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Hitchhiking Scotland - it doesn’t always work

Hitchhiking. I always wanted to try it. Well I did it couple of times when there wasn´t any other option get to the place but those were just short distances. 774 more words


Yosemite National Park

  • We drove from San Bruno to our first stop, Hodgdon Meadow campground, in the worst rain I’ve driven in. It was definitely in at the deep end for the campervan chapter. 296 more words
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    Yellowstone National Park

    I’ve been avoiding this blog for a while now. It’s hard to put into words our experiences over a week in Yellowstone and Grand Teton National Parks. 690 more words


    EcoSwell - What they do.

    EcoSwell is the amazing charity I will be joining in Lobitos. In their own words:

    ‘We  are a not-for-profit NGO whose mission is to design and develop socio-environmental, educational and infrastructure projects with the purpose of guiding the development of rural/semi-rural localities through the path of a sustainable development, increasing the quality of life of their inhabitants.’ 262 more words


    Armenia: The Deep Gorge Of Dsoraget And Lori Berd Fortress

    The Gorge of Dsoraget partially looks like if a giant would have cut into earth with a giant knife. I didn’t find anything like an information about the geological formation history of this site, but looking at the clear and straight edges, it nearly seams impossible that a river should have done this. 44 more words


    Day Trip - Porvoo, Finland

    We finally made it to Porvoo! After pining for this picturesque city for a couple of months already, we finally had time to take a day trip in this lovely town. 635 more words


    Visit The Top Instagrammable Places In Hong Kong For Just 450 PHP!

    From picturesque cityscapes perfected by the high rise unique buildings, breathtaking landscapes, vibrant one-off street art graffiti and notorious architectures, you can never go wrong with Hong Kong when it comes to picture-perfect places. 2,884 more words