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A Millennial's Perspective: Why go to College

I have three little sisters.

Right now, they’re ages 10, 16, and 19. At dinner a few months back, the 16 year old, Bri, mentioned that she didn’t want to go to college once she graduated high school. 1,914 more words

It's been a while

Since the LA Marathon in March, a lot has happened! I’ve been working full time at my new position and it’s been a little more difficult to write on the weekends since I’m usually busy then. 273 more words


Bachelors Degree Crisis

May 17,2015 was one of the best days of my life. It’s the day I graduated with my bachelors degree 🎓. Now, one would think that this would open the doors to many job opportunities, which it has (somewhat) but after graduation I found myself STRUGGLING to find a job, which is unfortunate because the whole point of going to college is to further one’s education in hopes of better job opportunities. 303 more words

3rd year student of Bachelor's Degree Electronic System Engineering

ALHAMDULILLAH, selawat dan salam keatas junjungan besar Nabi Muhammad S.A.W, syukur tak terhingga kepada Ibu yang tersayang. Tanpa kasih dan sayang mana mungkin dapat sampai ketahap ini. 223 more words


[VIDEO] The Future of Remote Work Is Telerobotics

Students at The University of Pennsylvania have created DORA, a robot that both mimics the movements of and sends visual information to a virtual reality… 30 more words


My Grades for the 2014/2015 School Year

To mix up my usual style, I’m throwing up a link to my YouTube Channel. Check it out from time to time for content that doesn’t always end up on this site. 8 more words

Evan Pretzer

Operation Graduation 2015 - Success

That’s it! All done! After three short years attending the University of Missouri, I graduated with honors and received my bachelors degree in Health Sciences! So basically that means bragging rights, right? 698 more words

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