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Halfway through!!!

Soon I’ll be posting some pictures and a full runthrough of what I’ve been up to on the first half of this trip! But I wanted to do a quick post thanking everyone who’s been reading this and everyone who’s supporting me in every way! 173 more words

A Little Bit of Rambling and Homesickness

I think the hardest part of this trip hasn’t been being alone or away from home although both those things are hard. It’s been falling in love with a city or the people and then after a few days having to leave again. 466 more words


A Welcome and A Plan

First welcome to my blog. This site is going to be used to update everyone back home while I’m on my trip through Europe.

This summer I’m spending 2 months from June 12th, this Friday, through Wednesday August 12th backpacking through Europe. 168 more words

Sometimes Life is a Movie 

All of us see a movie or television show that we want to replicate in real life or find certain inspiration from. One of those movies for me was a favorite of mine in high school… A Walk to Remember. 245 more words


5 (+1) Ways to Find Cheap Flights to Europe

Yesterday I finalized the last of my flights for the tours I’m leading in the fall and was super stoked to see the final total! I know there are all sorts of recommendations out there for finding cheap flights, but it seems that many of them require you to be super flexible with time and destination, sometimes travelling at the last minute. 1,130 more words

Backpacking Through Europe

Backpacking through Europe: Spring 2016

Hey fellow adventurers! I know that it’s still roughly a year away, but I’ve been thinking about where I want to take you in the spring of 2016. 371 more words

European Destinations

Connecting Women Through Travel

Hey ladies! This one’s just for you. I genuinely want your input and insight on an idea. As many of you know, I recently launched my business, Backpack Europe Adventures. 861 more words