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It can't be just me...right ?

As some of you may know by now, since I’ve been back home I’ve started to write about my past travels, thoughts and how I see things when traveling. 1,269 more words


Spotlight on: Vietnam Backpackers Hostel (Vietnam, 2015)

In this new series ‘Spotlight on …’ I will talk a little more in depth about a hostel, a restaurant, an activity etc. that has been important to be during my two trips. 407 more words


La Residencia Al Mar Hotel : A cozy home away from home

Home is not a place… It’s a feeling!

Filipinos love good festival. We tend to visit places during the festivities to witness the rich culture the place has to offer.

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Backpacking tips and tricks

This summer I went on my first backpacking holiday, and spent two weeks backpacking around Italy. Before I went I read up on everything and thought I was really prepared, but not as much as I probably should have been. 536 more words

Market city

I awoke to my girlfriend looking at elephants.
“Lets see some elephants” She said
“Aren’t you already looking at some?”
“c’mon get real, they have elephant tours here” 1,246 more words

Preview Singkat "Pendakian" ke Tateyama :)

Tepat seminggu yang lalu, jam segini, saya dan dua teman yang berangkat bareng dari Tokyo sedang kedinginan di dalam tenda yang kami dirikan di tempat kamping Raichouzawa di ketinggian 2,300 mdpl di kawasan pegunungan Tateyama di Provinsi Toyama! 369 more words


Getting to Myanmar


So even tho north Lao and Myanmar boarders touch apparently currently there is no land crossing. I therefore decided to fly from Vientiene, I looked at prices online and found several dates for £70 but didn’t book as I wasn’t sure when I would be ready to leave Lao. 364 more words