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10.22.2015 Kinda Like a Hero WOD, but a Little Different!


  1. Order your clothing by Oct 22nd!
  2. Lurong Challenge is coming to a close…only two weeks left. Luring WOD Retest: WOD #1 on Wednesday this week.
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09.23.2015 Running and Snatch


3 Rounds:

Chin-Ups 8-10

Dips 8-10

Back Extensions 15-30


  1. Lurong WOD #1 Make-Up –OR–
  2. 4 Rounds: 200m Run + 20 KB Snatch (10 each side; 53/35) + 30 Sit-ups

Tuesday, September 22nd

Upon Waking:

200 Cals A-Bike: 23:04

Training Session:

A. Snatch high pull; Emom 8×1.1 @85-105% Sn: @155, @200, @210, @220, @220, @220, @230, @230
B. Squat snatch; One rep every 45 sec x12-15 sets; load up to 90% effort: @95, @105, @125, @155 / *PS* @165, @175, @185 / *SS* @200… 169 more words

Training Log

Enough Decline?

Don’t seem to be feeling any effects from the long rowing session yesterday. In the garage before 1pm.


  • Crossover Symmetry Activation
  • Bar Hangs

OHS (55X1 Tempo) 116 more words


05.09.2015 - AM Structural Work + PM Wattbike

A. Back Extensions @ 20X0, 25 reps x 4 sets, 2 min
– These got me good, lower back started to pump up around the 15 rep mark each set. 106 more words

How To Settle Who Has The Strongest Abs

As kids, we would clench our stomach as tight as possible, and punch each other till one of us threw in the towel and said “enough.”  We played by schoolyard rules to determine who had the strongest abs, and though, a great learning experience, it did not solve the problem of who had the strongest abs? 211 more words


Overset øvelse: 0 degree back raise

En vigtig del af lændemuskulaturen er m. erector spinae. Når det kommer til træning af denne muskel sværger de fleste til dødløft – ofte som den eneste øvelse. 383 more words