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Passive No Longer

I’ve always been the passive girl who does what people tell me to. I always listen to instructions, take advise from my ‘elders’ and follow it accordingly. 538 more words


beantown haiku 228

passions at a high / emotions crash like a wave / ebbing towards back bone


"Backbone" by Thomston: EP Review

This is another one of those reviews where i just went scrolling through Spotify and it looked interesting enough. Hopefully it lives up to that impression since it’s getting an entire review, albeit a slightly quick paced one since the EP is only four songs long. 360 more words



There’s always:

a new hour

a new day

a new week

a new month

a new year…so the only thing that’s really constant is change! 79 more words

Dear Artist

20th century NZ prince, also known as Thomston, released a brilliant EP this week

Thomston released a proper great EP titled Backbone this week and it is every bit as good as I hoped it would be. Thomston, in case you don’t know, is quite amazing. 243 more words

Pop Stars

the Evolution of Friendship

cover photo 1984 taken by Eric E-Dubb Williams

One Man Can Change the World by Big Sean is one of the world’s great songs.
Sharing via… 336 more words


Dear Readers: I am not your mommy.

Dear Readers,

Let me start with an apology. For as long as you have known me, I have probably gone out of my way to make sure you were emotionally intact despite having my own issues to worry about. 529 more words

My Life/Mi Vida