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The next Chapter of "My Story" : The Seperation

As a young kid, my life was great! There were probably only a handful of times where I can remember listening to my parents argue. We always did stuff together; Whether it was going to movies, walks, swimming, camping, shopping, etc. 1,267 more words

My Story

Foo Fighters Back and Forth Trailer

FOO FIGHTERS BACK AND FORTH chronicles the 16 year history of the Foo Fighters: from the band’s very first songs created as cassette demos Dave Grohl recorded during his tenure as Nirvana’s drummer, through its ascent to their Grammy-winning, multi-platinum, arena and stadium headlining status as one of the biggest rock bands on the planet.

Foo Fighters

Bitter Indecisiveness

Choose something for goodness sake!  Chicken or fish! I don’t know…fish is so terrible and chicken is really good, perhaps I’ll go with…I just don’t know! 296 more words


Story Spotlight: Back and Forth

Hey lovelies…so this story spotlight is slightly different. A while back…as in Sept 2013 back…I thought of trying to make story spotlights more in depth. At least for longer stories…? 2,381 more words

True Blood

Backwards And Forwards.

Spark of creativity. Today I came up with another poem…enjoy!

 Backwards and Forwards

So you don’t look back
Hey do you know my name?
You look forward… 360 more words

MC's Introvert Tales

The Trudge Back

Currently, I should be packing, but I’m not. Tomorrow I’m making the trudge back to Maryland, I only say trudge because I packed way too much to come home and I need to bring it all back with me with some of the stuff I got for Christmas. 445 more words


Introducing a new series: 'Survival Plan A'

University generally is considered a place of learning, discussions and meeting people of your kind, but ever so often the stressful times kick you out of your fun routine and there you are: Sitting in front of your computer and reading blogs instead of studying because absolutely no information has a slight chance to stick in your head. 144 more words

Back And Forth