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The History of the Dumbbell Pullover

Earlier this week I was given a very generous gift. The gift in question was a complete set of Wills’ Cigarette Cards. Produced for an Irish and English audience in 1914, the cards depicted various physical culture exercises one could engage in to keep fit and healthy. 1,355 more words


210218 Training and a 290kg for 9 Reps Squat!

Just a quick update today guys, I’ve been very busy most of the day including starting to sort my finances and also begin the slow process of preparing to start my business. 158 more words


T.C. Luoma, Back Training in Focus: Back Training with Shawn Ray (1995)

It happened to Rocky Balboa. He got soft. He earned all that money, got used to the good life, and lost his competitive edge, his “eye of the tiger.” His old fart of a trainer told him, ” The worst thing that could happen to a fighter happened to you – ya got civilized.” Rocky had to return to his roots to get his edge back. 1,589 more words