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One of my back days “wolf-v”due to its support of getting a nice v shape back wear that weight belt tight and go at it . 263 more words

Back Workout (6) - Wide Grip Lat Pulldown

Many variation of grip is possible with lat pull down machine, such as narrow under-grip, reverse-grip, and parallel grip handle. Changing your grip makes difference to muscle activation during the lat pulldown. 503 more words


Training for Huge Lats!!

Below is a FREE Training Program that is designed to target and grow your Lats. If you are struggling to grow your wings or just simply want to change-up the pace, Look no further. 168 more words


The Importance of Pullups

From phatguerilla: I definitely plan to include a new arms day at the expense of improving my squat. I’ve already abandoned deadlifts, just need to give up on back training altogether and I’ll be set. 173 more words