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The Digital Abyss

I remembered yesterday, with Nintendo updating their eShop, that there were a fair number of download games I hadn’t fully played yet. It’s hard for me to remember all of the ones that are there, being so cartridge-based and all. 199 more words


Tackling the 3DS Backlog

About a month ago, I closed on my first house. This house was move-in ready, but needed modernizing. It has consumed my nights and all my weekends, my PS4 has turned into a Netflix/WWE Network box thanks to House of Cards, Unbreakable Kimmie Schmidt, Daredevil, and NXT, with the only actual gaming on it I have gotten in was completing Episode 2 of Tales from the Borderlands and Episode 3 of Game of Thrones. 656 more words

Video Games

Backlog Monday

Date stamp: Monday April 13, 2015

hey, it’s my start of the week for me. However, I’m feeling draggy and unmotivated to finish this blogging. I’m using a different line of BIC pens, and it is nice and bleedy, just like the way I like it. 35 more words

Backlog Friday

Date stamp: Friday April 10, 2015

Yeah, I’m behind again, but I partially don’t care. I had more important things to do today. Sorry, but my happenings of today are too private for this forum. 46 more words

notification weirdness

I’m not sure why, but my email has just gotten a bunch of WordPress notifications that range over the last four days. I’m hoping I haven’t missed anything in my commenting and replies, but it’s possible. 49 more words


My Easter Traditions

Date stamp: Friday April 3, 2015

Hey, happy Good Friday everyone. I’m behind this week, but oh well, that’s life. I will find time for catchup. 225 more words

Catching up

Date stamp: Sunday March 29, 2015

Hmm, what shall I write about in this backlog? I am about five days behind, letting life get in the way. 67 more words