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Fabrication revisited: Foot plate v2

I do seated rows in my power rack. There’s plenty of floor space, and the top plate of my weight stack allows me to add more weight. 287 more words


The unbearable unpredictability of flexibility progress

There are days where as much as you’re trying to understand, nothing makes sense.

Your rest is on point, you didn’t tire yourself excessively, you’re not stressed, not on your period, your sleeping schedule is great… yet your body decides to get stiff. 402 more words


SPARTAN RACE Prep DAY 53 (Going back to back training)

ye olde dumbbell

After watching some bodybuilding videos on Youtube, I am learning not to rush my strength exercises. In the past I used to rush them as I was impatient and wanted to get my workout over and done with. 139 more words

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Wrist Straps: How you build a back tennis elbow free!

The most important piece of gym equipment for all pulling exercises! This is the best way to work your back or biceps and not use your forearms if you suffer from issues like tennis elbow. 15 more words


Shrugs and Bent Rows in a Smith Machine Video

This Video shows Logan Carlson preforming Smith shrugs while i coach.  I like the smith machine because you can lean back and target the middle traps along with the upper traps, with out hitting your neck muscles like sternocleidomastoid or scalenes.   145 more words


Bent Rows In a Smith Video

This is a great mass builder for the lower lats and total back development. This is one of the best things you can do to make your back larger. 255 more words

Videos By Todd Lee MD

Seated Row

This is a special seated row which is angled at a 45 degree angle. This allows me to focus on my lower lat tie in and not my lower back. 28 more words

Videos By Todd Lee MD