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Backbone of the Nation

The wheelbarrow is the essence of the South African economy. Without it there would be no economy.

The earliest recorded wheelbarrow was found in a tomb in Chengdu, China and dated back to 118 AD. 110 more words

Herman Van Bon

Why America’s Internet Is So Shitty and Slow

The internet is a tangible thing, a network of infrastructure pulsing with light, winding its way into and beneath buildings. It’s also a marketplace. There is the physical location where the fiber-optic cables full of data cross, and then there are the financial deals that direct the traffic down each specific set of wires. This […]



In the physical sense a mammal needs it in order to stand erect and house the nervous system. Some organisms have it in the exoskeleton form to contain them. 206 more words

Day 45

Today we were split into groups of 3 for Burning Airlines. The premise of this weekend-long lab is to build a booking system for an airline whereby people can reserve seats and other users will see seats being reserved in real-time. 149 more words


One Way Come Home You Are My Backbone

Come home,
You are my backbone,
Travel light,
Home away from home,

When I touch down,
Feet running,
Angels writing distance,
Fly us higher,
Mogadishu to Jakarta, 160 more words


I'm a bank

I should really open a bank and appoint myself CEO. As I walked in from work today I saw a look on JD’s face I know all to well, a look that spells trouble and says your about to be given some long story about something that involves money, more so a lack of money. 322 more words