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Backchat: In the Dark Room

Splice publishes new content on Mondays and Wednesdays, but throughout the week we bulk it out with bonus material on Facebook and Twitter. On Fridays, “Backchat” looks at the week that was and gathers up all the bonus material in one place. 447 more words

Brian Dillon

Day 384: The words Care, Obligation, and Sacred

Day 384: Care, Obligation, and Sacred

Here I continue with further Self Forgiveness statements and release of energies within how I have personally lived the word Care: and how early in my life that I have put structures into it, how I have used it in the backchat/self definition of ‘I don’t care’. 1,234 more words

Day 383: Care and Matter 3

…continuing from recent posts… in which I have been looking at how I have defined and lived the word Care, finding an entrance to the word through seeing myself within the back-chat script of ‘I don’t care’, where in an everyday distraction I enact the shrugging off – and the declaration of a definition of myself – as in who I am in ‘I don’t care’ instead of where a simple directive Stop to these distractions would have been effective. 1,912 more words

Backchat and Blogs

Some may have already seen a post I made recently on Facebook regarding a certain attitude filled response I had to a question posed to my 6-year-old boy… 411 more words