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Day 13 - The Crescendo of Suck

Last night was the usual fair of me tossing and turning and shivering, with the added bonus of the wind beating up my tent every so often.  2,446 more words

Pacific Crest Trail

Day 12 - Yeah, I'm still tired

Despite the awesome location, I still didn’t sleep well.  Who could with a broken sleeping pad?  I’m in an ever-changing state of being warm then being cold and uncomfortable, I only sleep for 30 minutes at a time throughout each night.  2,852 more words

Pacific Crest Trail

Good choices/bad choices? The art of serendipity, and Northern Argentine towns

Travelling’s all about making choices. Some turn out for the good, some for the bad. It’s rarely a matter of life and death. I really need to remember this when the… 2,182 more words

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Day 11 - Warner Springs and Beyond

Another night went by without sleep.  Apparently the air around Barrel Springs where I camped is special air that turns into ice at night.  Given that I had no real insulation between me and the ground, that didn’t turn out to create a very good night.  2,058 more words

Pacific Crest Trail

Day 10 - Well Then..

Last night was not fun.  I got into my tent and fell asleep pretty quickly until I woke up to the sound of voices from the trail. 1,360 more words

Pacific Crest Trail

Day 9 - My Sweet Dusty Home

Day 8 was spent tooling around town, not much to say about it really.  I didn’t take notes so I don’t remember much about it, whoops. 1,277 more words

Pacific Crest Trail

Let's just call Mount San Jacinto "Caradhras"

Spoiler alert: unfortunately, this post ends with me leaving the trail. Not permanently, I hope, but likely for the next month or so.

And, back to the narrative! 1,059 more words