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Emily Dickinson, Backseat Driver

We’re hurtling along
In the metal box, and she says–
“We can’t stop for Death.”



Backseat Driver Not Allowed

Backseat drivers = those who are seated at the backseat (of course!) of a vehicle, usually private vehicle who always has to say about the trip – best route, why is the traffic heavy, gasoline price, driver’s way of driving and even the driver’s choice of music that he listens to. 94 more words

Mr. And Mrs. Rodriguez ♥

Driving with Aloha

While driving on a fairly empty neighborhood street midday, I was trying to find street parking. It was a typical neighborhood-driving situation in that people were parked in driveways, occasionally backing out, and the driveway to which I needed to get was on the opposite side of the street. 48 more words

Backseat Driver

Hello Backseat Driver.....

I went to Dictionary.com to gain the official definition for “Backseat Driver”. The definition given was:


1. an automobile passenger who offers the driver unsolicited advice,warnings, criticism, etc., especially from the backseat. 907 more words

A Day in the Life of My Sour Patch Kid

Apparently being two sometimes means having a split personality and for that reason I refer to Wyatt affectionately as my “Sour Patch Kid”. First he’s sour, then he’s sweet. 1,084 more words


No, you don't know.

This post partially ties into my posts about judgement and acceptance, but I feel that it needed its own post.

Everyone has that friend that thinks they know everything about everyone’s life and that they would make the best decisions for their lives.   326 more words

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