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Love Handles (Update)

We all know that selectively losing weight in specific parts of the body is very difficult! However, just like acne there are certain factors that increase the chances of getting spots, you can have certain factors that increase the chances of getting love handles! 553 more words


Long Time

Its been a while since last posted on here so let’s see what’s happened; my team leader has quit so am now on own in my department so a lot busier and is more stressful, I’ve now finished my Physio (more about that later), moved up a class in swimming and bought a new bed. 302 more words


Find your way back to me, please.

bedtime story:

“So when people leave, I’ve learned the secret: let them. Because, most of the time, they have to.

Let them walk away and go places. 67 more words

MY FATHER - a poem by John Osborne

John Osborne  was an English playwright, screenwriter, actor and critic of the Establishment. The success of his 1956 play Look Back in Anger transformed English theatre. 269 more words


Botany Lesson

Routing weeds and vines,
Has thrown my spine out of line—
Now I lie, supine.



Push-Pull Complex of the Day - Dumbbell Shoulder Press and Parallel Grip Pull-up

Today’s complex includes a shoulder (vertical push) and back (vertical pull) exercise.

Push-Pull Complex #4 – Dumbbell Shoulder Press and Parallel Grip Pull-up

Dumbbell shoulder press can be performed seated (beginner), standing (shown – intermediate) or standing on one leg (advanced). 63 more words

Athlete Development

Vasonite Chakra Tumbled Stones

The beauty of these products is that it can be utilized anywhere and everywhere easily and makes a value addition with an impressive combination. Since it can be added and mixed to almost all kinds of variations, your innovation and imagination can work wonders above your creativity. 466 more words

Crystal & Stones Products