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Oded Kariti: The Self-Lacing Sneakers

…from “Back to the Future” Became Reality

Anyone who has seen “Back to the Future” surely remembers the legendary hoverboard, self-drying jacket, and of course the self-lacing shoes of Marty McFly. 342 more words


The Most Expensive Sneakers Ever Sold.


A few things about me: I love traveling, I like a good cup of coffee, and I will defend the artistry of Kanye West until the day I die. 539 more words

Most Expensive

Trump AKA Biff

I was stuck. I couldn’t see beyond the gridlock, but since I had my three girls with me, I tried my best to remain cool. In tow: Skye, my 11-year-old, Sage, my 8-year-old, and Siena, my 1-year-old baby. 594 more words

Fashion Spotlight: Hot Tub Time Travelers, The Betrayer Series, Big Adventure Fink

Ript Apparel has three new designs! Hot Tub Time Travelers, The Betrayer Series, and Big Adventure Fink, by alex.pawlicki, Jalopdesign, and B-Fan are on sale… 69 more words


Starlog Archives: Bob Gale's Dr. Strange

Following the unexpected success of Back to the Future, writer Bob Gale could do just about anything he wanted.  That meant overseeing a movie adaptation of The Shadow that would never be made and writing the script for an unproduced… 46 more words