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A Light in the Dark

Who decided the fisherman’s quota or the farmer’s choice of pesticide? “Not a lot of people know that” (as Michael Caine claims he never said) and we certainly don’t. 580 more words


Themes-11: Disdain & Contempt

The EU’s founders and current leaders hold the citizens of Europe in disdain and their elected, national governments in contempt for being elected, and therefore impermanent. 992 more words


Short Reminder

I can’t escape the colors cascading before my eyes
I get catch any sleep because I’m losing everything
The bruises on me won’t disappear
And while the tongues are wagging… 114 more words


Smolder - Chapter 4

Obst had enough time to see the assassin that had snatched his shotgun away was in a corner of the lobby, and was now looking over the shotgun like it was a polished relic. 2,318 more words

Short Stories

Qwinn in a Nutshell

Qwinn is Abi’s second DnD character, her first of which being Luca- which is a story for another time. Qwinn is a druid half-elf from Kirkwall. 559 more words


Hong Qi in a Nutshell

I’m allergic to cargo pants!

First off, Hong Qi is my second DnD character. My first of which is Kichiro, but he is a story for another time, sadly.

460 more words