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My Event Fairies

Μπορεί η Σταχτοπούτα να είχε τη νεραϊδονονά της να την φροντίζει, εσύ όμως έχεις εμάς: τις νεράϊδες των events, αποκλειστικά για τη δική σου εκδήλωση! 51 more words



In December of last year, I was invited to be at Drake and Sol‘s wedding in June this year. Drake and Sol are two beautiful creatures born at  235 more words


Bachelor’s Apartment along with Masculine Uk Temper

Stylish plus modern home design of this 2-room apartment along with “masculine” mood is the representation of behavior and way of living of its youthful single proprietor. 17 more words

My Journey to College....Literally!

I enjoy my journey to class, some days more than others depending on if I am running late or not. I have an apartment in Dun Laoghaire right on the water. 591 more words

International Student

Why I have been such a slacker.

But, go me! President’s list! I have a 3.9 GPA in my bachelors of nursing program. My social life has taken a bit of a hit, and I’m more skeptical to go on vacations with questionable internet access, and my buying a house has taken a backseat, but in just 9 more months I will be golden. 6 more words


What they don't tell college grads.

I graduated college with this image that I would get a job right after I get handed my diploma and I would be making adult money, lets just say I was so happppppy for this to happen. 737 more words


Question of the Day

Which is better – a second Bachelor’s degree or a Master’s?

While I understand that obtaining your Master’s degree is the “next step” after your Bachelor’s, is that always the best choice for your career plan?   156 more words

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