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BR Class 04 Diesel Tram at Speed: Day 4

On Sunday I completed my Drewery Class 04 tram. I sanded down some of the filler applied previously and fitted some loop couplings to the buffer beams. 181 more words


Freedom for Paul

After counter PEGIDA activist Paul got arrested on Monday for supposingly carrying a weapon during protests, Munich antifacist groups gathered in front of the JVA Stadelheim (Munich prison). 25 more words


PEGIDA Munich 07-20-2015 - Lutz Bachmann visits Munich

After several weeks of rather uninteresting PEGIDA marches through Munich, the team around Birgit Weißmann invited Lutz Bachmann to Munich. On the main square the racist rally was held. 152 more words


Heljan BR Class 05 Diesel Shunter Review (Pt1: Out of the box)

On friday Heljan’s new BR Class 05 arrived on my door step, so I thought I would let you know a thing or two about the model and the prototype: 686 more words


Pannier Pentathlon

My current Pannier fleet. Five in total detailed and weathered (three 57XX, two 74XX). You could quite easily run an exhibition layout on these five, however variety is the spice of life and i’m somewhat addicted to detailing these Panniers, so there will be more of both classes. 14 more words

57's coming out of my ears!

It’s probably becoming rather tedious now…yes another 57XX!

9793, another Croes Newydd long term resident (over 10 years). I’ve a couple of photos of her on the Branch, clearly all taken on the same day, one at Frongoch on a Bala-Blaenau train. 59 more words

Another 74XX and Cwm Prysor trekking!

With one 74XX already in the bag, I decided to crack on with the second, 7431 another regular on the branch. 7431 has a couple of variations compared to the other 74s I shall be modelling. 333 more words