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Former security cabinet ministers back Bennett's coalition demands

Former members of the security cabinet told The Jerusalem Post Sunday that they witnessed their colleagues on the key forum voting on substantial issues without being prepared. 552 more words

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Guess Who's Back

And no, it’s not Slim Shady.

And yes, it’s stuck in my head too. You’re welcome.

So it’s official! I got myself off my ass and made a thing. 165 more words


I'm back

Hey I think I had shook off the writer’s block that I had been experiencing. My healthy lifestyle or should I say “Project getting rid of baby fats” is going great, I havent weighed myself but I think I have lost a couple of pounds because most of my old pants fit me again, so hooray for that. 546 more words


Get Rid Of Your Back Flab And Underarm Fat By Doing This 4 Easy Exercises! Must Try!

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There are a lot of people who have been looking for the perfect clothes that could match their body shape. But often times, there is one problem that ruins their appearance and that is the fat that they have on the back and the…


The Best Way to Shed Fat

It’s easy to get stuck in a rut or experience plateau with your same old strength and cardio workouts day in and out. However, it’s very simple to add variety into your workouts while burning more calories and boosting your endurance! 146 more words


26 May 2016

I recognize my static strength is not good, and my DL is quite possibly my weakest event, so tonight I needed to put in work. 221 more words

Jessy Mendiola fires back at her body shaming haters! Check this out!

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Jessy Mendiola fires back at her haters using her Instagram account. She posted a photo of her and wrote the caption: “My body may not be perfect but that will not stop me from being confident with myself,”