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Right of Reply

Most are struggling to keep up with the lies, backflips and blatant misrepresenation, Bev and Angela/Melodie  cannot even seem to remember if its the Cobber dog or the Cobba dog ? 957 more words

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What does a puppy farmer do when sales and supporters have slumped ?

Change the name of your dog breed of course :-) Puppy farmers still believe that the public are uneducated so will set out to deceive and create wonderful stories and gimmicky names. 157 more words

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A Nature to Die For

Nyah is a standard sized chocolate female with a wool coat and a temperament and nature to die for – Beverley Manners September 2011.

As a generic rule, it is Rutland Manors breeding policy to breed only two litters from each female, or three if we have been unable to keep a daughter to carry on her mother’s line due to an extra long wait list – Beverley Manners 2009…

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Remember when........

Beverley announced back in 2009 that she would be retiring Isabella after her next litter. Then in March 2010 advertised that Isabella would again be bred, then retire. 74 more words

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Devil in disguise

With dwindling sales and lack of support once again Beverley has attempted to wrap herself in a cloak of credibility by latching on to the disabled, the ill and the elderly, the most vulnerable members of our society. 335 more words

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The suffering of Shania

In order to expose the lies oozing out of Beverley Manners mouth, one only has to sit back and wait for her to update the Rutland Manor website. 753 more words

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The factory continues

The frozen semen is rapidly being thawed and the cogs in the Rutland Manor factory are starting to turn once again.

Ava recently gave birth to 8 puppies and was inseminated with Rutland’s Red Baron’s semen. 469 more words

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