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One of my back days “wolf-v”due to its support of getting a nice v shape back wear that weight belt tight and go at it . 263 more words

Back Workout (6) - Wide Grip Lat Pulldown

Many variation of grip is possible with lat pull down machine, such as narrow under-grip, reverse-grip, and parallel grip handle. Changing your grip makes difference to muscle activation during the lat pulldown. 503 more words


Training for Huge Lats!!

Below is a FREE Training Program that is designed to target and grow your Lats. If you are struggling to grow your wings or just simply want to change-up the pace, Look no further. 168 more words


The Importance of Pullups

From phatguerilla: I definitely plan to include a new arms day at the expense of improving my squat. I’ve already abandoned deadlifts, just need to give up on back training altogether and I’ll be set. 173 more words

Want to create "wings"? Build a beautiful back!

One of the best overall movements to create what we refer to as “wings” in the bodybuilding industry, is pull-ups. You can do many different variations in hand placement and even add weights around your waist to make them harder as you get very good at lifting your own body weight. 70 more words

Goals and injuries

If my first goal with flexibility was simply to become the most flexible I could, now that I’ve seen how far I can push myself, I’ve slightly changed that initial goal into a healthier, long term, safer one. 348 more words


Back Like a Barn Door

By Todd Lee M.D.

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If there is any body part that can’t get too big on a man, it’s the back.   1,331 more words