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Latar Belakang & Tujuan

Latar Belakang

Komunikasi sangat dibutuhkan dalam proses perencanaan. Dalam menyampaikan ide atau gagasan, dibutuhkan teknik komunikasi yang jelas dan tepat agar apa yang dimaksud dapat tersampaikan dengan baik. 195 more words


Ekonomi Lokal

Pengembangan ekonomi lokal mendasari konsepnya pada pengembangan kewirausahaan lokal serta tumbuh kembangnya perusahaan-perusahaan lokal, kerja sama pemerintah lokal dengan swasta dan lembaga-lembaga lainnya dalam mengelola sumber-sumber yang potensial untuk mendorong aktivitas ekonomi. 214 more words


KPI New:Return Ratio

One of the KPIs (key performance indicators) mentioned above is the ratio of Return to New patients. While it is named New:Return ratio in the KPI metadata, the ratio reported is the ratio between Return and New patients. 486 more words


Prevent Apps from Running in the Background on Android [QuickFix]

Android has a hidden setting you didn’t know about.

You can prevent any app from running in the background, but you need to connect your phone to a computer to enable it. 149 more words


Euro Sloth

At the last election the main parties offered election manifesto promises to respect the Referendum vote but the wreckers, thinking only one move ahead, are determined that we don’t leave or only pretend to leave, with a Brexit so soft that it is meaningless. 676 more words


Year 19

Last year, on my 18th birthday I started a journal (handwritten). The goal was to write an entry every day as well as include a “Song of the Day”. 364 more words


ADFS New sign-in experience added

Also known as “Centered UI”, or “Center Branded”, or “Azure AD UX”. I like to call it “Center Branded UX”.

You might have noticed that Microsoft’s online services have started offering the sign-in pages with a new UI, even when you still see the “old” ui: 531 more words

Windows 2012 R2