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What's Your Life's Enchantment Under The Sea Dance?

Happy Friday, Modern Philosophers!

My Deep Thoughts lately have been focused on the events that led up to my horrible vacation and what I could have done to change things.  784 more words


Writers Block

So writers block has come back to haunt me after I thought it had gone. But no, it’s came back, which is a massive problem, considering I’m a writer. 630 more words

Xbox 360

Back to the Future Trilogy

Recently I have not been blogging as much, because school is back in session and I’ve been reading a few novels, plus crafting my own novel which his  about 44,000 words away from completion.  548 more words


/Burger Burp... S'cuse Me

Today is ‘National Burger Day

*Start at 2.37? /rolls eyes… Oh Clicky, I’m working on The Shining Bathrooms Part 3, but they’re big gifs, difficult to wrap…* 437 more words

Out now: Back To The future: Citizen Brown 4 for Idw Publishing - Inks

Out now, today, the second issue with me helping on inks for Back To The Future: Citizen Brown #4 for Idw Publishing.

You can find it on Comixology… 21 more words

Opinion Battles Round 17 Favourite Time Travel Movie

Opinion Battles Round 17

Favourite Time Travel Movie

Time Travel movies have people talking for years to come after seeing them with people discussing the ideas of time travel, the good, the bad or the side effects and while it was The Time Machine that really put the genre on the map we have seen people take a fresh approach to the genre for years now. 1,592 more words

Opinion Battles

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Round 17 of Opinion Battles is here! This time we're talking about our Favorite Time Travel Movie! I'm pretty sure I know which is going to win this time around but hey, I like to be different. There's been quite a few time travel movies recently that is pretty good. The one that has been on my mind whenever we talk about this subgenre is Source Code. Head over to Movie Reviews 101 to check out all the selections and drop a vote on the one you like!

Schlock Watch: Dragonfight

Dragonfight (1990)


*Spoilers Throughout*

Director: Warren A. Stevens (Eagles Law, Highway Warrior, Lone Tiger—Stevens was a stuntman prior to directing bear that in mind. 1,319 more words