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Twenty years. 

Have a spine? Good, take care of it. Have kids with spines? Take care of theirs too. You only get one. I’m a big advocate of self back exams on the wee ones. 153 more words

Wedding | Bride's detail

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Description From Photographer if Any:

I loved the back of this wonderful dress!

By comanalexandraannamaria

Source: 500px.com


Looking back to 07/07

A bit of a random one today. It just struck me that it’s the 10th anniversary of the London bombings tomorrow and I found it quite weird when this realisation hit for 2 reasons. 489 more words



had the honor of shooting a close friend  for her birthday.
i had never really done an ‘exposing’ shoot before, but i am extremely happy with the images. 22 more words

Black And White

Muscle-Up Proficiency

Hi, there

This workout solely consists of Muscle-Ups. The workout should help you achieve a better form on your Muscle-Ups, increase your Muscle-Ups numbers/reps and basically help you become very proficient at Muscle-Ups. 66 more words

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