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5 Bài tập Lưng "CUỒN CUỘN"

Có thể các bạn nam nghĩ rằng tập luyện ngực bụng và tay là đủ để có thân hình đẹp, nhưng thực chất, Lưng là nơi hội tụ nhiều khối cơ và cũng góp phần quan trọng vào ngoại hình của thân hình nhất đó; nó gồm có cơ sô, cơ nách sau, cơ bả vai, cơ lưng giữa và cơ lưng dưới. 458 more words

held on back

nothing on notice

and when it was the seconds

and where it was the walked

and spoke on the dealing

and secure

and its own theme… 46 more words


Back! (I think. I hope.)

So I really don’t know where to start.  I have been absent from writing for well over a year now.  This was never my intention, but it just became a thing.   346 more words

look back

old photo was you

and yet who is that person

and what are they thinking that day

where it would  never be reflected

and concieved on this  day… 50 more words


front of the back


and when it was the wonder

and feeling

and how it held

and caught on the nothing

and when it was the appearence

and sold on the  theme… 41 more words


Back to the Basics When Litter Training a Puppy

One of the very best reasons to litter train a dog when they are puppies is the reason of control. Self control of an animal is important to have so that mistakes don’t happen in unwarranted places. 27 more words