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Love/Hate Relationship with Myself

Over at strongcoffey.com, Kelly talks about loving yourself a lot.  As in, you can’t permanently lose weight if you don’t love yourself.

I get that.  I mean, I really do.   1,927 more words

Time to start living

I’ve made some big decisions since my last blog entry. I’m looking forward to these changes, and adventures.

I’m putting my stuff in storage the end of this month, and then I’m going to travel. 298 more words

Can you travel Europe for less than the cost of an interrail pass?

So this summer we have decided that we should stay in Europe. As Sam is a teacher we are limited as to when we can go away and when it’s summer in Europe we decided it would be silly to spend every summer in the Southern Hemisphere. 199 more words


Whilst I am on a roll I will tell you about one of the best cities I have visited, Budapest. I first visited in 2009 when I hitchhiked from Sheffield to Budapest, but that story is for another time. 247 more words

Lost in Translation: the tram edition

Language can be a funny thing can’t it. How do two people who have no common language communicate? How does that attempt to communicate change over generations of people? 424 more words


Backpacking in Europe

Sorry, no tutorial today. I have been super busy, and my only good camera broke. :( So, if you have any recommendations for a good camera for taking photos of makeup please leave in the comments. 273 more words