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What's Your Back-Up Strategy?

In my last blog I talked briefly about developing your Digital Workflow and finished it with a mention of backing up your precious files.
This time I will urge you to think about how safe your images are, probably stored on a hard drive inside your PC / Mac. 141 more words

Steve Proctor

Digital Workflow

Lately a few people have asked about how to do bits of processing or work on digital images and how I save and back-up files. I have also recently noticed people doing things a semi-random manner whereas I, as an ex-engineer with allegedly a touch of OCD, have a fairly rigorous workflow that I adhere to each time I process images from a shoot. 122 more words

Steve Proctor

10GB Network Between Windows 10 and Freenas

I recently picked up a pair of Mellanox MNPA19-XTR 10GB Ethernet cards from eBay for a really good price. I wanted a faster way to do back ups. 575 more words


Monthly Changeover

A new month has arrived. Hello? February, already? No way. Time continues to accelerate in an unseemly manner with months passing like weeks and hours flashing by like minutes. 322 more words


My blog moved

Dear followers,

Please note that I incorporated my blog to my new webpage

I hope to see you there! I added my followers but make sure to stay on track of my blogs by checking in on the new page!

Thank you!


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