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Big Triple

Planned to get in the HSPU workout in the garage in the middle of the day, but that didn’t happen, so I did it at the gym. 303 more words


Weird Feelings

In at 3:30.

Skill WOD “Be the Master of Your Volume” Week 3 Day 3

Warm-up: 3 Rounds
  • 10 Pass-thrus (over & under grips)
  • 10 Straddle V-ups…
  • 386 more words

You're Kidding Me

Feeling great other than this damn shoulder, so skipping the muscle-ups again this week.

Skill WOD “Be the Master of your Volume” Week 3 Day 2… 279 more words


One More

Surprisingly I felt fine after the 125 push press reps from the other night. Don’t sense any improvement in my left shoulder. Planned on going to 9am but woke up in the night with a headache, so I slept in. 312 more words


Kipping Deficits

Feeling those lunges from Sunday and probably a little bit of the various squatting yesterday. Left shoulder is still funky. Out in the garage tonight since it was a busy day. 424 more words


Finally Over Linda

I planned to do the chest to bar pull-up workout yesterday but I woke up and NO! I was still feeling the effects of Linda and needed a day off. 300 more words