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Audit: State Buildings Not Maintained Due to Poor Funding

COLUMBIA, Mo. (AP) – There’s a nearly $600 million backlog of deferred maintenance on state buildings because of inadequate funding, Missouri Auditor Nicole Galloway said Thursday. 234 more words


Hands-On : Titanfall 2 Tech Test

Prepare For Titanfall…2

Titanfall always seemed like a very interesting premise to me. However, having the original game being an Xbox exclusive, multi-player only game was a deal-breaker for me (I didn’t have an Xbox at the time of release, but I also don’t have an Xbox Live membership). 703 more words

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The Lowbrow: Americana Burger

The Lowbrow
4244 Nicollet Ave
Minneapolis, MN

Recently I was back in Minnesota to visit my parents for a weekend. I had finished my first full week at my new job, and I wanted to get away from Madison for at least a little bit. 307 more words


Weekending 8/13/16 Super Adventure Island

  • Introduction

This was the 2nd SNES title I got when I got my Super Nintendo when I was a child. I really wanted this game and my Uncle Pete had bought it for me as a birthday gift. 422 more words


Weekending 8/6/16 The Haunting (Genesis)

  • Introduction:

When I first heard of this game was when I was in my late teens, Roger had told me about it when I had figured out how to work emulators and download roms. 950 more words


Now Completed: The Piano Man's Daughter

 Timothy Findley: The Piano Man’s Daughter.


This one actually hovers somewhere between 4-stars and 5-stars as it flirts with greatness in spite of some missteps along the way. 151 more words

Literary Fiction


Hello readers!

I hope you are well.

This blog is a little over a year behind. It will take some time for me to catch up with current events. 61 more words