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Empathy - Sympathy?! And can empathy be learned?

We talk about being sympathetic and empathetic, but do we use them correctly and can we all be empathic? I wondered about this some time now and decided to dig a bit deeper. 774 more words

Back Up

Backing up my system!

Before hand make sure you back up your computer system, in case anything goes wrong!

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3 Fantastic Methods To Keep Office Computers Organized

A little organization can go a long way in business. Knowing exactly where your files are when you need them can make your business more efficient. 522 more words

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Don't forget to back up your files!

For writers and readers alike, I have one piece of advice on this lovely fall morning: never underestimate the importance of backing up your files. Put up your hand if you or someone you know has lost any amount of work due to computer malfunctions (if you actually put up your hand, you are amazing, and make sure to let me know via message). 357 more words


Chocolate spread - so good! 

This is something I have never ever considered doing myself, even though my kids used to ask me if it is possible to make chocolate spread at home.  440 more words

Back Up

Improvise Life

I recently attended a workshop on “How to improvise your life”. Originally this type of workshop was catered towards actors, yet the trainer took it further, made participants look into improvising in the normal day-to-day life. 439 more words

Back Up

Kaspersky eyes launching a real-time back-up service for social media leavers

Veteran security firm Kaspersky Lab is looking at launching a real-time encrypted back-up service for social media users to store their data outside the walled garden of Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and Google+. 653 more words