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Welcome to Final Fantasy, Three of your Party Members are Probably Already Dead

As much as I love playing Final Fantasy 14, I’ve never actually played any of the other Final Fantasy’s. Final Fantasy 7 in particular is one of those games I’ve never played but everyone I talk to has much like Zelda games. 633 more words


Outlaws To The End

Warning : This review will contain spoilers. Why anyone would read a review for a six-year-old game they haven’t played yet is beyond me, but I’d be giving people on the Internet too much credit if I didn’t include a disclaimer. 2,098 more words

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Operation: Crisis Management

Once in awhile, you will find yourself in a tangle.

If you are reading this, then maybe you’re in the middle of one right now. Or maybe you’re reading this because you’re hoping to have the information in case you run into trouble one day. 898 more words


Finding the right balance between Agile Development and UX Development

Finding the perfect combo. Some stuff just goes well with each other. Peanut butter and jelly, pizza and beer, Batman and Robin, we can go on and on. 963 more words


2016-10-12 Blogging Pace Variables

Blogging consists of the intersection of several variables for me. When these variables change in one direction or another, it can mean huge differences in my blog workflow for a while. 900 more words

Words On Wednesday

The Tyranny of Too Many Games

Like probably everyone reading this blog, I struggle to keep up with all of the new game releases. And in recent years, I’ve found it harder and harder to keep on top of even a fraction of the great games that are coming out. 106 more words

Video Games

Attacking My Steam Library, This Time With Feeling!

I’m going to imagine that there aren’t many Steam users out there who haven’t amassed a significant library of games. I know I have. With a Steam library that’s currently pushing 100 (tiny, compared to some, I bet) and a dearth of new games to play (HA! 986 more words