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Surprise Surprise

Apparently I don’t have to go to work until July 5th, so that leaves me with a bit of time.  Naturally my first thought was to go backpacking, so I looked around, and first settled on an 86 mile hike, but there’s a section where the trail hits the pavement through a canyon with no shoulder, to then meet up with a wilderness area closed to the public.  322 more words


6/20/17 - On the Move Again

Day: 58
Miles: 1,328.85 to 1,332.22

Total miles hiked: 748.37
Many things could have gone wrong today, or at least not smoothly, but they haven’t. Driver from Rancheria Transport picked us up at 10:30 a.m., just as the company promised and we spent an hour and a half in the comfort of the air conditioned van making our way to Susanville. 431 more words


6/19/17 - Playing Catch Up

Day 57
Miles 0
Sage Stage bus company opened at 8:00 a.m. Dave was on the phone with them few minutes later, checking the status of reservation I submitted for the Susanville bus on Saturday. 200 more words


6/18/17 - The Long Way to Reno

Day 56
Miles: 0
“We can get a ride to Bishop,” Dave said. “Maybe all the way to Reno. I’m going to find out details.” 918 more words


6/17/17 - Headaches

Day 55
Miles 0
I mentioned once before that there is not much rest to be had during rest days. Lone Pine turned out to be our busiest zero day yet. 516 more words


6/16/17 - So Long Sierra

Day 54

Miles: 735.27 to 745

The sun rose above the horizon and colored our morning with red hues. The alpenglow was especially beautiful on the rugged bark of surrounding trees and the rocks looked lovely basking in the warm light as well. 423 more words


6/14/17 - The Lovely Sound of Water

Day 52
Miles: 702 to 719
We walked out of Kennedy Meadows and officially left the desert behind. The scenery changed, instead of expanses of dry dirt we walked through meadows, and there were forests in between. 386 more words