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Prepare to Obsess Over the Future of Home Wifi

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Prepare to Obsess Over the Future of Home Wifi

Eero, Plume, and others want you to become connoisseurs of your own data. 1,815 more words


Syrian History Is Unfolding on WhatsApp

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Syrian History Is Unfolding on WhatsApp

Social media is offering a lifeline for fractured families — and a window into the refugee crisis. 1,906 more words


Congrats, Founder, You’re Joining the Sixers!

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Congrats, Founder, You’re Joining the Sixers!

With their abysmal on-court record, the Philadelphia 76ers have decided to pivot — to investing in startups. 2,037 more words


How Airbnb Stopped Playing Nice

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How Airbnb Stopped Playing Nice

For years, Airbnb was the friendly foil to Uber. But when the stakes got higher, it learned to fight. 2,521 more words


We Need Techies to Work for Trump

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We Need Techies to Work for Trump

When the president calls, you serve. But what if he’s Trump?

The day after Donald J. 849 more words


The Final Days of Obama's Tech Surge

The While House imported Silicon Valley’s best to transform government. Will Trump undo it all? On November 9, 2016, some members of the United States Digital Service - President Obama’s shining example of how Silicon Valley’s tech minds can make a palpable impact on government - got up early to attend a retreat at Camp David.

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Not even remotely present ...

It’s seven and a half years since I attended my first TeachMeet; at least I think it was my first. When a tweet dropped in my timeline on Thursday night announcing… 1,542 more words

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