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Jack's Top 7 - Sci-Fi Movies

7. Star Wars: The Empire Strikes Back (1980)

A darker entry into a pretty great trilogy, splits the heroes up, furthers the story and features some great action scenes to boot. 495 more words


The JVC Camcorder

This is the JVC camcorder that is used extensively throughout BTTF1. This one is in really good condition, including the original case. The batteries don’t seem to hold a charge but when connected directly to a power supply the camera powers up – but we don’t have that size video cassette to test if it works – if that is important to you then let us know. 51 more words


Mattel Hoverboard Replica with Electronic Sounds

This replica was produced by Mattel’s MattyCollector.com division and sold in 2012. You can see their page here. These boards are no longer available from Matty Collector. 105 more words


Cat Clock from Doc Brown's House in BTTF1

This clock is the exactly the same as that used in BTTF 1.

The clock is seen in the opening credits and apart from the Harold Lloyd clock, it is one of the most recognisable. 84 more words


Alarm Clock

We’ve searched everywhere and found three alarm clocks that are almost identical to the one used in the movie.

The alarm clock was put on the dash/instrument panel to let Marty know when it was time to start driving towards the clock tower in BTTF 1. 89 more words


Rare USA Today - Gang Jailed Edition - plus regular newspaper

A rare ‘Gang Jailed’ edition of USA Today – presented to those who attended the ‘We’re Going Back’ 30th anniversary celebration at Universal Studios Hollywood. Also included is the actual ‘Youth Jailed’ newspaper published the next day. 49 more words