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Would You Be My Expedition Partner?

At exactly this time one year ago, I found myself in what would be a year-long collegiate pursuit. I never intended to go back to school for an entire year, one class just led to another, and then another, and by the time they hand you a diploma, you’ve nearly forgotten those early classes – the ones that helped develop the curiosity that kept you in the program in the first place. 1,017 more words


Our trails are in need of better etiquette

“Either they don’t know, don’t show, or don’t care about whats happening in the hood” – Dough, Boyz n the Hood.

Our winters in the mountains are awesome. 1,289 more words

Nancy Tanner

And so it begins...

The field season is here! The field season is here! Yippeee!!!!! And all the biologists rejoiced.

And Mother Nature said: “HA! I hope you like snow!” 923 more words

Gettin' Amped for another field season

Spring has SPRUNG! It’s March 21, the first bears in the Bow Valley have started to wake up and explore the valley bottoms and I have started to prepare for another field season. 1,389 more words

The Pack Raft Table

Hey All,

Writer and media contributor Jon Dykes of team Mission Alaska is onto something big in the pack rafting world.  P-rafting is a revolutionary method of travel for the adventurous trekker, it has been said that p-rafts have changed the back country game. 180 more words

Practicing the Seven Principles

A blizzard has come along on Tuesday afternoon four out of the past seven weeks, just in time to shut school down on Wednesday.

We should be preparing for our midterm exam…instead we are only at Chapter Five, which includes the seven principles of… 530 more words


5 days, 75Km, 22 remote cameras

Last week, three volunteers hiked 75Km around Skoki Mountain and put 22 cameras up all over the darn place. For all of us, heading in to Skoki was something to look forward to. 1,362 more words