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One Man's Awesome Friends Turned Him Into Rambo For An Amazing Bachelor Party

RAMBO DAY. from gnarly bay on Vimeo.

If you’re currently planning your best bro’s bachelor party, and your idea of an epic time is partying with some sick babes and bottle service in Las Vegas like all of the other rad dudes of America, you need to stop and reconsider everything. 161 more words

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The Dildo In Your Friend's Bag At Airport Security Prank Never Gets Old

Sure, it’s obvious as hell that something is about to happen in this “prank” video of a guy being searched at airport security. His friend is recording every second of the bag search, so obviously a “surprise” is coming, and he’s laughing like Butthead the whole time. 111 more words

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Spring Time = Wedding Time

With spring hopefully around the corner, it’s also the start of the wedding season. This blog post is dedicated to one of my good friends Lisa’s who is tying the knot! 623 more words

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Pretend Note From Airplane Baby In Goody Bag Pleases The World. Here Are More Notes We'd Like To See!

USA Today reports that a couple handed out a goody bag to people sitting near them (and their baby) on a flight.

The bag included ear plugs and a note, jokingly apologizing in advance, as if the baby wrote the note. 122 more words