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Backseat Driver

In another blog, we touched on the different layers of a person. As they sit right now, you see what they look like and what they convey. 363 more words

Taffy Trouble - Backseat Driver

An electropop earworm determined to infect all of humanity. 251 more words


November 19, 2015: No, you're doing really well actually!

Aunt Heather took Rowan to his cousin’s basketball game. When driving around looking for a spot to park, Rowan pipes up from the back seat. … 27 more words

Rowan Stories

Daddy's Boys

In the car the other day, Parker and I were talking about hermit crabs (we do live in Hawaii, after all!). I remarked how the hermit crabs at the Waikiki Aquarium have blue eyes, like mine. 231 more words

Out Of The Mouth Of Babes

My Little Backseat Driver

“Mommy, that’s green so you need to keep going.” (Yes, Jacqueline, I am.)

“Mommy, red, STOP!” (I’m already stopped…)

“Yellow, Mommy, slow down NOW!” (Not when you’re already in the middle of the intersection for a left turn, hunny.) 53 more words

Jacqueline Alice

But I want Your way, Yahweh.

My friend and I were going down the road and she turns to me and says: “Have you heard this new TobyMac song?” (shaking my head no.) “Here, I’ll play it for you!” TobyMac wasn’t even finished with the first verse before I was ready to cry. 770 more words


Emily Dickinson, Backseat Driver

We’re hurtling along
In the metal box, and she says–
“We can’t stop for Death.”