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Getting the Degree and Debt

Yesterday I said to just get the four year degree. It’s a checklist item and I’ve had several folks comment about how it is a limiting factor in job searches. 202 more words

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Making a Difference

Note: I have had this story in my file for years and I am not sure of its source. I’ve tweaked a little over the years. 922 more words

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Get the Degree

Recently, a friend of mine with a lot of experience in her field was back on the job search. She is good at what she does, the local community (related to IT) knows she is a senior-level professional, but there was one big problem: she didn’t have a four year degree. 542 more words

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Anwaar Adams: entrepreneur, student, pharmaceutical industry

I matriculated from Aloe with average to below par grades due to health reasons, which by the grace of God I have now overcome.

After matriculating my ambition was to pursue tertiary studies yet my grades did not allow for this to follow through. 455 more words


Millennials Aren't Lazy

The general assumption about my generation is that we are “lazy people with unrealistic expectations who want a lot of things out of life without having to work for it.” 685 more words

College Nugget


As parents are preparing and dropping their students off at college, the thought of safety probably cross their mind. They want their kids to be safe while away from home. 97 more words


I finally graduated! After five years at FAU I now have a Bachelor of Arts in Mulimedia Studies: Multimedia Journalism.