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Anime Music Madness-HappeningBGM

Today’s song in the lineup is Happening, background music from Fushigi Yuugi, composed by Yusuke Honma

There’s a dangerousness always associated with music regarding the Seiryuu end of things, and this BGM always makes me think of when Nakago or one of the other seven were in full plotting mode, or when Yui was having doubts or questioning her friendship with Miaka. 39 more words


I need Bitter Sound Effects in my Life

As you know, I’m a long time fan of television and movies.  The thing I like about television and movies is that I don’t have to do anything.   594 more words


Background Music

My granddaughter is constantly singing while she plays. It is wonderful and brings me great joy just listening to her voice. This eavesdropping on my granddaughter reminds me that we all have songs playing in the background. 346 more words


I Have Nothing to Say. Here's Some Music.

I’m not in the mood to write, but I still feel like posting something. I guess I’ll just share some more reading and writing music. 6 more words


Animal instinct in me

The moon draws me

outta this shed

I wanna bark at her

Everyone thinks i’m ok.

But no! i’m crazy!

i wanna get into those woods, 55 more words