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📍Ljubljana, Slovenia

Pronounced “Lyoo-blyah-nah” (yes, it’s tricky at first sight) was one of the hidden gems that I never expected. It utterly took my breath away and is one of the cities I genuinely wish I had more time in. 627 more words



In preparation for my visit to Buda, I thought it’d be a good idea to watch The Grand Budapest Hotel because I thought it would give me a glimpse to what the city would be like and what I was getting myself into. 737 more words



What can I say about Prague when my breath has been taken awaaaaay. The second I landed into Prague, I was in absolute awe over the city. 616 more words


Greeced Lightning

OPA! Upsettingly, said no one ever in Greece. The Sisterhood of the Traveling Platypus Water Pack made our way to Santorini, where the blue roofs and white walls stole both mine and Macklemore’s hearts. 162 more words

Travel shouldn't be a Luxury.

Traveling should be raw, it should be hard, it should be a lot of waiting around, it should  losing your underwear in a hostel.

When I hear that someone hasn’t even gone to Canada, I’m shocked, because traveling is something we can do.

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Tips for Backpacking Through Europe

Kristin Kinkel attended Hawaii Pacific University on a full cheerleading scholarship, graduating in 1999. She continued cheerleading professionally after college, which enabled her to travel extensively throughout the United States. 204 more words

Kristin Kinkel

Backpacking through Greece without looking like it

Two years ago today I began one of my biggest packing challenges ever: How to fit two weeks of clothing into a backpack that I would carry through Greece. 390 more words