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She did it!

My girl did it! Bachelor’s of Science in Communications, at 20!!!!!!

She’s off this August to Texas A & M Corpus Christi for her Masters in Communications. 7 more words


I Graduated!

Yes, It’s True! I am now a college graduate! (& yes, they are my parents)

With this degree comes a lot of job searching, debating living locations, and figuring out what adventures I am going on before settling down! 12 more words

Life Updates

The Pursuer – A Conclusion.

The Pursuer was intended to be a short blog series detailing my experience coming out of college and straight into the job field. Overall, I am pleased with how it turned out, I chose the topics based off of what I have learned on this journey. 308 more words

Free Thinker

The Pursuer – Networking.

Networking is a fascinating term. What is it exactly? The standard definition you’ll hear is attending events and building relationships that can be utilized for business purposes. 281 more words

Free Thinker

Graduating with a B.A at 20 Years Old

Who has a bachelor’s degree?? … This girl right here!! Whoop Whoop. Ooooo, Kill ’em.

So this past Sunday, I officially finished my undergrad and receive my Bachelor of Arts in Political Science.  652 more words

I was called characterless but I was determined to fulfill my mother’s dream.

I lost my mother when I was 15. My father is not educated but my mother was. She wanted me to be a successful educated woman like her but my relatives didn’t want that.

21 more words
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