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Modern Relationship Pangs..

Relationships in the 21st century are a contradiction in themselves. It is like Boyfriend, Girlfriend and the other man in the picture or the other woman, Husband, Wife and the husbands girlfriend or the wives’ lover. 384 more words


The Remaining Time

While I am still in LA, I have a lot of things on my mind.  Apartments, school, Second City, and how am I going to get to the airport?   474 more words

the universe, part deux.

i titled my post the universe yesterday, because an old post about the infamous fwb (on which a new follower commented) became eerily relevant after i fb stalked my… 342 more words


The Masquerade

In a world where all carry daggers and wear masks,
Liars and cheats find solace in their tasks.
Under a different mask for each new encounter, 67 more words



She gaped in horror,
As I continued to narrate
My woes and pain, as I described
The wounds that adorned
My back: battle scars, I called them; 108 more words


The So-Called Best Friend

Have you ever had a friend who promises you to keep all your secrets safe and then in your absence goes around and brags to everyone about each and every one of your conversations? 722 more words


Thank God, I Have Made Myself Get Back Stabbed

I read an article that mentions about a specific sign, when our co-workers are planning to stab our backs. Normally I wouldn’t prefer to read it, therefore when I first took a glance at the header, I simply deleted it. 579 more words