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Build a Big, Strong Back for a Big Chest and Everything Else.

I just finished listening to Mark Bell’s PowerCast, with guest Matt Wenning, and he was talking about the importance of back training.

Matt (in… 1,053 more words


T.C. Luoma, Back Training in Focus: Back Training with Shawn Ray (1995)

It happened to Rocky Balboa. He got soft. He earned all that money, got used to the good life, and lost his competitive edge, his “eye of the tiger.” His old fart of a trainer told him, ” The worst thing that could happen to a fighter happened to you – ya got civilized.” Rocky had to return to his roots to get his edge back. 1,589 more words


Forgotten Bodybuilding Exercises: The Gironda Motorcycle Row

How do I train my back? A common concern for weightlifters, bodybuilders and the average Joe or Jane seeking to get the most from their training. 473 more words


The History of the Reverse Hyper Extension Machine

Lower back pain is an all too common problem these days for the average office worker. Long stints in the chair, hunched over, with poor posture. 763 more words


Back Development with Mr. America

The following article comes from Dale Adrian, the 1975 Mr. America Champion. Known for his impressive back development, Adrian’s article is not only effective but to the point. 1,951 more words