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Wie man ein Land zerstört

… oder gleich einen ganzen Staatenbund.

Heute in den Nachrichten dominieren diverse Themen, die zumindest eines davon erklären können: Trump.

(1) Visafreiheit für Türken… 1,415 more words

First Train of the Day

Ok, the bleak whiteness does make it look like it’s still been snowing up their since Christmas!

The bufferstop has now been made, and the siding partially laid. 18 more words

Installing A Decoder To A Bachmann Class 419 EMU

A train which fits perfectly on the Inglenook South shunting puzzle is the single carriage Bachmann class 419 electric multiple unit. The chassis is DCC ready and I wanted to install a decoder for digital train operation, this is how I did it. 190 more words

Mineral Wagons - Part 3 'Planked ex POs'

So from the 16T, I have moved onto the planked ex Private Owner. The RCH design is most familiar to ex railwaymen and modellers a like. 745 more words

…first responders in Brussels must bear the burden of cleaning up the consequences of the ill fated decisions of Angela Merkel, Barack Obama and other ideological merchants who traffic in the dangerous fantasy of multicultural-diversity, globalization, one-world nonsense.