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Back To The Future Comic Collector’s Guide Update! (5/20/18)

After a 2 week delay on my part, here’s a new update to the Comic Collector’s Guide with Issue #5 of Back To The Future: Tales From The Time Train. 185 more words


REVIEW: 'Ready Player One' is a Visual Masterpiece

We’re extremely lucky to have Steven Spielberg in the film industry. When the first trailer for his adaptation of Ernest Cline’s novel Ready Player One was released, I was unclear exactly what I was looking at. 569 more words

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Building my own Back to The Future DeLorean [Parts 60 – 71 Build Blog]

If you’ve ever seen one of those ads that encourage you to ‘Build Your Own ‘ and wonder what it’s all about, well, I’m here to take up the challenge! 862 more words


16 Great ’80s Movies You Can Stream Right Now

If Fashion Week taught us anything, it’s that the ’80s are back, baby! Big blazers, puffy jackets, crazy colors, and big hair — the decade that moved fast and loose is coming back for another go. 100 more words

This is a very long post title naming my five favorite fictional characters of all time

In this post, I will be naming my five favorite fictional characters from TV, Movies, Books, etc.! The best part of a fictional characters is that they can be created in any way that the writer wants them to be. 31 more words


Japan’s Yuito Kimura pays tribute to ‘Back to the Future’ in award-winning film

Yuito Kimura knows that being a cinematographer is not just knowing the equipment or having skills to handle camera and lighting; being a cinematographer is being a storyteller. 748 more words

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May 14th in history:

The Lewis and Clark Expedition began its journey up the Missouri River on May 14th, 1804, with William Clark leading a group of explorers from a camp in the Illinois territory. 100 more words

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