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Brussels Sprouts Recipe/Funny Joke

Bachelor’s Kitchen #3: Brussels Sprouts

Let’s start with the funny joke:

Q: What section do Brussels sprouts play in high school marching band?

A: Horns.

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Hlade's Law/The Lazy Bachelor's Kitchen

In the bachelor’s kitchen, laziness need not be synonymous with unhealthy. In my view, it is simply a matter of re-envisioning your dinner plate. Granted, when the clock strikes five and you are starving, nothing is more convenient than stopping at the McDonald’s drive-thru and ordering a “Number 1”. 408 more words


Bachelor's Kitchen/Preemptive Apology to "Foodies"

The Bachelor’s Kitchen will be the series in which I share with you all of my amateur experiments in healthy home cooking. However, for all of you “foodies” out there so omnipresent in the blogosphere, I should preface this kick-off post with two confessions: 380 more words