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Turns Out Pergola Is Not Just a Made Up Word

Well, we made it back from vacation, barely. Overall we had a very good time spent with a lot of family… seriously; we saw a lot of family while in Atlanta. 771 more words


Asylum Backlog: What You Can Do While Waiting For Your Asylum Interview or Hearing

If you are one of the 82,175 asylum seekers in America waiting years for an asylum interview, or one of the 445,607 waiting years for an immigration court hearing, you may be wondering how can you can best use this time to prepare yourself for your interview or hearing (and avoid going crazy). 759 more words


Yamaga Toro Festival -山鹿灯籠祭-

This is a photo roundup of the Yamaga Toro Matsuri, an Obon festival held in August every year by the city of Yamaga in Kumamoto Prefecture. 161 more words


The Race to the Bottom

I wrote not too long ago about the problem of game supply. There is so much to play out there, for many of us it would need to be a full-time job just to keep up. 303 more words


Task force: 51% of rape kits tested

MEMPHIS, Tenn. — The Sexual Assault Kit Taskforce reported on Tuesday that 51% of the untested rape kits in the city have been analyzed or sent to the lab. 457 more words


Using Scrum on our Trip to Barcelona

My partner Mel and me went on a short trip to Barcelona. We created a backlog with things to do, used backlog refinement and 1-day sprints to manage ourselves in the 3,5 days there. 640 more words