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Some things about education have not changed

While I disagree with the title of a recent Huffington Post article proclaiming that “Everything is Different Now” in parenting, I do agree that many things have changed. 595 more words

K-12 Education

Prior/Background Knowledge Activation

Whenever we introduce a new topic to our students, how can we make it more likely that their brains will be receptive to the information that we are providing? 598 more words

Study All the Things: How a Translator Studies Japanese in the U.S.

So, let’s start with a disclaimer. I live in the mid-west in the United States of America; far removed from the country of Japan or even the Japanese communities of California and New York. 1,089 more words


Activate Background Knowledge

Let’s be very clear: I’m in charge of my own life. I am responsible for my own decisions. And I’ve made some bad ones.

Yet anxiety and ADHD, not to mention a poor grasp of myself and my social roles, played a leading role in many of those bad decisions, particularly the worst ones. 362 more words



Content Note: The Vagina Monologues, migraines, mood disorders, and the Evangelical church

This weekend I performed in V-Day: The Vagina Monologues. Prior to the show, the venue hosted a wine reception. 728 more words

Migraine Monday

The state of science literacy

BoingBoing posted this amazing video from QVC:

For a more detailed take down, here is Rachel Maddow:


More Than Just Jews: Socratic Seminar Discussion

By: Cameron Brown

On Thursday, December 18, our classroom engaged in a discussion known as a Socratic Seminar. These seminars involve two circles: one is key in discussion on the inside, and the outer circle listens, takes notes, and asks questions by stepping in the inner circle’s “hot seat.” 259 more words

Freshmen Class Discussion