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Wireless backhaul in the 5G era

Facing challenges wireless backhaul as the mobile industry evolves towards 5G

The future of mobile technology is gaining steady momentum with “5G” targeted for early commercial deployment by 2020. 1,340 more words


Mobile backhaul performance and the challenge of 5G, convergent technologies

InfoVista looks at mobile backhaul performance challenges

Mobile backhaul is already a massive challenge for mobile network operators today, as the demand for coverage and capacity that can handle data has exploded at a breakneck pace over the past several years. 1,252 more words


What is WiMAX?

WiMAX in a simple sentence is a scaleable wireless platform for constructing alternative and complementary broadband networks. WiMAX (Worldwide Interoperability for Microwave Access) is a family of wireless communications standards initially designed to provide 30 to 40 megabit-per-second data rates, with the 2011 update providing up to 1 Gbit/s for fixed stations. 83 more words


What is Backhaul?

Backhaul refers both to the connection from the access point back to the base station and to the connection from the base station to the core network. 78 more words


AfricaCom Demos! Come See the All-outdoor Microwave Router

Aviat Networks is going to AfricaCom, Nov. 17-19! Come see our exciting new all-outdoor microwave router, the CTR 8380. Sign up to get an exclusive show demo!  19 more words

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What is LTE UE Backhaul?

What is LTE UE backhaul? It is backhaul that uses the carrier’s spectrum, just like the UE, User Equipment, you smartphone. If you have ever used a carrier’s Wi-Fi hotspot then chances are you have used a device similar to this. 1,279 more words


Case for IP/MPLS Routers at the Small Cell…but not Just any Router!

With the goal of a hyper-meshed 5G street level network, clearly today’s small cell deployments represent just an interim phase in a progressive network densification—pushing the network outward. 464 more words