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El Tunco, or the one where it's mainly just pictures of the sunset

24th-26th November 2015
Just a quick one so this stays up to date as we rocket through countries

The travel plan we had vaguely come up with was from Antigua in Guatemala straight to Leon in Nicaragua, skipping over any stops in neighbouring El Salvador or Honduras. 489 more words


It's not very sunny on the Sunshine Coast

Well at least in wasn’t on the one full day we had in Noosa. We came to Australia at this time of year thinking it would be constant sunshine every day, but it’s been surprisingly stormy! 468 more words


Vietnam: Ha Long Bay

And so second time round, we were successful in joining the three day two night boat trip to Ha Long Bay. We were the first of our group to be picked up at around 8.30am by the mini van and it was a good job too as we ended up having to squeeze in 26 of us, plus all of our luggage for the three and a half hour journey to the port. 1,874 more words


China 2015 (part X)

Ganzi (Garze), Sichuan:

The public minibus brought us from Yushu in Qinghai (~3,700 m) to the mid-sized town Ganzi in Sichuan (~3,400 m). However, we wanted to see something from the countryside before visiting the bustling city and took a taxi to Beri Gompa approximately 10 km towards the west. 635 more words



This was a beautiful small town at the entrance point to the Colca Canyon.  Truly wonderful, and absolutely full of French people.

South America 2015

The most famous Indonesian dish of them all

I included Nasi Goreng in my article on the best fried rice dishes from across the world, but seeing as the dish is so simple, why do Indonesians love it so much? 357 more words


Potentially Deadly Assassin Bug In Los Padres Forest

Various triatomine bugs in all life stages. (Credit: Centers for Disease Control and Prevention)

Recent news reports echoing across the Internet tell of the so-called assassin bug having now been found in at least 28 states. 446 more words