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Written in the Fargo airport

My wardrobe for the next six months is crammed into shoes and wedged between phrasebooks. My toiletries are wrapped in Ziploc bags. My boarding pass is tucked between the pages of my journal. 485 more words


Carrying Money, ATM Withdrawals, and International Fees

Money. Fact of life- it’s helpful. Not necessary if you’re any good at mimicking Yogi Bear, but you still need to pay for Visa fees, for hostels if you stay there, flights to and from your home country, and more. 165 more words

Europe, 3,999 Miles

Ireland/Northern Ireland (537) No visa required for 90 days

  • Dublin
  • Wicklow Mountians National Park
  • Killarney National Park
  • Limerick
  • Giants Causeway
  • Belfast

A ferry from Belfast to Isle of Man: 30.00$ 185 more words


New Layout

I updated the layout, title, added a new page: The Bucket.

The Bucket is a list of all the key places,such as countries and areas in that country, as well as mileage for each nationality. 32 more words


Halfway through!!!

Soon I’ll be posting some pictures and a full runthrough of what I’ve been up to on the first half of this trip! But I wanted to do a quick post thanking everyone who’s been reading this and everyone who’s supporting me in every way! 173 more words

A Little Bit of Rambling and Homesickness

I think the hardest part of this trip hasn’t been being alone or away from home although both those things are hard. It’s been falling in love with a city or the people and then after a few days having to leave again. 466 more words


A Welcome and A Plan

First welcome to my blog. This site is going to be used to update everyone back home while I’m on my trip through Europe.

This summer I’m spending 2 months from June 12th, this Friday, through Wednesday August 12th backpacking through Europe. 168 more words