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Backbonejs some notes

Look at this answer to this question: Understanding the internal structural dependencies of MVC in Backbone.js

You really don’t need to spend so much time with the architecture – it’s a framework that can either be used to help put together using simple OO constructs or an event-based design. 611 more words


STURDY BENCH (for A Prompt Each Day--fotowrite-3)



Bench of poems, dreams—

Not soft, built with hard wood slats;


Requires firm support, backbone

To survive realities.


Bench where I pondered, 35 more words


JSONP and Backbone JS

Recently, I wrote a simple app to consume my test web service which I setup in different domain. When I run the app, the chrome console throw this error: “Origin … is not allowed by Access-Control-Allow-Origin.” 97 more words


FBI Investigating Attacks On Physical Internet Infrastructure In SF

Cutting internet cables isn’t easy — the fiber-optic core tends to be protected by a strong conduit, sometimes hardened steel. Other countries have seen internet cables vandalized by thieves looking for scrap metal. 47 more words

Policy & Ethics

W3D4 MakerSquare Recap

Backbone Sprint

Finished the Backbone sprint. It was really neat. It was actually a very small program that required more conceptual understanding than code grinding. The next sprint tomorrow is about Coffeescript, which I’ve had a little experience in prior to MakerSquare. 250 more words


W3D4 MKS18 Mid-day Update

Morning Toy Problem

This morning’s sprint was finding the maximum product of 3 numbers from an input array. I couldn’t get my code working through the negative cases, which was the main difficulty tackling this sprint. 178 more words


Backbone Giveaway Winners!

I am so happy to announce the Backbone pattern giveaway winners!

From the blog commenters, we have Vicky and from Instagram, we have Lisa from Finnknits (her… 7 more words

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