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Underlying The Rules Part VI: Discussion and Development

And for today it’s an answer to a question again…

So I’ve recently been reading Dave Arneson’s True Genius, and it’s really been making me think of Eclipse.

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Role Playing Game

Pixel Art - Isometric personal room (256 x 256 pixels)

Large version (1000 x 1000 pixels) 

Actual version (256 x 256 pixels) 

Build up process:

Making date: June 2017

Making time: 10 hours

Used software: Edge

Pixel Art

Excursions in Pedagogy - Retrieval Practice

As this blog develops over the next year I’d like to share various aspects of both the prep work for Peru and the time spent in-country, from culture to current events to updates on my sacred art research to vignettes about fun interactions or trips. 214 more words


State of the Union 2107

On Wednesday 13 September Jean-Claude Juncker gave his annual state of the union speech to the European Parliament. The English text of the address can be downloaded from… 984 more words


May in Florence (1)

The good things about the Prime Minister’s speech in Florence on Friday are that it appears to have the support of her party and Labour has claimed it was stolen from its own policy. 256 more words


Chocolate aroma

She stared out the window while sitting in the habitual rocking chair. She grabbed a ball of yarn in the hand and two needles. She saw those two kids playing outside in the park, a girl and a boy laughing in the swings. 323 more words



I have a new job, WIC Breastfeeding Peer Counselor. I enjoy the work, though it feels like an uphill battle. I call clients, see them in office, and do a lot of charting. 413 more words