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Learning and Understanding

The purpose of this post is to discuss two central questions to education:

1. What is learning?

2. How do the learning processes of novices and experts differ? 797 more words

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1.2 Content Connects with Students’ Knowledge and Experience

  1. Expectations– The teacher communicates high expectations for student learning.

1.2 Communicating with Students

Teacher’s explanation of content is appropriate and connects with students’ knowledge and experience… 448 more words

The Whirlpool Galaxy Seen Through a Cosmic Lens

The Frontier Fields images, while beautiful, aren’t all that easy to comprehend to eyes outside the astronomy community. Look at them and you see streaks of light and blurry smudges mixed into a field of obvious galaxies. 517 more words

Frontier Fields

Fahrenheit 451: Censorship #1

“It was a pleasure to burn”.

That’s how Ray Bradbury opens his dystopian novel Fahrenheit 451.

Ilana, our librarian,  designed an interactive presentation to provide my ELLs with background knowledge to help them make sense of one of the central themes in Ray Bradbury’s  196 more words

Art Of Teaching

United Nations class trip: Preparation activities

Urban law schools present rich opportunities for learning outside the classroom. Our ALDA and TLP LLM students recently had a wonderful class trip to the United Nations Headquarters, located just across the East River in Manhattan. 688 more words


Leap Day

Leaping Lizards! It’s Leap Day!

You know what is tricky about Leap Day? Explaining why exactly we have a Leap Day to five year olds in a way that they will understand. 181 more words

Crazy In Kindergarten

Training and Emotion

In one of our previous posts we talked briefly about the effect of choosing a training modality that you enjoy (here). As mentioned there I want to elaborate a bit on why it makes a difference and on how you can apply it as a individual who works out or as a trainer, so the post is less about the effect of training on the emotional status but the other way round: How do emotions affect training results? 1,322 more words