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More (or Less)!

I just finished my Chest & Back workout about an hour ago. I had a general plan for the session, but I ended up deviating a bit from it. 411 more words

Move n°20 : Strengthen Your Back

It’s here, it’s here! Day 11 of 15 Days Till Santa! :)

Sorry guys, yesterday was another non-post…I finished work so late that I just couldn’t bring myself to write anything anymore. 346 more words

Lê Bui

Why you need to learn to relax more than anything else

(The following statements come from my experience, not medical facts so take them as my personal advice but not absolute law!)

I didn’t get flexible because I was naturally gifted, nor because I was strong. 675 more words


How to build Pull up strength for for upper body development

Pull up strength used to be a staple of back training however with the integration of various pull down machines into gyms, the tougher alternative is overlooked far to often when it comes to maximising back training. 1,482 more words


Basic fabrication: Foot plate for seated row

Time for a post on really simple fabrication.

I didn’t want to use my multi-gym for seated row for two reasons: Firstly I didn’t have room to sit on the ground in front of it, and secondly the… 483 more words


Hyper-extensions in the rack

Want to do hyper-extensions but don’t have the space for a Roman chair? Fortunately you can save yourself some space and some money by using your power rack. 570 more words


Basic fabrication: T-bar row

Welcome to the first post in a short series on fabrication. Setting up a great gym at home isn’t just about buying equipment – you can save yourself a bit of money and make better use of what you have with a little creativity, … 520 more words