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Letter to my Ex

From the archives. Circa July 2008. Update: I haven’t thought of him in years. And he really was on Jeopardy.

I had the oddest dream last night — we were at the grocery store with… 388 more words

If the walls could talk

Drive south along Toronto’s Yonge Street and just north of Eglinton you might spot an old brown-stone building on the west side of the street which more recently has been used as a film set for a police station. 1,151 more words


For men of a certain age...

This goes out to the men, of a certain age, back when “things were different,” 40 years ago they say; except that 40 years ago, I was 14, and although I wasn’t male, I actually felt every bit a person as the men alone assumed they were; and the only thing that was “different” was that there weren’t as many voices holding space for my non-male humanity… 200 more words


A Southern Tradition: Black- Eyed Peas, Cabbage, Greens & Pork

Every. Single. Year. Grandma was firm on one rule. Not that she didn’t have many, but this particular one was like angering fate itself. As if it tipped the scales of all bad luck and curses. 1,312 more words

The Thermometer Froze

My childhood best friend has found herself living in Alaska.  Now if I fell out of love with NoDak, you could find me in Alaska.  I have been there a few times and I would suspect I’ll be there a few more before my hourglass runs out of sand. 258 more words

Suicide Sucks

I have lost too many people to suicide. The world has lost too many people to suicide. I was chatting with my coworker and she made the comment that she’s never been to a funeral for someone who has killed, or ever where it was suspected, by taking their own life. 432 more words

No Easy Story to Tell

I do a lot of genealogy.

I began after being inspired by my uncle who, back in the 70s, began researching one branch of our family. 712 more words