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I've been in a writing coma ... sorta

Okay, so firstly I absolutely need to apologise for being absent for so long. It’s disgustingly pitiful and I am thoroughly ashamed of myself but my brain just decided to no longer push out any words. 256 more words

Writing Woes

[ROCK] "Back To Back" - Dustin Kensrue

Idag snubblade jag över Dustin Kensrue’s musikkatalog som soloartist. Han är nämligen annars en av medlemmarna i Thrice (riktigt bra band, look the up!). Jag måste säga att jag verkligen gillar hans Back To Back. 38 more words


A Small Step Back

Last night we went to bed with high hopes but this morning sadly Sofia was back to breathing too quickly. The upside is that the infection is down and we will just have a few more days of antibiotics. 97 more words


Go back, take time

Hey everyone!

I know it’s pretty late (2 a.m. In Belgium :P ) but I really wanted to post this.

There is a lot going on with me, I don’t know if you could see/read it but it’s the truth.                                   198 more words


Note to self

Why do you expect to be loved by so many souls? With that heavy heart of yours it is no wonder you are being ignored by people, who walk lightly on the hard ground. 375 more words

It's Been a While - Again

I can’t believe it’s knocking on a year since my last post – oh how time flies! I’m doing much the same but my how things have changed for the better. 527 more words

looking and back


and well of the keep

and how it arrived

and  what it flew

and what it took

and how it was the meaning

and its own observation… 44 more words