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Film Grain

Does this picture art. I think it arts pretty well.

I applied some excessive film grain on this photo. Taking the picture at the time i didn’t think I’d get anything good but after looking at it for a bit it kinda gave that “hey i’m not useless.” 19 more words


A Case for Backseat Driving

Not recommended, but one effective way to explore the brain’s complexity is to observe the changes which happen following a brain injury. Changes in brain functions invariably translate into changes in behaviour. 1,311 more words


Backseat driving: the next generation.

After a white van crashed into the back of my car while I was stopped at a red light (and I saw him not slow down in my rear view mirror with not a single thing I could do) I became a bit…vocal in regards to other people’s driving – whether I was sat in the backseat or not. 277 more words


18.02.2016 - Iwcio gaduła

W drodze do Szczyrku Iwko zachowywał się jak typowy “back-seat driver” (jest na to jakaś polska nazwa…?). Jadę sobie, jadę. Czerwone światło, a ten krzyczy: “Mama, red, red!!! 29 more words

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Backseat Driver

In another blog, we touched on the different layers of a person. As they sit right now, you see what they look like and what they convey. 363 more words

Taffy Trouble - Backseat Driver

An electropop earworm determined to infect all of humanity. 251 more words


November 19, 2015: No, you're doing really well actually!

Aunt Heather took Rowan to his cousin’s basketball game. When driving around looking for a spot to park, Rowan pipes up from the back seat. … 27 more words

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