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Games 5 and 6: Tengami and Where is My Heart?

I haven’t done this in a while. July has been a crazy month for me in my non gaming life. Between going on vacation and taking on some more responsibilities at work  there hasn’t been a whole lot of time to work on my backlog. 660 more words


Out with the Old and In With the Older...and Older


I tried, I really tried to get another 5,000 blocks placed in trove this weekend but my heart just wasn’t in it. As the two week long anniversary event drew to a close so did my interest in doing anything in the game. 746 more words


Sonic the Hedgehog

I have a large soft spot for old school platformers. They were one of my favorite genres when I was growing up and I will still play a good 2D sidescroller anyday. 1,141 more words


New Backlog Rules

I think most people who deliberately dedicate any significant income to video games at this point has a backlog, whether it’s just a dozen PlayStation games or 2000 games on Steam. 738 more words


Weekending 7/16/16: Sonic 3 and Knuckles

  • Introduction:

Well look at this, Sonic 3 with Sonic and knuckles attached to it. Does this count as one game? or 2 games? Well I’m going to check it off the list as 2 games but like so people don’t know or refuse to believe when you attach Sonic 3 to Sonic and Knuckles is the original full game of Sonic 3. 1,234 more words


Golden Axe

The late 80’s were a time in which arcades were king. Home consoles, while popular at the time, did not have the same strength as an arcade cabinet. 1,160 more words


Great stories with a Happy Ending

As you will be aware all managerial objectives have to be definable as a short story. Each story is broken down into a series of tasks. 145 more words