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Happy Hump Day...

…and what a miserable, wet, grey day it is.

I woke up this morning in a great deal of pain. Stuff, sore and aching with a loss of sensation/tingling in my left leg and foot. 243 more words

Chronic Pain

Right on cue…………………….

You know the voice inside your head, the one that’s telling you to eat that second slice of pie. Yes, that one. What if I told you, you can use that voice help you train safer and get stronger. 1,207 more words

Strength Training

9 Excellent Exercises for that Thick Wide Back

So my last few blogs have been about getting women involved in the gym and into that big scary free weights area, and yes guys you may have been feeling a little bit neglected, so to make up for this, I’m going to give the guys something to work on over the next few weeks. 2,034 more words

Vacation with a Fit Frequent Flyer

When I travel with friends or family I always get one of two questions: Do I have to work out, or Will you train me?  Hannah and I have been on a dozen vacations together, and over the course of her fitness journey I have gotten both questions from her.  276 more words


Wednesday 12 minute Workout - Strong Back

Wow!  After only a day of work we are already at Wednesday!  If every week was a 4-day week Wednesday wouldn’t feel like such a hump to get over.   320 more words


What you should be doing on the gym- Part two – Pulls

The hard part is over. You made it to the gym and that’s usually half the battle.  Now that you’re there, what are you going to do?  845 more words