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Welcome to the Vault

Over the years I’ve written an awful lot of words. The words themselves have been fine: the problems have usually occurred with the selection and arrangement of the words. 132 more words

Life And Life Only

On The Road Again (The Back Catalogue)

It’s important to take day trips every once and a while, dear readers.

The reason for this is twofold. First, if you take a day trip you are taking an adventure, which is always important to do – you clear your head, gather inspiration, and separate yourself from your daily life. 869 more words


WTP007: Rules To Live by Pt.1.

Every now and again we all get flashes of inspiration. A line or two that floats from left ear to right and quiet often –poof – it’s gone just as easily as it came in. 1,606 more words

WTP006: Poetry rather than prose.

The last weeks has somewhat got away from me. I’m attempting something of a pattern by trying to get a new something out every Wednesday(Although I do acknowledge it’s Thursday). 276 more words


Past projects: Old ICEpower Amps...

I’ve built quite a few ICEpower amplifiers over the years, but many of them were built and sold before I started this blog. Recently I actually saw an amp for sale that I am pretty sure I built and so I started looking to see if I had any pictures of these amplifiers. 240 more words


Flashback - HowManyDevils1

We are very, very close to (i.e. months of tweaking mixes away from) releasing Space Cowboys Under The Sea Of Japan.  Our third full length album.  207 more words