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Hydroflask'n around Europe. {GIVEAWAY}

Every time we go on a trip we very quickly regret not bringing a water bottle.  Even when we go on cruises we regret not bringing one for when we are off the boat!   437 more words

A Fondue Tradition

I don’t know when we started it, but every year my daughter Mackenzie and I go out for fondue for Mother’s Day. Not only is it totally indulgent but it typically sparks some great girl talk and general silliness. 772 more words


"Parthenon, Pantheon? Whatever it is" DAY 8

We started the morning by searching the city for a place that still had spanakopita.  It was like 10 AM and pretty much every place was sold out!   826 more words

"Please Don't Erupt, Please Don't Erupt" DAY 4

We woke up exhausted.  So we slept in.  I mean all we had to do that morning was go to Mt. Vesuvius and then catch our train back to Rome.   1,390 more words

6 Tips for Choosing a Hostel

While you might’ve heard some horror stories about hostels, if you choose the right one, then you can certainly get much more out of it than you would by staying in a hotel. 710 more words

Mikala Whitaker

Solo Adventure - Florence

I had joined a Europe tour with a group of my childhood friends. It was an express tour in which we would stay in one city for a day or two at most before traveling on a coach (or ferry) to our next destination, our next hostel. 318 more words

Europe Travels

15+ excellent travel apps and websites for finding cheap alternatives to flying in Europe

Maybe you have fear of flying, or maybe you want to go somewhere in Europe that’s not near a huge airport. If you plan on visiting… 1,141 more words