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(Blog V) "....I'd pin you to the ground and force feed them to you"

So what happens after you’ve tried to poison yourself out of this world you ask…..

You get handcuffed to a wheelchair.

no, seriously.

After I told the doctor that I just wanted to make the pain go away he became fully aware of my depression or so I thought. 902 more words


On the Author

I, the “Misha” of mishamau5.wordpress.com, am a mid-twenty-something hipster millennial living in rural North Carolina instead of his native Central Florida. I was born and raised well within Walt Disney World’s circle of influence; my dad worked for their emergency services department until I was about 15 or so. 577 more words


Colours is equal to smile 😁

Width :5184,

Height :3456,

File size 📁: 4.62 MB,

Camera 📷: Canon EOS 1200D,

Flash : No flash,

Focal length : 79.0 mm,

White balance : Auto,

Aperture : 4.625,

Exposure time : 1/125,

ISO : 100


Pixel Art - Hallway of a flying airship (400 x 240 pixels)

GIF animation 

Sprite sheet 

Early versions:

Making date: March 2017

Making time: 30 hours

Used software: Edge

Pixel Art

Pinterest Inspirations, Week 30

There is a rather large board on my Pinterest account of art ideas and another with techniques. It’s a good time to tackle them. I’m hoping it will allow a challenge as well as some flexibility, maybe a bit more complexity. 179 more words


Farewell Tour

(Shared from my friend Elanor.)

Now that I’m officially moving to Ireland in a few months, it’s crunch time. Not only to pull money together, but to also connect with my friends and see them in person before I go. 68 more words


Two years of Sareta's Kitchen

Two years ago I started this humble little blog to channel my passions for food and writing.

I feel like the last twelve months have flown by and that I haven’t achieved much but then I have to stop myself and yell FIX UP (look sharp). 1,294 more words