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Backlog Grooming Sessions


Pretty sure everyone is familiar with this buzzword these days. Our company and team is no different in this regard. We’re lucky that management is open for this and actually encourages us to become more agile in order to keep up with a fast changing market and its requirements. 341 more words


Appreciating Video Games for the Sake of Appreciating Video Games

I love video games.  That’s part of the reason why I play so many games, as I attempt to experience every story, gameplay mechanic, and innovation that comes out.  1,065 more words


Off the Backlog - Mad Max

I feel I should preface this by pointing out I’ve never watched any of the Mad Max films before; if then this game is intended as an introduction to the franchise, as an entry point for newcomers like me in the hopes that we play it, get invested in the setting and then feverishly go out and buy the films, then mission accomplished! 1,294 more words


Friday 1/12/18 List

Yes, it’s Sunday. Yes, I’m behind.

Yes. I have a cold — if your well-being depends upon my doing everything on time, you’re doomed to disappointment. 49 more words

Making Home

January 2018 Visa Bulletin and Update from Charlie Oppenheim

There have been some movements on the immigrant visa front, and some setbacks. Below is an update on where things are and where they may be going. 407 more words


Indicators To Watch For 2018 Construction Spending?

I’ve read several articles recently describing, Why 2018 could be a boom year for construction spending. Several reasons being given to support a potential boom, when we look a little deeper, actually may not be good indicators at all to predict the trend for a strong year in 2018. 652 more words


Reading goals for 2018

Happy New Year! It’s January: time for new year’s resolutions and goals. My reading goal on GoodReads has been set (to a reasonable number for me, as always), but that’s definitely not my only goal of the year! 636 more words