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True Hollywood Bible Story: David & Goliath [EXCLUSIVE]

David was walking around and could hear a giant talking. It was Goliath and he taunted the people of the town. He was ready for someone to challenge him and David believed he could take him. 209 more words

Get Up!

Blog Hop: What I Didn’t Know I Didn’t Know

Big thanks for Olivia for some blogspiration. She recently posted this topic on her blog, and I just had to tackle the idea!

Apparently, I am having a bit of a throwback week this week. 618 more words


Unspoken memories from childhood

I mentioned in a previous post about my conservative upbringing. Not only were we not demonstrative in our affections, my family members were not very communicative about our emotions either. 841 more words



Sekolah Seni Sastra Uduri (SESESARI-SSSU) adalah lembaga yang memberikan layanan pengembangan kecerdasan verbal sesuai dengan minat setiap siswa. SSSU berdiri pada tanggal 26 Juni 2012. Adanya minat dan keinteletualan yang dimiliki oleh mahasiswa sehingga diperlukannya sebuah lembaga yang dapat meningkatkan potensi itu.  162 more words


The ME - as the public sees it

Before I go into a brief description of the public ME, I’d like to qualify that I am by no means misrepresenting myself. The public ME is a very genuine part of me. 587 more words


Introducing my alter ego - the other ME

I have a secret. In fact, many secrets! Secrets that would somewhat shock my somewhat conservative family and friends. So many that together,  they form an entire new person that is quite different from ME but at the same time, still ME. 284 more words