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Day 293: Meaninglessness 2: Backchat

continuing from day 291…

It was over the summer at the end of school, when all the kids I hung around with were getting their results and going off to different universities, and a comparison came up: … 724 more words

Day 278: Con

As gradually we wake ourselves and each other up and are exposed to our reality, we have seen how in so many ways there has been a con in so many systems and cultural perspectives where we have found that they are not what they seem, that there have been ulterior motives, and distortions, and there is a sense of being tricked and of being fooled, and so, not wanting to be fooled again, we remind ourselves and each other, we emphasize and point out this ‘con’ as prefixed on our words, and our attention goes to this. 801 more words

How to tell if your internship is taking advantage of you

Listen to the full show ‘Young People at Work’,  Backchat

When is an internship illegal and what do you do if you think you’re being taken advantage of? 47 more words


“Their legal bills are high, but it’s just a fraction of their profit” – Tania Voon on Philip Morris

The negotiations of the infamous TPP, i.e. the mother of all trade agreements, has been kept relatively secret from the public. In fact most of what we do know has been revealed in leaks. 164 more words


Lockout laws in disguise or a creative local solution for Newtown?

Last week, a cohort of the largest late night venues on King St and Enmore Rd publicly announced they would be trialling a self-imposed 3am lock-out. 149 more words