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The Buenos Aires gallery that’s a window on another era

The old black-and-white photographs at Espacio Makarius take viewers on a historical trip to a bygone Argentina


Back In Time - Beatz

This is a cover of Back In Time performed by Beatz.


Do you ever wanna go back?

Have you ever wanted to go back in time, or do something that you did as a child? Have you ever had times, in your life, that you missed the simple days, and wished that you could have another opportunity to make up for lost time? 545 more words

Distraction is My Very Worst Enemy

I realize now that it always has been. Emotional, mental, conversational, informational, and esoteric noise are very addictive and powerful adversaries. As hard as that truth was for me to learn, I realize now that allowing myself to get addicted to those distractions over the years has been the main impediment to my creativity. 312 more words

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Reaching Into the Archives

I’m going to wax nostalgic from time to time while writing this blog. I have been called sentimental, and the brand is deep enough that it shows no sign of wearing away over time. 167 more words

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bare feet

Tokubetsudetsu # 86 – Back in Time
“Only the first line”


with bare feet
harvested grain is threshed
on bamboo mats

Carpe Diem

Abdullah ibn Zubayr R.A

I wish to take you back in time dearest reader…
to the holy city of Makkah in 64 AH.
The rightful caliph is Abdullah ibn Zubayr Al Awwam and most of the people of Hijaz, Palestine and Iraq pledged allegiance to him whilst only a handful from Damascus and Sham accepted Abdul Malik ibn Marwan as the caliph. 355 more words

Back In Time..