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Learning to be Flexible about Work

Hello again dear Readers! I want to talk to you about being a felon and finding work. If I’ve learned anything over the past ten years of having a record tied to my name, it’s that being flexible about the kind of work I’m available for, is the best way to keep the income coming in. 752 more words

About Owls: Fun Fact No. 15

Wow, big apologies for slacking off on my monthly owl facts series. The last one was posted back in February so I am very sorry for neglecting these fun installments. 90 more words



This is my current favourite article. It clearly explains this whole phenomena of “Yogic Transmission” that Heartfulness offers.


As science-fictiony as it may sounds, it makes perfect sense. 25 more words

Wind will Blow you Away

The use of wind energy dates back as early as 500B.C. to help the Persians pump water and grind grain. Around 1000 A.D., Europeans started to use a wind technology to help drain lakes and rivers in marshy lands. 702 more words



Kenapa? kenapa harus ngopi? dan kenapa juga harus di Depok? berikut beberapa alasan kenapa kita harus ngopi di Depok.

Kenapa Depok?
Depok sebagai daerah penyangga Ibukota telah berkembang sangat pesat beberapa tahun belakangan ini. 433 more words


From business to beauty

Once I had finished my business course, I still didn’t know what I wanted to do within the industry so I decided to take a year out until I made up my mind. 205 more words