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Bachmann 74XX from a 64XX

The 74XX is finally finished. This has been a truly rewarding project, one I wasn’t convinced I’d be capable enough to complete to a satisfactory finish. 330 more words

Rhubarb and Custard?

A while ago I had decided that I wanted a BR Mk 1 set for Herstmonceux and that it had to be Blood and Custard livery. 360 more words

Pannier Progress

This past week or two I’ve been busy making an assortment of things from a 7mm guards van to 2mm scale figures. One of the more satisfying projects has been working over four Bachmann panniers. 27 more words

Joining the dots: from macro themes to micro interactions

When it comes to trust it is striking how much of what is written about points to either local interactions between people on a very small scale, for example two people having a conversation over a coffee, or at the wider abstract organisational level, but it is the interaction between the two that I find particularly interesting. 466 more words


All hail "Queen of the Tea Party"?

You may remember her for making colorful comments at interviews, for being the “Queen of the Tea Party”, or more recently for declaring the rapture is coming… 235 more words

Political TV Art

Why Do Some Conservatives Believe We Are Near The 'End Times?'

Secular Talk

By most measurements, Barack Obama has been a reasonable president – economic indicators have improved, and he has kept the country out of any big new wars. 93 more words


Which Apocalypse Pony is Obama?

I know what you’re thinking if you’re a conservative like me, and no, this is not a toy that is being created so we can use it against Obama. 414 more words