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a little back-up

i did many pictures on paper that is not exactly “good.”
i mean, i was just doodling.
just fucking around.
i didn’t expect that people would be actually… 227 more words

Yes, it is green, healthy and kids approved!

Superfood?! Yes, of course they always sound great and are so healthy and good. But if you have children in the house chances that they eat it are rather slim. 98 more words

Back Up


Clipping recently returned to their ‘Wriggle‘ EP with a video for ‘Shooter‘, and that was pretty out-there.  The video for the Antwon & Signor Benedick The Moore-featured ‘Back Up’, however, is next level weird.   71 more words


How Boobs and Curiosity Killed The Cat..and Your Pc

This article is how you can defend against viruses where the best and last line of defence is you.

Viruses are programs designed to alter the state of your data, either to make money or just ruin your day. 529 more words

Cyber Security

Securing your assets......

And I don’t mean a bra or tight fitting under crackers..
When I think of assets I normally think of stuff I can touch so with regards my personal IT that’ll be the iPad, Samsung phone, laptop and desktop PC but the reality is that it’s actually more than that. 822 more words

Cyber Security

A data center guideline for quoted companies: a call to action for FSMA?

A survey of Belgian, quoted companies that LCL ordered, showed that data security is not seen as essential within IT governance, not even with quoted companies. 248 more words