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The Pursuer - Utilizing Your Time

Have you ever had a project or task that you stated off with way more time than you needed? You don’t worry about it because you have all the time in the world. 381 more words

Free Thinker

A Thai affair

Latepress! Like the ‘lategram’ hashtag in Instagram for that picture which did not make it to the upload queue in time.‘The hangover’ was the first movie that instilled the idea of a bachelor party in my mind. 4,181 more words

Good Times

The Vermicelli Italian Dinner

Never ever send a bachelor to the market with a shopping list. He is ought to make a mistake or the other, however negligible it might be. 304 more words

Secrets of bachelors

Women complain of the lack of free men. It turns out that there are still bachelors on this Earth. But for some reasons they don’t want to enter into a serious relationship. 246 more words


It's a Month Until I Finish my BA

Actually, that title is a lie. I didn’t have time to write this last week and then I forgot about it. But, yes, after three years, I am on the last legs of my degree. 486 more words

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The Pursuer- How to Deal with the Stress of Graduation.

When it comes to life, one thing is certain; stress is something we all deal with constantly. When it’s your last semester of college, however, take the normal stress and multiply it by 1,000. 373 more words

Free Thinker

Crying With Laughter: The Onion

The satirical online and print periodical The Onion has been at it for over two decades now, and sometimes I take it for granted. But over those years, it has given me plenty of laughs with its pitch perfect satire that never breaks character. 60 more words