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Your hard drive crashed - I don't care

Your hard drive crashed – I don’t care

Yeah, I’m trying to get your attention and yes I do care – just not personal data. This post is about how schools should (and hopefully do) handle data. 1,035 more words

Patrick Cauley

The Science Fiction of Future Data Storage Sebastian Bos

Data storage has been evolving significantly over the past ten years and cloud storage is steadily redefining how people do business across the world. By 2017, it is reckoned that there will be 1.1bn active business… 667 more words


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I hope the technology supporting data storage improves and the price of cloud storage falls. We are just overwhelmed by backing up data these days.

PSA: MacBook Failures are Rampant, Save Your Work

Students who purchased MacBooks in 2011 or 2012 might want to seriously consider backing up all their files. According to the good folks at Helpline, these models appear to have a very high hard drive failure rate. 318 more words


Loss of words...

Experience is irreplaceable,

                                   while the fruits of our labour may be lost,

                                                              the experience we have gained will for ever remain… 

A week or so ago I found myself facing a disaster that quite possible most creative people have probably been up against and may even hold a deep fear about. 488 more words


1.5 Week Noticed

Morning got call from my high school friends. Haven’t talk for ages, Iman, we used to call him, means faith in English language. Funny, bubbly kind of guy, whenever he’s around, feels happy with his attitude and his joke, he’s a mood booster. 399 more words


The Cleansing Backups

I think we’ve all been there, when we fall in a love with some product and it becomes an indispensable part of our regime. Our innate first world fear sets in, and we purchase multiples of the product like the apocalypse is going to hit tomorrow. 112 more words


Giving In? Not giving up. #R2BT

On Thursday night past, I gave in to temptation.  I drank a pint of beer.  And I did that because I could not resist an opportunity to celebrate an accomplishment.    252 more words