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Throwback Thursday Review – Back to the Future – Episode 5: OUTATIME

This is the very final episode of the Back to the Future series and I seriously could not have been happier. Playing this whole game was a huge struggle for me and I was finally finished with it making me feel a huge sense of accomplishment, so here’s what I thought about the final episode. 642 more words


Back To The Future Monopoly!

Want to travel from 2015 to 1985 to 1955 to 1885 in the comfort of your own home?

Well, now you can!

And, you don’t need a Flux Capacitor-powered DeLorean and a bolt of 1.21 gigawatts for time-tripping excitement! 98 more words


The History of Time Travel

Time travel is one of the biggest topics in the history of movies. It has been associated with multiple genres and franchises in the history of cinema and continues to be a fascinating part of many stories. 3,679 more words

Back To The Future

Lexus is making a real hoverboard

  Pretty much all of us are saddened that this year, Marty traveled into our world and traveled around in a Hoverboard. And yet, we still don’t have one. 176 more words


Lexus Is Unveiling a Hoverboard on August 5th: Odds That It'll Be Some Bullshit

As a society, there are things that we should have accomplished by now. One of those things is an operating Hoverboard. Not just a Hoverboard that functions like a Hoverboard in small settings, but, rather, functions like a Hoverboard in all settings and is widely available to the masses. 171 more words

Back To The Future

Heading “Home” for a Performance at WAMBO in Wallaceburg, ON on Saturday, August 8th

In 2007, I recorded and released my first CD, a little three-song effort titled “I Remember.” The songs were all done in honour of the place where my parents grew up, a town called Wallaceburg, Ontario. 897 more words

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