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Backlog Blitz: August 2017

Well here we are, finally getting round to putting out the first real post of the month (bloody hell); I know that we have been awful with our posts these last two months but we are putting things into place that will keep us (and of course you guys) right for the rest of the year! 871 more words


Lost and Found

Brendan Starr is one of our graduate assistants in Special Collections this year.  He holds a B.A. in History from Georgia College and is now a second year student in the department’s masters program. 663 more words

Milledgeville (Ga.)

Why XCOM embodies the anxieties of modern gamers

I’ve been playing through XCOM: Enemy Within recently, and I’ve been struck by just how closely it resembles the sense of anxiety that pervades gaming in the modern era. 708 more words

Video Games

I Need to Play Some More Games...

I love me some board games and have a large collection. It is not as large as many people but having 100+ games is nothing to snicker at. 181 more words




오늘은 빵이랑 용마랜드 갔어요. 너무 힘든 길이 걷고 도착한 곳이었어요. 이 곳이 옛날 유명한 놀이공원이었는데 다른 놀이공원 (**월드하고 **랜드)때문에 지금 페지되었어요. 아무튼 우리 갔는데 사람 생각보다 많았어요.

a day when all of this is done

I think I’m exhausted. Right now, I have a backlog of work that’s piling up and a whole lot of work ahead of me with regards to the classes I’m going to be teaching. 399 more words