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Backlog Review Journal #3 - The Beginner's Guide

Interesting Story, Simple Game

The Beginner’s Guide is a compelling story about game development and mental wellness told through a series of Source engine maps with a voice narration made by some of the team behind The Stanley Parable. 132 more words


Siralim 2-PC/ Mobile Cross Saves

A few weeks ago I picked up a game called Sirlaim 2. I had gotten the first Siralim during the steam summer sale and proceeded to play it for hours on end. 407 more words


Back to the Backlog One Game at a Time

I haven’t actually beaten a game in a few months. I think the last game I’ve played all the way through was Tengami in June. Part of the reason is it was a busy summer and the other part is that I can never seem to stick with a game very long. 310 more words


When the baking began

If I’m going to chart my baking education from now on, I think it’s only right to provide a bit of background, so please excuse the following influx of photography. 388 more words


Now Completed: What is Not Yours is Not Yours

 Helen Oyeyemi: What is Not Yours is Not Yours.


I’ve loved the Helen Oyeyemi novels I’ve read and there was a good buzz surrounding this collection of stories so my expectations may have been too high. 87 more words

Literary Fiction

The Life Of A Gamer: 5 Reasons Your Gaming Backlog Is A Good Thing

If you consider video games an important part of your life, chances are, you have some sort of backlog: a catalog of video games that you’ve bought that you either don’t have the time or inclination to beat, or many times, even play. 117 more words

Video Games

To Hell with Backlogs

We all know that looming in the darkness, waiting to rear its head whenever we feel like we are making progress, is the dreaded enemy and taskmaster of anyone who seriously plays games. 581 more words