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Back Training Breakthroughs for Size and Detail

Bodybuilder Scott Trout on Regimens and Movements that Really Work

Light-heavyweight national level competitor Scott Trout has made inroads in competitive bodybuilding thanks to outstanding back development which is the product of both natural genetics and hard, well-targeted training. 755 more words

Muscular Development And Growth

Scapula Stability: Because You Can't Fire Canons Out of a Canoe

Shoulder impingement and rotator cuff disease are just 2 of the pain causing problems that could arise if your scapula (shoulder blade) isn’t doing its job to stabilize the shoulder joint. 397 more words

Healthy Tips

Back workout + 15 min abs class

My back workout today:

  • Seated pull-down: 4 x 10-12, + superset 4 x 12
  • Seated row: 4 x 12, + superset 4 x 16
  • Back extensions: 4 x 12…
  • 196 more words
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What's Mostability? What do I NEED to Know About IT?

When we look at the joints in the body and the way in which they are supposed to function we begin to see a pattern. Mike Boyle and Gray Cook (if you aren’t familiar with them I suggest you check our their books) hit the hammer on the head when he developed the joint by joint Concept in regards to sports injuries and rehabilitation. 377 more words

Healthy Tips

End of Summer & Weekend Recap

And just like that, another weekend draws to a close. Actually, scratch that…just like that, another month comes to a close – today is the last day of August. 747 more words


Back Workout Done

I had a really good workout, now just finishing lunch and then I’m gonna go lay in the sun for  a bit. I joined one of the little abs classes in my gym after I was done, and LORD was it a tough session! 216 more words

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Fitness Series: Back and Biceps

Good morning to you all! I do apologise for this post but I have been working on a secret project and haven’t had much time to blog. 582 more words