays

Sexy time in Switzerland

Ben has one more stop—actually 3 stops in 3 vaginas. Yes, Ben, we know it’s a lot harder than you’d thought it’d be, and one’s a blonde! 1,825 more words

Bachelor Mondays