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Strict Morning

Low back is still pretty spiced up from the back squats. That weight vest walk wiped me out yesterday. In bed by 10 and got over 9 hours of sleep. 344 more words


Weary Wednesday

I think I could get quite used to this cup of coffee before training thing!( I wonder when the novelty and strangeness of such a comment will fade away. 201 more words


Monday: Deadz, Week 1.

I’m trying to stop having preworkout coffee. I liked it for the jolt it gave me, and every time I felt motivated to GOGOGO. But over time, I ended up needing more and more. 220 more words


8 Below

I woke up and checked my phone to see what the temperature was like.

Almost went back to sleep, but got moving and went to the gym. 298 more words


Wednesday, 01.07.15 - Training

6-8 sets:
:90 freestanding handstand hold
20m/side 1-arm Farmer’s walk, moderate
5 back extensions
:30 single-unders
:60 front leaning rest on ground
:30 single-unders… 31 more words


Friday - 150109

Laura O’Leary, c. July 2013 – Six months into CrossFit

Today, Laura O pretty well stopped me in my tracks when she told me she received her “ 179 more words

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