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No, you don't know.

This post partially ties into my posts about judgement and acceptance, but I feel that it needed its own post.

Everyone has that friend that thinks they know everything about everyone’s life and that they would make the best decisions for their lives.   326 more words

Thoughts On The World

crash course

The time to worry in your car is when the backseat driver took a crash course.


Road Trip!

When SHE surprised me with the words “Road Trip” I was excited…I always love to travel with HER. But when I found out SHE wasn’t driving and we were going with my Tia Letty and Tio Jerry…I was Super-Charged…how could this road trip get any better? 151 more words

I. Be Deliberate

This is a recent theme that I have incorporated into my life. It also influenced the name of this blog and this site. Be Deliberate. You will make mistakes in life, but wouldn’t you like to minimize them? 370 more words

Thanks For: Backseat Driving Little Brothers

Dear Overly Cautious Hedgehog of a Brother,

I know that its *our* car but if you insist on dramatically flinging yourself against the window in fear and criticizing the space distance between cars then I will relegate you to the backseat. 263 more words


"Calm breeds calm." How to handle #stress

Calm breeds calm.

One of my favorite sayings from the military was “calm breeds calm”.  I first heard it used by my colleague Jeff who was senior to me and often in charge of complex, high stress situations.  461 more words