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Three Days on Mount Jefferson

Around 11 years ago, in the summer before my 8th grade year, my dad looked at his map of the Jefferson Wilderness Area and pointed thoughtfully at one of the trails. 940 more words


Add 20 Years to Your Life

I often wonder if zombies can breathe under water. Being undead could be a pretty interesting superpower, minus the whole rotting body, attacking humans thing. I used to think that, given the option of any superpower, I’d choose flight or invisibility. 569 more words


A Vacation State

As Fire Ant, Braids, Miguel, and I make our way through Oregon, we tend to have the same conversation with fellow hikers at every spring and shady lunch spot we find. 314 more words



(March 2015)

Time for another backpacking weekend and another two Quality Mountain Days. I had a long planned trip to Ennerdale in the North-Western Lake District in mind, part of the area I’d not visited before. 599 more words


Rolling Fox Tarp Shelter Review

I’ve been using tents pretty much exclusively for my backpacking outings. I’ve never been opposed to using a tarp shelter, but tents are just so easy to setup and many tarps can be just as expensive as a decent tent. 1,253 more words


Red Rock Canyon, Las Vegas - Day 2


(continued from) I woke up early and moved around the campground to click some snaps. I was reminded of where on earth I was at that moment, with my family living across the ocean having no idea what I was up to. 387 more words


The North Olympic Coast

I entered into the planning for this year’s backpacking trip with friends with some trepidation. They wanted to do a coastal trip and we have always talked about venturing into the Olympic peninsula so why not put together a 5 day trip along the coast. 872 more words