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A Poem

When men were men-
their fists were large.
Mouths stood shut-
Memories of family meant something,
a ring meant something.

-M. Taggart

I wrote this originally as follows on FB: 40 more words


Overriding Backbone.sync for local use

If you’re using Backbone to develop the front end in a local application you’ll have to override the Backbone.sync functionality to replace the REST functionality normally used by the library. 148 more words


The backbone of American senior care needs support

It is a common fact that in many american families, the adult daughters¬†play a major role as their aging parents health begins to decline. As seniors are living longer, but not necessarily in full-health, it is becoming more evident that adult children and mainly the…

Shedding Inhibition and Evolving through Creative Power - 4 Week Workshop

New Release in June, 2017!

Writing the Energetic Body – 4 Week Online Course
Shedding Inhibition and Evolving Through Creative Power – 28 Days of Writing Past the Mind and into the Chakras… 376 more words


OSPF Virtual Link

In today’s networks and specifically in OSPF it is required that all Areas to be connected to the Backbone Area 0, so this way it’s contiguous and OSPF working properly exchanging routes and getting routes. 723 more words

Top 3 Open Source JavaScript Web Frameworks

Over the ¬†last few years we have seen the rise of many JavaScript frameworks. Ember , Backbone, Angular , React etc….

The rate at which new frameworks are entering the market is only increasing. 308 more words