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Hello, Fall!

I love the backlighting from the sun, and need to practice this more. I also love Ash’s pose.

The brightness of the sun can wash things out. 49 more words


DreamScreen – LED Backlighting for any TV With HDMI

Most TVs of today would probably have one or two HDMI ports, and if you re television set has one but has unsatisfactory brightness levels, then perhaps you might want to Read more

When I was Younger and Trying Things With Film

In October 1978 I embarked on a week-long swing through New England. None of the places that I visited I had ever seen before.

Given how young I was, it is remarkable that I did what I did. 303 more words



Fuji X-Pro 2 and XF 18-55 R LM OIS Lens – 1/500 @ f/4 – ISO 400


Backlit Monarch

The sun was shining through the wings of this Monarch butterfly (Danaus plexippus) from behind, making the butterfly glow like a stained glass window on Friday at… 9 more words


The Psychedelic Afterglow

I hid out in the world below
Just in case you’d like to know
It’s cool down here
and more than fair
To say I’m in another sphere… 13 more words