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Oh dear, we have to stop seeing each other..

Here’s a thing that’s going through my mind as a gamer once and a while and I’m sure fellow ‘holy’ hobbiests can confirm similar thoughts: “Boy, my backlog is beyond huge now, but I will have shitloads to play when I’m in old.” Well if you are like me, here’s me sounding like a douchebag: “You don’t”. 1,509 more words

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Who Should you Share your Backlog With?

I mentioned last week that I’d been to an interesting meeting discussing (and challenging) a few of the Scrum ideas. One of the questions we asked was about Backlog Visibility. 285 more words


Gaming Backlog

Like several people I know, I have an incredible backlog of games that need playing. I can come up with multiple excuses as to why I have not gotten around to playing them, but the simple fact is that I have stockpiled a load of games. 294 more words


Building up your store POS System: The Agile Approach

Since I often advocate for an Agile approach with POS System optimization clients, I find myself explaining what the Agile methodology is, and why it is optimal for retailers. 947 more words


Discover how Kanban is helping us to get ready to leave

A  year ago, my first agile coach (Christophe) told me about the benefits of the Kanban (in lean framework) for software development. Christophe who (just like me) has a passion for agile methodologies (and their benefits!), is always keen on sharing good information about agile frameworks. 917 more words


Honolulu prosecutors office requests money for court case backlog

The Honolulu prosecutors office hears tens of thousands of cases each year.

It’s looking for help to clear some of the backlog.

According to the prosecutor’s budget report, they had to deal with more than 21,000 citations for park rules violations, between 2014 and 2016. 35 more words