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The 'Quasi-Celebrity' Gene Editing Pioneer

The controversial genome editing technique Crispr-Cas9 has sparked some fascinating recent deep-dives, including Backchannel’s “Editing the Software of Life, for Fame and Fortune” in June, and Wired’s July cover story “ 236 more words


Why Twitter?

I have the pleasure to share how to use Twitter with several of my principal colleagues this week as we prepare to welcome our students and staffs back to school. 137 more words


The Power of Reddit as a Public Health Advocacy Tool

Writing for Backchannel, Andrew McMillen recently profiled a woman named Tracey Helton. Helton—a former heroin addict who now works as a public health advocate—has taken to Reddit to advocate harm reduction strategies among addicts and to distribute the overdose-reversing drug naloxone. 239 more words


Backchannel and the Classroom

“Communication leads to community, that is, to understanding, intimacy and mutual valuing.” By Rollo May

A backchannel is a great way your classroom can have a digital conversation. 315 more words



I untouch you

and move headfirst into the couches

of this unholy season

I read. A lot. There are times I regret that. Say, if the person I’m seeing is looking for alone time, or when it is my night to make dinner, or when the poetry or novel I’m reading is tedious or boring. 310 more words

The Poetry Question

TodaysMeet –the basic features

TodaysMeet, https://todaysmeet.com/ is designed to be a backchannel, a kind of a chat forum behind what is going on. You can use it in a classroom e.g. 245 more words


Backchanneling in the classroom-

This post is inspired by some reading I was doing of Edna Sackson’s blog post here. Sometimes as teachers we can spend hours planning great lessons and other times those ideas that just ‘work’ literally pop into our heads at the last minute or even on the spot. 578 more words