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What's Next? 12/8/2016

Now that I’m finally finished with Uncharted 2-4, it’s time to move on to other games in my backlog. I might not do reviews on all of them, simply because of the sheer volume of them all (Over 360 games on Steam and many more in GOG). 155 more words

Video Games/Vidya

New Favorite Travel Logger: Travel Story.

As I have sated a fair amount recently, I’m traveling very rarely right now (though there are a few plans in the works); instead, I’ve been getting organized. 531 more words


Backlogged: Titanfall 2

The last time I thought to myself “you know what I need in my life right now, a multiplayer fps” was in 2007 when Call of Duty: Modern Warfare… 885 more words


Dealing with a Backlog

For as long as I can remember, I have had a backlog of to do items that never seem to get done. Every now and then, I have a burst of motivation and attack these items. 485 more words


India and China heading towards EB-1 Backlogs - November Check-In With Charlie Oppenheim on Visa Availability

The American Immigration Lawyer’s Association recently met with Charlie Oppenheim of the Department of State about the upcoming year and what the trends look like in terms of immigrant visa availability.   445 more words


What I'm Playing, part 8

I didn’t really finish too many games this year, but I did play a lot.

As far as games that I played to completion that were released in 2016, this list goes: … 4,169 more words


Absolute Drift

Absolute Drift is a cool little game, looks great and is fun in short bursts. It just doesn’t have enough to keep me playing for very long, that and I just couldn’t get the drifting down which I guess is rather important… anyway. 44 more words